The Lucky Winner

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Chapter 44


Kyle sprinted through the trees toward Jerry and Sophia.

He stood in front of them, panting, looking down at them. His shoulders moved up and down spasmodically.

Jerry and Sophia looked up in surprise before Jerry’s face turned into a devious sneer.

“Look who we have here.”

Sophia just stared at Kyle, trying her best to assess the situation.

“What are you, stalking her? Can’t you see we’re busy?” said Jerry.

Sophia finally opened her mouth. “Kyle…What are you doing here?”

Kyle just kept his eyes fastened on her.

“What the fuck are you doing just standing here, creep?!” Jerry got up and shoved Kyle. “Time to give up your dream, loser! You’re scaring her. Now go away!”

Kyle finally muttered something, keeping his eyes fixed on her. “He planned this all along.”

Jerry’s face turned red with surprise before his anger made him bellow with rage. “What the fuck?!”

“He planned this. Those two guys… they’re his friends. This was all an act. You’ve been set up.” Kyle said it louder, gaining courage in his unrelenting desire to save his love from the savage beast.

“What do you mean…?” asked Sophia, completely nonplussed.

Jerry turned around, looking down at her. “Babe, don’t believe a word this creep says.” Then he faced Kyle and punched him right in the nose. Kyle flew backwards and landed on the ground. So did his Milton glasses. Jerry’s muscles weren’t any joke. His two-hundred-pound weight with seven-percent body fat proved that. If Jerry were a bison, Kyle was a cricket.

As Kyle wiped the blood off his nose, Jerry smashed his glasses with his foot, and rushed to Sophia’s side. “Just ignore this idiot. Now where were we?” Jerry shoved his tongue in her mouth.

“Wait,” Sophia broke away from him. “What did he mean? What was he saying?” Then she looked at Kyle’s bloodied face and asked, “How do you know he planned this?”

“I heard him talking about it in the bathroom,” said Kyle as he staggered onto his feet.

“Bullshit!” Jerry shouted at Kyle while pulling Sophia tightly into his arms in a forcible manner. “Babe, he’s making all that up.”

Sophia wasn’t so sure anymore. If someone were lying, it had to be Jerry. She checked her phone. A text message from me confirmed his lies. It read: Where are you? Where did you go? Zoe and I started eating.

“Get away from me! Let me go!” She fought against his persistent embrace.

Kyle jumped onto his shoulders, trying to peel Jerry off her. “Let her go! You’re hurting her!”

“Now you’ve done it.” Jerry’s red face turned to Kyle before he headbutted him. There wasn’t even a second of relief before Jerry’s strong fist hit Kyle with an uppercut, launching him up in the air.

Sophia tried to run over to Kyle who fell on the ground with a sickening thud.

“Not so fast,” Jerry grabbed her, pulling her down. “We aren’t done yet.”

Kyle scrambled up again and tackled him from the side, which did nothing but throw him off balance. Jerry kicked Kyle in the stomach, which was followed by multiple kicks in various places until Kyle couldn’t get up.

Jerry quickly returned to Sophia and held her down.

“Now enjoy the show, creep.” Jerry ripped off her shirt. Before she could scream, he covered her mouth, and his other hand zipped down his pants. He pulled up her skirt, and forced himself inside her.

“Stop!” Kyle shouted, struggling to get up.

Jerry eventually got up and re-zipped his pants, approaching Kyle. “Best show ever, huh?” With that, he punched Kyle again in the ribs.

“It was nice making love to you, baby. We should do it again,” said Jerry over his shoulder as he left .

Sophia just lay there motionless. Her catatonic eyes kept looking up at the sky.

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