The Vendeleer Brothers

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Chapter 28: Confrontation

The Mayor’s office was empty.

Other than his office chair and desk of course.

“Look around-see if you find anything.” Ian ordered, going up to the desk and pulling open some of the drawers.

The four of them started to look around the office, trying to find any kind of evidence that might point to the mayor.

“Even if it was really him, do you really think he’d be so careless as to leave behind evidence in his office?” Jordyn asked sourly, flipping through some books in a bookshelf.

“Whoops!” Brian exclaimed, dropping some books. One of them landed on a little cd player.

The four people in the Mayor’s office froze.

It was Chopin’s Waltz in A minor…

“Now what’s all this?” a voice asked.

They all turned to see the mayor standing in the doorway, a confused look on his face.

“It-it was you…” Jordyn breathed, dropping the book she was holding. “This whole time-it’s been you.”

“What are you talking about?”

You are the murderer!”

Jordyn quickly drew out her gun and pointed it at the mayor, who stepped back in surprise.

“We know about the spirit parasite Mr. Mayor.” Joey said coldly, stepping forward. Ian felt his shaking hands clench into fists.

“Where are all the townspeople being taken to? What’s the ritual? And where is my brother?!” Ian demanded, shaking with rage.

Mayor Bill Cottam blinked. “I daresay that these are some mighty strong accusations…”

“We know it’s you Mr. Mayor.” Brian said, trying to be brave, also taking a step forward. The Mayor took another step back as the Chopin’s waltz continued to play in the background.

“Now let’s be reasonable here…”

“Where’s my brother?!” Ian demanded.

“Riiiight heeeeere…”

Ian jumped and whirled around to see Roderick standing there, the black goop dripping onto the floor, a wide smile spread across his face.


Ian turned around, about to yell at Jordyn for shooting so quickly, to find the Mayor holding a smoking gun, and Jordyn falling to the ground.

“Jordyn!” Joey screamed, rushing to her side. Jordyn winced, clutching her right shoulder, blood spreading across her shirt.

“So you figured it out…” Bill Cottam said smoothly, pointing it at Ian.

“I-I thought you were gay though-.” Brian stammered, backing up against the wall. “If-If you’re the killer, then why would you kill all these little girls?”

The Mayor let out a laugh.

“I’m not actually gay. In fact, I’m far from it. Perfect little alibi though. After all, what sinister interest could a gay man possibly have with little girls?”

“But-the detectives-why-why would you bring in people to solve this case?” Jordyn said through gritted teeth.

“My partner needed a physical form. The people here in town weren’t good enough. Not compatible. He needed outsiders. Other possibilities. How else was I supposed to get people to come here?”

“What’s the ritual? Where is everyone?” Ian demanded, still feeling angry that this whole mystery had basically just been a trap in the first place. The Mayor smirked.

“Don’t want to spoil it for you.”

Ian looked at the others in the room with him-at their pale, worried faces, and wondered how in the world they were supposed to get out of this one.

The Mayor came closer, all the while pointing the gun at them.

“Kishnu-take them to the others. We’re almost ready.”

Roderick smiled and nodded, grabbing Ian by the arm. Ian looked over to his younger brother sorrowfully.

“Sorry about this bro.”


Ian punched his brother hard in the face, causing him to step back in surprise.

“RUN FOR IT!” he yelled, jumping over to the Mayor and holding the gun out of the way as it went off. Joey helped Jordyn up, and Brian rammed into the mayor, causing him to drop his gun.

Ian took off down the hallway.

“Ian!!” he stopped to see that Roderick was standing there in the doorway, a furious look on his face. Black tentacle like shadows had come out of the walls and latched onto his friends. Jordyn looked extremely worse for wear, and Joey and Brian struggled as a fourth shadow came towards Ian.

“Ian run! You’ll be no good to anyone if you get taken as well!” Brian yelled, the tentacle thing spiraling over his mouth to shut him up.

“Remember the memories!” Joey exclaimed. “Figure something out!”

Ian hesitated for a moment.

Logically, he knew that it would be best to run. That would really be their best shot at figuring out a way to stop all of this.

But he couldn’t help but stare at his brother.

“Ian-don’t be stupid… and run.” Jordyn groaned, wincing in pain.

Ian grit his teeth and started to run.

“Iaaaaan!” his brother’s echoey voice called out. Ian didn’t stop as he flew down the stairs and out the door of the building. And he didn’t stop running. He flew through the streets of Pinnacle Gulch, his lungs ready to burst. At some point, he finally stopped to catch his breath, ducking down an alleyway.

The wind howled through the desert winds and the empty town, as Ian’s heart and mind wouldn’t stop racing. He coughed, trying not to think about the others…

Trying to not to think of the fact that he was completely and utterly alone…

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