The Lucky Winner

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Chapter 61


The night my parents came back from the police station, Dad was talking about leaving town as soon as they bailed out Kyle.

Mom’s mind was numb, as if all her brain cells short-circuited before shutting down completely. By then, she completely lost any ability to think. Even Dad’s craziest plans didn’t stimulate her to talk, not even slightly. Her mind was in a word, vacant.

She did manage to walk on her own and get to bed, but she was on autopilot. Like she was unconscious but her body remembered how to move and go through her routine. She lay down on her side and buried herself under the covers. She must have been exhausted, but her catatonic eyes stayed open. Her brain failed to function well enough to notice me, however, when I was sneaking into Kyle’s room. The same went for Dad.

It was after three in the morning when Dad’s phone buzzed.

He received a text message from someone.

Soon afterwards, he snuck out of bed. I was in a deep sleep in my room by then. I slept like a baby—once I drifted off, I never woke up until the alarm buzzed.

Mom got up, following Dad like replicant human working a mission. Except she was wearing a robe.

Dad entered a junk yard and stopped. Mom hid behind some piled up cars. Mom had incredible night vision like an owl’s. She could see the two men who appeared in front of Dad. Dad handed a manila envelope to one of them. The man took the envelope and pulled the contents out of it. In his hand was a thick wad of cash.

As they counted it, Mom walked around behind the cars. Her bare feet didn’t make a single sound.

When the man put the cash back into the envelope, she pulled out a gun from her robe pocket and shot the men from the side. She fired multiple shots. Then she came out from behind the cars and shot them a few more times at close range to make sure they were dead.

Dad’s mouth hung open and didn’t close for a good minute or two. Realizing what just happened, his trembling hands grabbed the envelope from the man’s hand. Then he took his wife’s shoulder, and his horrified eyes signaled to her that they had to leave the spot immediately.

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