The Lucky Winner

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Chapter 50


“I got their bank login info,” announced Kyle as he entered Sophia’s room.

Sophia had told her parents that she was sick and needed to stay home. She couldn’t bear the thought of running into Jerry. Also, she didn’t want any distractions while she and Kyle planned Jerry’s murder. After her parents went to work, she invited Kyle over.

Kyle’s hair wasn’t like Dumb and Dumber any longer. It was loosely spiked up and he wore a pair of contact lenses.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” She asked him, visibly concerned.

“There’s no other way. I can’t ask them to give me that much money.”

“But how do we do it? You’d have to transfer the money to your bank first, right? Then your parents would find out right away.”

“Yeah… maybe you’re right.” Obviously he wasn’t thinking clearly at all.

“I think we need to focus on finding a hitman before we do anything else. Then we could maybe ask him how we should go about getting your parents’ money. He might know of a way. He should. He’s a professional criminal.”

“You’re right. Let’s do that.” Kyle flipped open his laptop and started Googling hitmen. Sophia peeked in, closing the distance between them, which, undoubtedly, made him the happiest man alive.

However, all he found were articles about hitmen, in general. There was nothing about how to actually locate one. Well, what did they expect? Did they erroneously dare to think that just typing in How to locate a hitman in the search box would put them on the right track?

After all, neither one had any experience in planning a murder. One could only imagine how their plan was proceeding.

Despite having miserably poor progress with their plan, they both enjoyed working toward a goal together. Of course it was a no-brainer for Kyle. He enjoyed any second of being next to Sophia regardless of the reason. The phenomenal part was that Sophia also did. Plan or no plan, she actually enjoyed seeing Kyle.

They often put the laptop aside and just talked. Yes. Kyle talked. It was a pure miracle. And he actually had more than two facial expressions—he smiled and laughed also! Even more miraculous, Sophia began developing feelings for him. If that could happen, it wouldn’t have surprised me to hear the President announce that an apocalyptic event would happen within the next five minutes, heralding the end of the world.

Sophia continued to fake her illness while she and Kyle enjoyed what little time they could spend together. Her parents tried to take her to the hospital, but she insisted on resting at home. They didn’t deny their daughter’s wishes. Unlike my parents, taking days or even weeks off from school wasn’t really a big deal to them. Lucky her.

Kyle would show up at school in the morning and ditch classes. Luckily, nobody really noticed he was gone. Jerry would have looked for him if he noticed Sophia wasn’t there, but crazy coincidences happened sometimes—Jerry was gone as well, attending his cousin’s wedding in Montana.

It seemed as if Kyle and Sophia had forgotten the original reason for their frequent meetings, as time went on and they spent more of it together, just talking, laughing, watching movies, and so forth. The meetings simply turned into dates. Of course, she hadn’t overcome the trauma of that horrible event, and her hatred toward Jerry and wishes for revenge weren’t altered, but she didn’t seem to mind putting that aside temporarily.

They looked like innocent love birds falling head over heels for the very first time. Their faces were glowing and their cheeks were blushing red. Their eyes stayed glued on each other’s, as if suddenly no one else existed on the whole planet. When they weren’t together physically, they’d call each other even if they had to whisper to talk. Well, only Kyle did that, trying to prevent me from overhearing the conversation. Thin walls and all.

Sophia hated keeping any secrets from me. She felt guilty for breaking our little pact from childhood. She also hated lying to Zoe and me about her mysterious illness and refusal to see us. But she didn’t see any other alternatives. There was no way she could divulge their plan for Jerry’s murder. After all, plotting a murder of another human being was slightly different from discussing your newly purchased pair of shoes.

Also, she knew how disgusted I was by Kyle’s crush on her. I could only assume it wouldn’t have been that easy for her to say, Hey listen! I think I want to fuck your brother after all!

So the secrets had to stay exclusively between the two of them. She comforted herself by thinking that I, too, had broken our pact—by hiding our lottery winning from her.

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