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Supernatural erotic thriller - Fifteen teens, all virgins, abducted from their home in less than two weeks and a supernatural is behind the crimes. Sienna Harlow and Asher Vaughan were so much in love until one-night fate ripped her away from him. Asher vows revenge for her murder and becomes an active member of Shadow Crawlers association, the supernatural owned agency which deals with supernatural crimes. Five years later, Shadow Crawlers is investigating a case of mass abduction, fifteen teens, all virgins, abducted from their home in less than two weeks and a supernatural is behind the crimes. The evidence lead to the vampire connected to several cold-blood murders, including Sienna's and Asher has a mysterious stalker of his own. Will Asher save the abducted teens before it's too late? Read this dark story of love, passion, and revenge.

Mystery / Thriller
Catherine Edward
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The isolated wooden cabin sat deep inside the forest. A dim light illuminated the porch and a silhouette sat watching the cabin, hiding in the bushes nearby the swamp.

The cold wind brushed against his pale skin, making the leaves rustle. The merry chirps of the crickets and the mating calls of the frogs annoyed the hell out of him, testing his mostly non-existent patience.

It had recently rained and the petrichor held no appeal for him. He’d chosen the moonless night for only one purpose. The cabin belonged to a werewolf named Asher Vaughan, the most feared Alpha in the town and the silhouette waited patiently for the right moment to attack.

Slight moans could be heard from inside, which made the creäture smile. “Enjoy your last night Asher,” the silhouette whispered maliciously, his long fangs shining even into the darkness of the night.

He’d let his victim one last night of pleasure before he had his fun. He would make Asher beg before he ends his life. The woman sounded like perfect bait.

The cabin was luxurious inside unlike the exterior. While the exterior looked like a haunted shack in most of the horror movies, the interior was posh. From the dark-colored carpet to the leather sofas and silver utensils, everything was the best money could buy.

Sienna moaned as Asher thrust into her. His strong muscles flexed with each thrust and sheen of sweat covered his forehead. He captured her lips in a passionate kiss as his thumb circled the most sensitive flesh of her body making her moan louder.

Asher swallowed her moans as his tongue twirled with hers. Her body arched and her nails raked along his biceps making him go wild. He loved the way she reacted to his touch, she bit his lower lip slightly, making him growl from deep within his chest, the rumble so mild that she didn’t notice the slight tremor it send all over her sweaty body.

He felt her release and soon followed exploding inside her. “Marry me, Sienna,” he asked, in a seductive rumble that made her toes curl. His nostrils flared, inhaling the heady scent, his eyes drooped slightly, still drunk in her beauty.

Sex with Sienna had always been intense. He had sex before with other women and none satisfied his hunger. Sienna was the only one who made him feel complete, his only true love who fed his soul, mind, and body.

Sienna, a human by birth didn’t know what he was and who he was. She believed that he worked for a private detective firm.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I will marry you, Asher.”

Asher enjoyed the way his name rolled off her tongue. A satisfied grin lit up his handsome face. “I love you, Sienna. You are my soul mate and I will cherish you forever,” he whispered, kissing her passionately.

Sienna moaned again as he withdrew and thrust into her with all the love and passion he felt for her.

A phone call at midnight woke Asher. Sienna soundly asleep beside him, her legs tangled with his.

He got out of her soft grip and up from the bed upon hearing an approaching vehicle, the gentle hum of the engine so familiar to him. Only a few knew about this cabin–he came here when he needed an escape from all the pressing matters.

The security camera revealed a well-acquainted face. Logan, his second in the command and a close friend, his face grim as he waved at the camera. Asher’s mobile had a missed a call and a message from Logan. The two words sending chills down his spine, not in a good way. ‘Vampire Attack’.

“Sienna, my love, wake up.”

Sienna stirred and looked at him with her sleepy eyes.

“What is it, Asher?” She yawned. She looked exquisite with her lips slightly parted and he took a moment admiring the way her chest rose and fell with each breath she took.

“Something important has come up,” he informed softly as he helped her up, his sharp eyes softening further.

“Okay.” She mumbled in a sleepy tone as she got up and pulled the dress he threw at her.

Asher quickly dressed and pulled his leather jacket over his broad shoulders. The ring he meant to give her that night nestled deep in his pocket. His fingers traced the square velvet box. He’d been too busy making love to her. He’d forgotten to give it to her.

He noticed her fixing her hair and decided he would give it later. He wanted to savor the moment he slipped that ring on her finger and now wasn’t the time for that. With a sigh, he pushed the ring back. There was always tomorrow.

Once ready they both got out and her eyebrows knitted in confusion as she noticed Logan.

“Hi Logan,” she greeted with a smile, which he returned with a smile of his own.

“Hello Sienna,” he said with a curt nod.

Asher stood staring at Logan for a moment and it appeared as if they were in a deep conversation, only their lips weren’t moving. Asher’s expression turned grim causing Sienna to frown in confusion. She noticed two more people inside Logan’s car. Asher had once introduced them to her as his colleagues.

They were talking in hushed tones and Logan tensed when one man called his name, handing the phone to him. Asher led her to his car as Logan got in his vehicle, still talking over the phone, his expression furious.

“Is everything okay?” She asked once Asher has started the engine and driving behind Logan. He worked for some detective agency in Jefferson County, New York. Being accustomed to the midnight calls he received occasionally, she knew well about these calls.

Asher’s steely expression didn’t give out much and he only nodded once, trying his best to assure her she had nothing to worry about. She squeezed his hands gently and he visibly relaxed.

He contemplated on driving to his apartment he shared with her. However, his phone kept buzzing and he received two more calls before he dropped her in her old apartment on the way.

The silhouette sunk deep into the shadows at the sight of more werewolves in the spot. He had masked his scent and there was no way they would find him now. It took all of his strength to suppress the displeased growl.

He was this close to attack when the werewolves showed up, spoiling his plans. Now, he must wait.

Maybe he didn’t have to wait for long. A cold smile spread across his lips as his eyes landed on his new target.

“Sienna, stay safe and do not open the door unless it was me,” Asher told her as their vehicle came to a halt in front of her apartment. He pulled a set of keys he always kept on his dashboard to use in situations like this, handing it to her.

“I will be fine, Asher,” Sienna assured with her signature smile which always brightened up his sour mood.

She walked towards her building when Asher got out of the vehicle and pulled her towards him.

“I love you, Sienna,” he whispered, kissing her deeply.

“I love you too, Asher. Good night and watch your back,” she whispered before turning and entering her building. He usually walked her to her door, but his work demanded he left immediately. A vampire killed a group of human teens and they had to act before the vampire attacked again.

The security nodded lazily at her before continuing with his disrupted slumber. He looked around, his nostrils flared as he inhaled, analyzing the different scents that sifted through his senses. Nothing seemed or felt out-of-place.

Asher watched her retreating back until she got inside the lift before driving off in his car. His phone blared again, this time it was from Neil. The Shadow Crawlers director didn’t call unless it was a matter of life and death.

He answered the call, putting it on hands-free and listened carefully to whatever being said on the other end, a foreboding aroused inside his chest, squeezing his heart painfully. His free hand reached and gently massaged the area over his heart, trying to ease the feeling.

Asher wanted to call Sienna again and confirm she was safely tucked in her bed. However, another call distracted him and he cursed mentally at the caller before stepping on the gas, breaking multiple traffic rules as he drove through the night.

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