The Old Balmain House

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Sophie vanished - where did she go? For 100 years nobody knows. Her photo and antique perfume bottle are found in an old house. A Sydney family over 170 years. At last we find out the true story.

Mystery / Adventure
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We bought ourselves a new old house – a magical timber cottage

It made us feel most welcome – gave a sense of a loving home

It seemed we belonged here – soon making it into our own

We glimpsed a hidden story – deep buried and held fast

It told about a little girl who lived here in a century past

This child went off to school one day and never did come back

It seemed to all who looked so hard she’d vanished through a crack

For years and years her family searched, seeking her elusive soul

Emptiness was all they found – she’d vanished and left a hole

Loss carried on, down years and years, as generations passed

The memory slowly dwindled, fading out of view at last

We heard her voice call out one day seeking help for her return

We joined the search; it drew us in, new people in this place

Across a century of time and space a presence led us on

At last we found a vital clue, lost story of her grandmother

And as we walked on hidden steps her family became our own

Now, at last, after all that’s passed, we’ve safely brought her home

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