The Lucky Winner

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Chapter 60


“You said you withdrew ten thousand, not a hundred and fifty thousand. Right?” Dad stood with the laptop in his hands.

“A hundred and fifty thousand? No way!”

“It’s… somehow missing. It’s been transferred to an unknown account.”

“What?” Naturally, the first thought that flashed into Mom’s mind was that Kyle or I had to have done it. Sure, Father Paul knew about the money, but she trusted him with all her heart, and there was no way he could have accessed their money in the bank. She didn’t think Kyle and I could either, but surely it had to be easier for someone living under the same roof to gain access.

She was also aware that teenagers were pretty advanced in their cyber skills—a lot of computer hackers were teenagers. It wouldn’t have been a stretch if she thought Kyle or I could hack into their computer and steal the money. Assumably, she was thinking it must have been Kyle, rather than me.

As much as she wanted to shove the nasty thought from her mind, it was hard.

“I’m calling the bank. And the police of course,” Dad rushed to grab his phone.

“The kids couldn’t have done it, could they?” Mom muttered while Dad was on hold.

“What? No! No way.”

“But that explains… No alarm. No sign of forced entry…” As hard as it was to suspect her own children, it sure seemed like a legitimate speculation.

But that was not at all the direction Dad wanted this to go in.

“No, no no! Please. Don’t ever think that,” he said firmly. “Can you promise?”


“The funds were transferred. To a foreign bank account. So that automatically eliminates the kids.”

“How do you know that?”


He was supposed to find that out from the bank.

“It’s easy to guess. One second,” conveniently, the bank associate came on the line.

While Dad was on the phone telling the bank officer what happened, Mom sat quietly, staring at the wall.

“My guess was right,” he said as soon as he hung up the phone. “The funds were transferred to a foreign bank. Banco Itapua Saeca,” he said slowly and clumsily, reading from the notes he’d written down.

When he didn’t get a response, he looked up from his notes. “Honey?”

Mom’s stare didn’t move from the spot on the wall.

“Honey,” he touched her back. “The bank where the money was transferred is located in Paraguay. In South America—”

“They’re going to kill us.” Her voice overlapped his.

“What? No. It’s all over. Everything’s going to be fine now.”

She looked up at him. “It’s over? We just found out about this.”

He realized how strange what he just said might have sounded to her. She didn’t know anything. She didn’t know it all ended with Misty’s death. “I know, but now the police are on the case. And I think it’s over because whoever stole it should be done with it. We’ll change our banks, account numbers, and the login info and everything that’s necessary.”

“And you think that’s going to put an end to this? Honey, whoever did this is capable of so many things! They knew we were the winners. They were inside our house, for God’s sake. What makes you think they’re done with us?” She examined his face.

“I don’t know,” he said, shifting his eyes off hers. “I guess it’s just a gut feeling.”

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