The Vendeleer Brothers

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Chapter 18: Suspicious Sheriff

Of course, the group of investigators could not control when and where the ghost girls appeared, so the only thing they could do was more investigating of possible murderers. Jordyn was dead set on the Sheriff, so that was why she was currently underneath the window of this office, listening in for any possible things that she could use.

She slowly and carefully looked into the window.

The man was at his desk, doing some things at his computer.

Jordyn was starting to get frustrated feeling like she was really getting nowhere, when she suddenly saw something that made her eyes widen.

There was black goop dripping out of his nose.

The Sheriff scratched his nose, and then when he realized there was black goop, he got a tissue and blew his nose. Before throwing it away, he looked around as if to make sure no one was watching, causing Jordyn to duck for a moment.

When she looked back through the window, he was simply back on the computer as if nothing had happened.

Oh he had some connection to the spirit parasite alright... Why else would he not freak out over black goop coming out of his nose and then try to hide it?

But what was it?

What was the connection??

Jordyn narrowed her eyes.

What were you hiding Sheriff Glendale?

“Ok. So this program here is supposed to let me see who all is in a building.” Brian explained to his buddy Roderick in the back of his van. “It also lets me see if there are any sudden temperature changes, or weird energies, or things like that.”

“So it’s kind of like a ghost warning system?”

“Kind of. It’ll be useful if you guys go in somewhere, cause then I’ll be able to see if someone’s about to jump you or not. It’s kind of similar to a radar scanner.”

“Well that’s cool. Good job man.”


“So uh-what does that blue stuff on the screen mean?”

Brian looked at the screen and then jumped up.

“Temperature drop! Quick! Get the bottle thing-I think we’re going to get a chance to test it out!”

The two men jumped out of the van and looked around the grocery store parking lot where Ian was getting a couple of things.

“Over there Brian!” Roderick exclaimed, pointing. Brian turned to see one of the ghost girls, one of the older ones, standing by one of the lamp posts down the street. She was looking into one of the other shops. Brian flipped the switch on his device as the girl screamed, breaking the glass of the barber shop that she was standing in front of.

“Here goes nothin!”


Roderick and Brian braced themselves for what would happen next.

The ghost simply ignored them, but they noticed that the black goop that was dripping on her seemed to be raising off of her up in the air.

“It’s working!” Brian exclaimed.


Suddenly, Roderick and Brian were covered in black goop, standing there surprised. By the time they got enough out of their face, the girl was gone, and they guessed that she had already taken what she had come for-probably another person.

“I… guess I’ll have to make some adjustments…” Brian mumbled, raising his arms from his body as he dripped with the sticky black stuff they were now covered in.

“Yeah… Well at least your scanner thing works.”


At that point, Ian came out to the van, carrying a couple of bags of groceries. He stopped short as he saw them.

“I’m not even going to ask.”

Roderick and Brian gave him helpless smiles.

“Jordyn, are you sure this is a good idea?” Joey asked as the two of them snuck up to the Sheriff’s house. “Don’t you need some kind of permission or a warrant to search somebody?”

“Well, I’m not a normal detective, and this isn’t normal circumstances.” Jordyn whispered back.

“Ok.” Joey said without anymore worry, taking her word for it. Jordyn gave a little smile.

This is why she liked Joey.

The two of them snuck around the corner.

Someone was whistling in the backyard. Jordyn froze.

“Why does that tune sound familiar?” she asked.

“Oh I think that’s a Chopin piece he’s whistling.” Joey whispered back.

Jordyn’s eyes grew wide.

“Is it Chopin’s waltz in A minor?”

“Well that’s specific. Maybe?”

“It is.” Jordyn seethed, looking over the fence to watch the Sheriff pull weeds in his garden. “You weren’t here, but that song played a big part in keeping us all safe for a while.”


“When we played that song, the ghost girls would stop right in their tracks. There’s something about that specific song that plays a part in all of this…”

The two of them watched for a little longer as the Sheriff finished pulling weeds and then went back inside. Jordyn kept eyeing an old dilapidated barn in the corner of his property.

“I wonder what he has in there…” she whispered.

“Are you thinking you want to check it out?” Joey asked.

“Yeah. Can you keep watch outside?”



The two of them jumped when they heard a crash come from inside the house.

“What was that?!”

They crept back over to the house and peered through the window as they heard the Sheriff curse.

He had dropped a pot on the floor.

But instead of picking it up right away, he leaned on his counter with a hand on his head as black goop dripped down his nose. When he realized that there was more black goop, he wiped it away and then started to pick up the broken pieces of his pot.

“Why is there black goop coming from his nose?” Jordyn asked. “He looks completely normal otherwise.”

“I don’t know…” Joey said, sounding confused. “Spirit parasites are usually all or nothing. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“Well let’s check that old barn.”


So while the Sheriff was busy with his broken pot, the two of them snuck into his backyard and over to the old barn. Jordyn’s hand was on the handle, when suddenly the doors burst open by themselves, causing the two of them to fall back in surprise.

A dark figure burst through the doors, it’s eyes a blank white.

It was the spirit parasite they had seen before.

It gave a look of fury, and then wisped away and vanished.

Joey and Jordyn sat there on the ground, dumbfounded.

“Hey! What are you two doing here?!” the Sheriff’s angry voice called out.

“Time to go!” Joey commented, grabbing Jordyn and pulling her back over the fence. “He’s too far away, he probably didn’t see who it was-especially since it’s getting dark.”

The two of them ran for it as the Sheriff let out a string of curses.

“Joey-the spirit parasite was there. Do you think there might be some evidence in that barn?”

“I don’t know. But this is definitely not normal behavior. There’s something else going on…”

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