The Lucky Winner

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Chapter 52


“Would you like to come to a sleepover at my house?” asked Sophia coyly from the other end of the phone.

Her parents had plans to go out of town that night. They were about to cancel them because they thought Sophia was still sick, but she told them she felt better and eventually convinced them to go.

Kyle’s heart stopped—well, almost. He had no trouble guessing what she was insinuating by sleepover. The love of his life was suggesting they take their relationship to the next level. She wasn’t a virgin, but he sure was.

He’d been visiting her regularly at night, but they’d usually just sit or lie next to each other without talking, trying not to wake up her parents. Sophia placed a ladder beside her window, lying to her parents that she left it there for me. They knew how close we were, and believed her when she said I’d been going through some dark times and needed to come visit her occasionally after they’d already gone to bed. She explained that it was just giving me easier access to her room.

Spending the night with only the two of them in the house would be a first.

“Are you sure…?” He asked, trying to calm his racing heart.

This was unthinkable. This was equivalent to finding a planet with life just like ours. His mind exploded into space like a launched space shuttle. Yet, he had to make sure she was ready for it and really wanted it as much as he did. Like a gentleman.

“Yes, I’m sure. I want you to come over. I’m ready.”

“Kyle! Kyle!” My scream echoed through the house.

“I’m on the phone,” he said to me through the closed door.


“I have to go now. Ella’s screaming. I’d love to come over tonight though,” he whispered into the phone, making it sound like I was a crazy loon.

After he saw the dead raccoon, he took the trash out to the dumpster as instructed by me. When he emptied the trash can, he noticed Mom’s missing mug. It was broken. Then he glimpsed something else shining in the grass. He approached it, preparing to pick it up, then—


He gasped. He couldn’t believe what just happened. His foot was caught in a steel-jawed trap. In his own yard. It was seriously heavy—absolutely not something the wind could have carried over there. Somebody had to have physically set it up there. Who would have done that? He could only think of one person—Jerry.

Did he put that dead raccoon in the trash too? Was he breaking into the house? He’s gone way too far. Kyle screamed inside his head, his fury rising.

He dragged his foot in the steel-jawed trap, walking back into the house.

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