The Lucky Winner

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Chapter 41

When Kyle couldn’t find Sophia to warn her of Jerry’s evil plan, he went to the spot where they planned their devious act. He hid behind the trees, far enough from it that they wouldn’t see him.

Twenty minutes later, two guys showed up. After briefly rehearsing what they planned to do, they went to their respective positions and hid.

Ten minutes after that, Sophia got there. She looked around, waiting for me to appear.

One of the guys came out of his hiding spot and walked toward Sophia.

“Hey,” he greeted her.

“Hi,” said Sophia as she kept looking around.

“You’re pretty. What’s your name?” the guy asked.

“Umm… Sophia.”

“What are you doing here?” The guy was as smooth as working actors in Hollywood.

“I’m meeting my friend. Have a good day.” She stepped back to get away from him. He wasn’t bizarre-looking, but she didn’t feel like dealing with a stranger who was obviously hitting on her.

The guy stopped her. “Hey. Can I at least get your number?”

She didn’t like the way he touched her. He was way too pushy. Since her brief affair with Jerry, she was not into the bad-boy types, who usually turned out to be pure assholes.

“Get your hand off me.”

Then the other guy crept up from behind and grabbed her. When her mouth opened, ready to scream at the top of her lungs, the first guy gagged her with his hand. Her voice was no more than a muffled protest under his palm. The two guys dragged her into the wooded area.

Kyle was jittery while witnessing all of it, unable to know what to do. Jerry would show up in a second and join the two other guys. It was more than evident that Kyle would get beaten up horribly.

When one guy zipped down his jeans, pretending to rape her, Jerry suddenly sprang out of the woods, punching the guy across the face like a true hero rescuing a damsel in distress.

“Come on! Get up and fight like a man!” It was evident Jerry had practiced this act many times, and was loving himself for it. The other guy who was holding her from behind released her before putting his hands up in surrender. The two of them hastily ran away, looking like total cowards.

“Are you all right?” Jerry asked Sophia who stood motionless in shock, unable to utter a word.

“Are you hurt? God, who were those guys? Here, why don’t you sit down and try to relax?” Jerry gently offered his hand like a charming prince in a fairy tale.

Sophia slowly stretched out her shaky hand to take his.

“Oh, you poor thing. You’re shaking. Here.” Jerry took off his sweatshirt and put it over her.

Sophia just stared at him. He looked like a different person all of a sudden. She was about to get raped viciously in the woods and Jerry rescued her like a courageous knight. “Th… Thank you…” she finally spoke.

“No problem,” he helped her sit down. “What were you doing here alone?”

“Umm… I was waiting for Ella. She told me to meet her here. She wanted to tell me something.”

“Ha, that’s strange.” Jerry kept his act. “In any case, I’m glad you’re unhurt. Thank God, I happened to be here.”

Sophia nodded with her eyes locked on him. He must have been an excellent actor if he could fool her like that. Or probably, her brain wasn’t working properly. Whose brain would work properly after two strange guys tried to rape you in the woods?

Sophia took a deep breath to calm herself down.

“Do you want me to get something to drink for you? There’s a store around the corner.”

“No,” Sophia touched his arm to stop him. “Please stay here with me for a second.”

“Of course.” Jerry smiled, looking like the nicest guy on the whole planet. His plan was indeed working.

“I’ve never seen those guys before,” she muttered under her breath.

“Me neither. Fucking thugs.”

“You seem so different…” She said as she looked into his eyes.

“I try to be…” He looked back into hers.

He slowly began to close the distance between them. Sophia shut her eyes.

Kyle, still hidden behind the tree, widened his eyes in disbelief.

Jerry’s lips were instantly pressed on hers and lingered there. Kyle’s eyes stayed wide open, paralyzed. His body popped out halfway as he debated whether to jump out and break their lips apart or just watch them glide over each other.

He observed Jerry’s hand when it touched her cheek and slowly descended toward her chest.

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