The Vendeleer Brothers

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Chapter 20: Living Victim

Ian sat alone in his motel room, staring at the other bed that Roderick had been sleeping in for the past couple of weeks.

What was he supposed to do now?

After Roderick had suddenly disappeared, Ian had demanded that they search the rest of the house and the property, but after a couple of hours of searching for him and calling for him, they had to finally admit that the ghost girls had really taken him.

None of them said anything on the way back to town.

Luckily, the others knew Ian well enough by now to know that he would need some time alone. So now here he sat, trying to figure out what to do-or what to think.

Had the ghost girls killed Roderick?


He couldn’t think that way.

There were others that just went missing right?

Ian closed his eyes and breathed deeply, trying to control the panic that was rising within himself.

Roderick had found out how the murderer was.

Who was it?!

And what would happen to them when they finally figured it out?

Ian put his face in his hands, feeling frustrated and angry. When he had gotten Roderick out of binds before, he had always known what he was dealing with.

But now he was dealing with ghosts, which he didn’t know what to do with.

Heck, he hadn’t even believed in ghosts a couple of weeks ago…

How the freak was he supposed to handle ghosts?

His thoughts were interrupted when there was a soft knocking on the door. Ian clenched his teeth and answered it. It was Brian.

“Sorry to bother you man-.” he started apologetically. “But something’s come up.”

“What kind of something?”

“Janet’s back. And she’s not alone.”

Ian nodded, his jaw set.

Time to get back to the mystery.

It was probably the only way he’d get his brother back.

Janet was most definitely not alone.

She was tearing through town, screaming, as people ran for their lives. The man who was with her wasn’t really doing much.

It was a man that they had never seen before, kind of following her around, black goop coming out of his blank white eyes and his open mouth, dumbly trailing after her like some kind of zombie.

But he wasn’t transparent…

Which meant that he wasn’t a ghost…

“Who is that?” Ian asked, horrified and trying to shove the image out of his head where that man could have been his brother.

“I-I think that’s Nathan Price.” Jordyn said as they drove up closer to the destruction. “He’s the other cop that went missing.”

“Is he… dead?” Brian asked, his nose scrunching up. Joey was simply staring out of the window, her eyes wide.

“I-I think he’s still alive!” she exclaimed, horrified. “But-but that’s impossible! Spirit parasites can’t latch onto living people!”

“What’s he doing?”

“Maybe he’s trying to stop Janet? Cause she’s after whoever killed her, and if the murderer dies then the spirit parasite doesn’t have as many…” Brian trailed off as something all of a sudden dawned on all of them at the same time.

“What if… the spirit parasite and the killer…” Jordyn began.

“Are working together?” Ian asked.

“Then-maybe they made some kind of deal so the spirit parasite could get stronger…” Brian continued as he parked his van and they all kind of stared as Janet upheaved a car as the cop slowly got out of the way just in time.

“That would make sense…” Joey reasoned. “As the parasite grows stronger, it gives the killer more room and more freedom to kill as he pleases. And when he kills more, it just feeds the parasite. It’s like one of those symbiotic relationships.”

“Well Brian, do you think your little machine can capture Janet?” Ian asked as the vengeful spirit threw another car.

“Maybe if we get some of the black goop on her we can suck her in like we tried to do with the last ghost girl. (I’ve made some adjustments since then.)”

“Do we have black goop?” Jordyn asked, readying herself.

“Yeah. Roderick and I kept some of the stuff that splattered all of us last time. Right here!”

With that, he held up a little container with a hose attached to it.

“Alright. Let’s get this over with so we can get back to work.” Ian said quickly, grabbing the little contraption while Brian prepped his machine.

“Hey Janet!!” Jordyn yelled. “Look over here!”

Janet turned, her dark eyeless sockets staring in their direction. With a screech, she rushed towards them while Nathan Price dragged his legs after her, his face in that same dumb expression.

“Now!!” Joey ordered.

Ian sprayed the vengeful spirit with black goop while Brian started his machine. The dead woman in the air roared in rage. Then with a big swishing sound, the ghost was sucked into the bottle.

The four of them stood there for a moment, staring at the little red and black cloud hurling itself angrily at the glass walls.

“Brian!! You did it!” Jordyn exclaimed with a hint of pride.

“I can’t believe that actually worked!” Joey said happily.

“Now what do we do with him?” Ian asked, gesturing to the policeman who was just standing there.



“Officer Price?” Jordyn ventured, taking a step towards him. The man stood there and gargled, black goop bubbling out of his mouth.

“Kh… Kh...” he tried as if he were trying to say something, his eyes a blank white with black tears running down his cheeks. The man fell to his knees, and suddenly, the color came back into his eyes. He knelt there, looking dazed as black goop continued to drip out of his mouth and nose.


The officer’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he fell to the ground, unmoving.

The four of them looked down horrified.

“Is he… dead?”

Joey was the first to check.

“He’s dead.” she said grimly. “But he was just alive. This wasn’t a walking dead person. This was a living breathing person that the spirit parasite was latching onto. I don’t think his body could handle the stress of it all. This is just all too weird.”

Ian stood there silently, wondering if his brother was doomed to meet a similar fate…

It’s the… eye of the tiger it’s the thrill of the fight!

Rising up to the challenge of our rival.

And the last known survivor stalks its prey in the night,

And he’s watching us all with the eyyyyyyye

Of the tiger…

Roderick was slowly coming to, listening to his phone go off.

Who was calling him?

With a jolt, Roderick opened his eyes suddenly, gasping and confused.

Where was he?

And why was he upside down?

He looked up at his feet to see that they were sticking to… something... with the black goop they were all well acquainted with now. With a grunt, he pullet himself loose, and then felt himself falling.

With an oof, he landed on the ground.

Now where was he?

Disoriented, he looked around.

It seemed like just a large dark expanse, with puddles and globs of black goop everywhere.

“H-hello?” Roderick called out, his voice echoing in the expanse.

No answer.

Now where had his phone gone?

He looked around, to find it lying a few feet away, open.

“Alright flip phone-don’t fail me now!”

He tried calling his brother, but he simply got the annoying message that it had been disconnected.

What had happened?

He tried to think.

He had just found out who the murderer was, and then the ghost girls…

That’s right.

Is this where they took the missing people?

At least he wasn’t dead.

Or was he?

It’s the… eye of the tiger it’s the thrill of the fight…

Roderick looked down at his phone warily. Who the flip could be calling him in this place. The number on the front simply said…


Hesitantly, he answered.


Silence and static.

“Who’s there?”

“Weeeeelcommmme Roderickkkkk.” a voice hissed. “You arrrrre nexxxxt…”

Roderick dropped his phone in surprise, a chill running up his spine.

What the freak.

Shaking, he picked up the phone again.

“Who is this?” he demanded, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end.


Frustrated, he hung up his phone and put it in his pocket.

He wasn’t going to wait and see what the mysterious voice meant by that.

He had to warn the others and tell them who the murderer was.

It was time to find a way out...

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