The Lucky Winner

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Chapter 31

I opened the door to Kyle’s bedroom.

I’d waited until my parents had finally gone to bed. They’d been too disturbed to sleep even after midnight when they usually went to bed by nine-thirty. I’d convinced them that it was best if we all got some sleep and talked about it tomorrow.

I wore my hot pink crime-scene gloves and entered his room, my eyes as keen as those of a hawk. Starting with the drawers, I checked all the cabinets and closets for any suspicious items or clues. This being my second search of his room, I felt like an expert.

I looked inside empty boxes, behind the TV, under the bed—everywhere possible. I was fairly certain all the clues had to be hidden on his computer, like I thought last time. But again, since it was impossible to crack his password, I had to do some legwork, even though that could turn out to be a complete waste of my time and effort.

But I just couldn’t afford not to try everything I could.

I saw some allergy medicines. Xyzal, Claritin, and Skin & Itch which showed a picture of a sneering Russian Blue cat. That was strange. Were there any cats hanging around Nerd It?

I looked under the mattress, and saw his handwritten note still there. I expected to find it gone since they’d changed all the account information—and Kyle was aware of it—so whether or not he was part of the conspiracy, that piece of information was now useless. So why would he keep it? Did he simply forget he had it hidden there? Or did he think it’d be safe until he could properly destroy it? I didn’t know the answer. At this point, it was all speculation.

I stood in the middle of the room, lost in thought.

I stared at his laptop. Maybe I could hire someone to hack into his computer. But who did that kind of stuff? Did I know any hackers? No. Should I ask around to see if I could find one? Probably not. Hacking was a crime. Something told me I shouldn’t act like a criminal, especially now.

I decided to give up when I realized I was nodding off, and still standing. It had been a long night. The last thing I wanted at that moment was to fall asleep while standing up. I could fall down and wake up my parents.

I decided to leave the room. But my hand froze on the doorknob, and my eyes bulged in disbelief.

On the door, hung a hat and a watch.

The watch I’d seen in Sophia’s room.

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