The Vendeleer Brothers

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Chapter 27: Things Don't Make Sense

“Joey-did you just get us out of there using cinnamon?” Jordyn asked. Joey was silent for a moment as Brian continued to drive.

“Well, I wasn’t entirely sure that it would actually work…” she said hesitantly. “I just know that spirit parasites don’t handle happy memories well, and I associate cinnamon with some happy memories.”

“So… you’re saying that all we have to do is find things that we associate with happy memories and boom-we’ve got zombie weapons?” Brian asked.

“Um-no. They have to be very strong significant happy memories.” Joey told them.

“Which for Brian could be practically anything.” Jordyn smirked. For a second, Brian was about to retort back at the insult, until he realized it wasn’t an insult, and then continued silently driving, feeling pleased.

Ian however, was lost in thought.

“Something doesn’t make sense to me.” he mumbled, mostly to himself. “Why did the Deputy mention getting paid? Spirit parasites don’t work in money do they?”

“Who knows?” Joey said with a shrug. “Maybe the parasite made a promise it couldn’t keep.”

“Yeah, but the whole point of a partnership between a killer and a parasite was that they would both work together to get what they want. The Deputy just looked blindsided.”

Joey shrugged again.

Ian still wasn’t convinced.

While it was true that the Deputy had indeed been the one to kill Janet, he couldn’t help but feel in his gut that there was something more to all of this. Had Jonah Ledford really been the one to kill those little girls? He was old enough, that was for sure, but…

Suddenly, Ian started to feel very dizzy. The world around him started to fade away, and the noises became muffled.

“Ian?” Joey’s muffled voice suddenly asked.

Ian swayed, and fell to the floor of the van.


Everything faded to black.

“Ian?” a familiar voice asked, sounding far away.


Ian opened his eyes to see Roderick leaning over him, looking normal, but scared.

“Roderick?!” Ian exclaimed, sitting up suddenly.

“Ian-I don’t have much time-I’ve been trying to reach out to you-.”

“Roderick-what’s going on? The missing people-.”

“The spirit parasite isn’t going to be satisfied with just a few people to feed off of. He wants everyone.”


“You need to stop the ritual from happening.”

“What ritual?”

“The ritual with the serial killer.”

“The Deputy?”

“No-the Deputy isn’t the serial killer.” Roderick told him desperately.

“But then who-.”

A black tear fell from Roderick’s eye.

“Someone-yyyyyou-knnnnow…” Roderick struggled, black goop gurgling out of his mouth, his eyes turning that blank white.

“Thiiiink baaack to the begiiiiining….”



Ian opened his eyes to Jordyn trying to shake him awake.

“What happened?” Joey asked as Ian blinked himself awake.

“R-Roderick- he-he somehow reached out to me…”

“Well what did he say?” Brian asked, still driving, probably too terrified to stop.

“Think back to the beginning…” Ian murmured. His eyes suddenly grew wide.

“Brian-turn around. Take us back into the heart of town.”

“What why?”

Ian got up from off the floor of the van and leaned over into the front seat.

“Take us to the Mayor’s office.”

The town continued to look fairly abandoned, and Ian couldn’t help but think back about that first day in Pinnacle Gulch, back when he and his brother didn’t believe in ghosts and Ian was still mad about losing his job and girlfriend in one day. The town had seemed to hold many mysteries to it after that first day-causing him to question everything.

He had a flashback to Roderick smirking as he rounded a corner sharply, causing him to hit his face in the glass.

He thought back to pelting his brother with fries back in that restaurant in LA…

And he thought back to when they had first heard about the ghost girls a few weeks ago back in the Mayor’s office.

Brian got out of the car and the four of them silently got out and entered the building.

The place looked just as Ian remembered it, with the ugly flower patterned furniture. The receptionist they had first encountered was not there, but Ian was not here for here. He charged forward down the hall.

Up the stairs and at the end.

“Wait-Ian-are you thinking that the Mayor is the killer?” Jordyn whispered as they all climbed the stairs. “There’s too many things about that that doesn’t make sense.”

“Roderick told me that it wasn’t the Deputy.” Ian told them as they reached the top of the stairs and slowly made their way down the hall. “Then he told me to think back to the beginning. Well this was the beginning of it all.” Jordyn scowled.

“But if it is the Mayor, then why would he bring in all of these detectives to solve this mystery in the first place? And-I thought he was gay? That wouldn’t make sense with there being dead little girls.”

The four of them were standing in front of the Mayor’s door.

“What do you think you’re going to find in there Ian?”

Ian’s hand hovered over the doorknob. He took in a deep breath.

“Well let’s find out...”

Ian opened the door.

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