The Nightwalker

By MommaWriter All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller

The Past Revisited.

To the human eye I am average, to the non-human eye I am feared. But to most I am Elizabeth Marie, though once the sunsets I am the Nightwalker.

You see I once was an average ten year old, not a care in the world, there was no hurt, no pain just love. I once was free, but then my world changed forever. It's not every day a ten year old has to age eight years in one night but I guess no matter the age you're never ready to lose your parents.

I know we all die, it's the inevitable but to have both your parents lives ripped away by the hands of murders, no one can ever expect that. Dying before their lives have even reached their peak is sad, even worse leaving behind a little girl when this all could of been prevented. If only my parents said "no", then they wouldn't of been on that mission, they wouldn't of gotten kidnapped by the men of Xavier Klaus's ruling. They wouldn't of been dead.

But that is what makes me Elizabeth Marie, that is my whole reason for being, my destiny to revenge my parents death.


keep reading to find out why Elizabeth calls herself the Nightwalker. ;)

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