The Vendeleer Brothers

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Chapter 23: Ambush

“So now what are you going to do again?” the Reverend asked, sitting in one of the Sheriff’s chairs subconsciously.

“Essential oils aromatherapy. Well, and a few other things that I added.” Joey explained, pouring some kind of mixture she made into a teapot. “That way the vapors will be able to get in there and hopefully clean things up.”

“Ok…” the Sheriff said doubtfully, looking around at all his unwelcome visitors.

Ian couldn’t help but think about Roderick, and what he would have thought of all this…

After a couple of minutes of awkward silence, the teakettle started to whistle. Joey then poured the mixture into a couple of cups and handed them to the two men.

“Breathe that in for a little while and see if that does anything.”

Hesitantly, the two men did as they were told.

Unfortunately, everyone inside the house was so focused on this part of the mystery, that they did not think to listen to the howling wind outside that could have been screams from little girls…

After a few minutes, the Reverend gave a small gasp of pain.

“I… I think I’m starting to remember something…” he told them, wincing. They all sat and watched him expectantly as he closed his eyes. Finally, he opened them again with realization.

“I-I didn’t sin!” he said with relief. “I remember now-she-she came to ask for advice for something.”

“What did ask about?” Jordyn pressed. The Reverend closed his eyes, thinking hard.

“She… was worried about something… It was something to do with another man, but it wasn’t about an affair-she was completely loyal…”

This new information seemed to mean a lot to Sheriff Glendale. The Reverend continued to breath in the essential oils, trying hard to remember.

“She… said she had made a mistake… put her trust in someone-someone she thought was harmless. She-she had suspicions that they were the reason why… why her daughter…”

“Wait-her daughter?” Jordyn asked.

“Who was the man Reverend?” Ian pressed.

“It was-.”

Brian suddenly screamed.

“What the freak what the freak what the freak?!!!” he exclaimed, pointing. Ian turned to look at the window behind him and jumped back suddenly, ready to freak out with his brother’s college buddy.

One of the ghost girls black goopy face was right there, half in shadows from the night time. The girl smiled creepily, the goop oozing through her teeth.

“ACK! There’s another one right there!” the Reverend squeaked pointing at one of the other windows. The six of them all started to back away from the walls as ghost girls started to come in.

Nothing could have compared them with what came next.

The back door suddenly started to creak open, revealing the shadowy form of a man standing in the doorway.

Ian’s heart stopped.

Wait a second…

Slowly, Roderick Vendeleer came into the light, his eyes a blank white, black goop dripping from them like tears. He wiped away the goop dripping from his nose and mouth, smiling an unnatural smile.

“Fiiiiinally… a suitablllle host….. Heeeee’s not perfect, but he’ll dooooo nicelyyyyyy…” Roderick hissed, looking down at his own hands. He looked up at the horrified group of people in the living room, surrounded by ghost girls.

“R-Roderick?” Ian said hoarsely, shrinking back.

Roderick tilted his head.

“Yourrrr brother is gooooone.” the man hissed, smiling. Then, he pointed at the Reverend.

“Get him.”

The ghost girls suddenly descended on the Reverend, who proceeded to scream. The others, not entirely sure what to do, jumped into action, trying to get the Reverend out of the ghost’s clutches. Joey reached down for her spray bottle, and Brian for his little machine.

“I donnn’t neeeeed any of you detectivesssss anymoooore…” Roderick hissed. He raised his hand, and suddenly, Brian, Ian, Jordyn, and Joey found themselves being hurled through the air and through the wall of the Sheriff’s house with tremendous force. Ian hit the ground hard, feeling something in his shoulder pop, sending shards of pain down his arm. He winced, and then looked back up at the house that was now semi torn apart.

The ghosts screamed, and Ian could hear his younger brother laughing. He could see the Sheriff struggling to get up out of some of the rubble from his house, and the Reverend was now sinking helplessly in a puddle of black goop.

“Heeeelp!!” he screamed, his face disappearing into the floor.

Ian blinked, and Roderick was suddenly standing over him, grinning creepily. Ian winced, clutching his arm and trying to back away on the ground.

“Maaaaybe I’llll-.”

He suddenly stopped.

Ian’s heart was beating so fast and loud he could hear it thumping in his ears. A couple of tears escaped-partially from his arm and partially from his brother as he stared up at perhaps the last thing he was ever going to see…

Roderick twitched.

“I---I---Iannnn.” he struggled to say, his smile fading for an expression of pain.


“D-danger--ev-every-one…” he managed, twitching and dripping with black goop.

He rose from the ground, his face turning to one of fury, and then disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.


Ian looked back over to the house to see that the Sheriff had managed to free himself, and was now on the same level face to face with one of the little girls-the one with shoulder length blonde hair.

“C-Caroline-it’s me-Daddy.” the Sheriff said, his voice cracking, his eyes filling with tears.

The little girl simply stared at him with blank white eyes.

“C-Caroline…” the Sheriff tried again, his voice screwing up with emotion as the tears streamed down his face freely.

The little girl simply choked on black goop and then sunk into the floor as the other ghost girls did the same.

Ian looked around.

There was Brian, lamenting over his broken machine, Joey, taking off her large cracked glasses and looking at them with disdain, and Jordyn, who was wincing and rubbing her head with one hand and favoring an ankle with the other.

The Sheriff simply knelt down in his torn apart house, now weeping openly, and as for Reverend Passey…

Reverend Passey was nowhere to be found…

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