The Lucky Winner

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Chapter 57


“Kyle… please…” Dad trembled like a leaf.

Kyle just stared at his father, his eyes unblinking.

“Please just… let me explain—”

“I need that money,” Kyle said, talking over him.


“I need the money that’s in your pocket. All of it. And I think you’ll give it to me. As long as I don’t tell Mom or anyone else about what you’ve done.” His voice was chillily calm.

Dad just stared at his son.

“Do we have a deal or not?”

“Are you… blackmailing me?”

“You can call it whatever you want.”

“What do you need so much money for…?”

“To hire a hitman.”

Dad just looked at Kyle blankly, his brain completely bereft of any function. After a long moment, he replied in a trembling voice, “A… what?”

Kyle’s unwavering gaze remained on his agitated father. “You heard me.”

What has gotten into him?

This wasn’t the Kyle he’d known since he was a baby. Perhaps finding out his father was a murderer and seeing an opportunity to get the money he needed did a real number on him.

“Kyle…What on earth are you talking about? Are you even hearing yourself? What have you become?”

“What have I become? Dad. You do realize I just witnessed you killing a woman, don’t you? I honestly don’t think you can lecture me when you cheated on Mom, stole her money, and killed two people.”

Dad was unable to utter a single word.

“I don’t mean to make you feel more horrible than you already do. I just want you to help me.” Kyle’s expression remained unchanged. “How did you do it? How did you steal the money? Why hasn’t Mom noticed it yet?”

Dad just stood there, totally unresponsive.


Jolting as if he’d just gotten a cardiac shock from two paddles, he replied, “Uh… She did it… She arranged everything. Misty…”

“Misty? The woman you just killed?”

Dad’s widened eyes shot up at Kyle, reacting to the word kill, as if Kyle had just said something really evil—except it was the truth. Dad squeezed his eyes tightly together and opened them as if he wished it were all a long, bad dream, and was dying to wake up from it.

If only it were

Kyle continued. “I would like you to contact whoever she knew and get me a hitman.”

“I don’t know any of her people! And she’s dead!” Dad whipped around. His voice had come out a bit louder than he’d intended.

Kyle closed the distance between the two of them, making Dad gulp like a baby bunny being cornered by a rattlesnake. Kyle reached his hand into Dad’s pocket, and pulled out Misty’s memory card.

“I’m pretty sure this has all the information we need.”

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