The Lucky Winner

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Chapter 62

When Detective Lake learned there was a witness who saw Misty Anderson entering our house, he began to suspect my parents’ involvement in Misty’s murder. He knew there was a link between her death and the cyber theft. He just had to find enough substantial evidence to support his theory.

Dad became his prime suspect in Misty’s murder when he paid a visit to Dad’s work and learned about the threatening phone call they received from one of Frank’s men. Detective Lake was following Dad when he got attacked by them. When he left our house upon bringing Dad home after the attack, he didn’t actually leave. He kept Dad under close surveillance.

He had more than enough proof that Dad and Misty knew each other.

He searched the truck Dad drove to California and found hair that matched Misty’s DNA. He also investigated the various properties owned by her lover, Frank—with the local authorities’ cooperation, he obtained security camera footage from The Delta Club Casino. Dad and Misty were photographed together and it was on tape. He also had the local authorities search nearby hotels and collected the footage of Dad and Misty from The Ritz-Carlton where Dad checked in under his own name. The hotel’s camera had evidence of Frank entering the hotel but never leaving.

Dad obviously lied to Detective Lake about any knowledge of Misty.

After Mom and I left for the police station where Kyle was being held, Dad stepped out of the house to meet with a hacker’s associate to receive more money that he’d already arranged. He’d offered Frank’s men money to settle the dispute and thereby end it, after being threatened by them. When Detective Lake received a call that there was another cyber theft, he was in the act of witnessing Dad receiving a manila envelope from the hacker’s associate. He knew then that Dad was responsible for the cyber theft.

Detective Lake knocked on our door once more, telling Dad about another theft and that he had some questions. Dad refused to answer any, claiming he had to hurry to the police station for Kyle.

When my family came back from the court the next day, Detective Lake took Dad into custody.

There was a bite mark in Dad’s palm, which matched Misty’s dental records. The semen that was found in her body matched Dad’s DNA as well.

Dad pleaded guilty on all counts.

Kyle also pleaded guilty, confessing that he hired a hitman to kill Jerry. Unlike his first confession, he had no need to protect Dad, so he gave the authorities a detailed statement about the professional killer he conspired with for the murder. He never mentioned Sophia’s name. Jerry’s friend who had claimed to have witnessed Sophia killing Jerry, recanted his statement. He stated he’d lied under pressure after being interrogated by Jerry’s dad, the Chief Deputy Sheriff. Sophia made repeated confessions that she planned the murder with Kyle, but Kyle repeatedly denied it.

The gun Mom used to kill Frank’s men was found from our house although nobody knew how it got there. Ballistic tests matched the shell castings found at the crime scene, and Mom was also taken into custody. Mom hadn’t spoken a word since then.

Four months had passed.

By then, I’d received permission from the juvenile court to be emancipated so I didn’t have to live in foster care. I was more than capable of supporting myself financially and managing my own affairs.

I visited the prison and sat down with each of my family members for half an hour. When Mom wasn’t stable, I couldn’t even spend half an hour with her before they took her away. She’d most likely be transferred to a psychiatric facility to support her insanity defense. Dad would probably remain in prison for the rest of his life without any possibility of parole. There was also a slight chance of being sentenced to death. Kyle could get up to twenty-five years.

Soon, I would know all of their outcomes at the sentencing hearings.

I was left alone with millions of dollars and no family to go home to.

There was one thing that I realized now. The inherent value of special paper with our former Presidents’ faces printed on it could not hold a candle when compared to that of a family.

I tilted my head back.

The sky was still up there.

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