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Chapter 25

Asher let out a howl as his wolf paced the area where she was last seen. Though she had used the drop to cover her scent, a few drops of blood that stained the wall gave her scent away.

Her abductor didn’t leave any other loose ends for them. He was a clever bastard.

A familiar pair of paws hitting the ground reached his ears. He could identify Logan’s wolf anywhere, just hearing the sound of his paws, the rhythmic pattern ingrained in his mind.

“It’s a dead end. The tunnel branch out in three directions from this place and I’m stuck,” Asher cursed. “That bastard didn’t leave a single clue for us. There was not even a scent of her blood after this point.”

“Relax, Asher. You are mated to Sienna now. Try to use the mate bond,” Logan insisted.

“Mate bond?”

“Yes, our ancestors have used the mate bond to locate their mates before in dire situations like this. Concentrate on the mate pull, it will lead you to her,” Logan stated confidently.

How did he forget about that?

“You’re a life savior, Logan,” Asher gave him a wolfish grin before focusing on the invisible bond he shared with Sienna.

Logan followed Asher, who blindly walked towards his right, entering a tunnel. After a few minutes, Asher picked up pace and jogged. There were no lights in here, thanks to their heightened senses they could see through the dark as clear as the day. Logan grimaced as the air around the area turned stale, he sneezed twice and growled annoyed.

They soon came to a stop and Asher pawed at a rusty door. Both of them shifted into their human form and Asher turned the knob to find it was locked from the inside.

“They must be inside,” he whispered to Logan before wrenching the lock using his strength.

“Careful, don’t make much noise. We don’t want to alert the guy,” Logan warned.

It took another five minutes for them to get the door moving. It groaned revealing a spiral staircase covered in dust.

“Hmm... no matter how careful a person is, they always leave a clue behind,” Logan commented, pointing out the shoe print that was imprinted on the stairs.

“Let’s get that bastard,” Asher growled low under his breath.

Logan smirked contacting his fellow pack mates who were resting after a great fight. The guys missed the action and today was a feast for them. The humans had done a good job and Logan appreciated their efficiency. There were no casualties on their end, except for a few injuries.

Brianna and the other girls were tied together to a rusty pipe as the ugly witch continued to bark orders at the vampires, who were busy building a makeshift alter for her. She was planning to sacrifice another girl today and Brianna could hear her cursing about having no moonlight.

When the leader of the vampires alerted the witch the other day in the cave, she immediately ordered the girls to be moved to another location. Brianna felt hopeful and she was glad that at least nine girls got saved.

She knew her father would come for her. Matilda was angry and yelled at anyone who came across her. She and the guy named Paine had a huge fight before he left abruptly. The witch sported a busted lip, but continued to carry on as if it was nothing.

Brianna comforted the other girls saying the Shadow Crawlers would come for them. All of a sudden the vampires stopped what they were doing and a howl could be heard nearby. The girls looked around frantically for the source when the first vampire went down.

It was a man and a woman wielding sword. The vampires that came in touch with the blade fell down immediately. Brianna confirmed that the woman was human as her movements were slow when compared to the man who was just a blur. Only a gust of wind was any proof that he moved.

Animal growls filled the small closed area of the tunnel and Brianna’s eyes widened when many wolves burst in taking down the vampires and kept fighting anyone that came their way.

Brianna noticed more vampires pouring in and the woman moved in front of them, guarding them. The scene in front of them was gory. Blood splattered everything around them and coated them like a second skin.

Painful screams and animal growls were terrifying. A few girls screamed and cried out loud in fear. Brianna tried to stay stronger, but the fight was too much for her. It was nothing like they show in those movies. Hell, the movies didn’t even justify what was happening down here.

The thing was that when you watch a movie, you know it was all a part of acting and most of the scenes were graphic. However, witnessing the SWAT team and the others in action was another thing.

Brianna whimpered when a vampire bit into one of the SWAT team officers, he screamed in pain, trying to shoot the vampire in vain. One of the werewolves nearby rushed to his aid, he tore the vampire off his back and bit into his jugular.

The human officer continued to scream as the vampire venom spread on his veins. Ezra rushed to his aid and tried to suck the venom out of his bloodstream. He cursed as the officer continued to thrash.

“Take him to the Shadow Crawlers head quarters. Quarantine him until I come back,” Ezra shouted at the fellow SWAT team members who came to rescue. They nodded and carried the injured human outside.

Brianna tensed when a gray wolf with white streaks came towards her, he bit on the ropes and with a tug freed them from the restraints. She quickly got up helping the others.

The woman who was guarding her came towards her. “I’m Julia, get on the back of the wolves and let’s get you all out of here,” the woman yelled over the chaos.

“Hurry up, we don’t have all day,” Julia shouted again when the girls didn’t move.

Though scared at first Brianna hopped on the back of the wolf that freed her and held on to his neck. Soon all the girls were loaded on the back of the wolves and they exited the tunnel with Julia and Ezra, guarding the front and the back. A few SWAT officers covered them as they proceeded towards their freedom.

Brianna buried her face into the wolf’s fur and inhaled the comforting warmth he radiated. He smelled like her dog back home and she felt safe. Loud cheering and multiple clicks of cameras brought her attention to her surroundings and she looked up to see that they were outside.

The reporters were going on a frenzy as the huge wolves exited the Worth Street station with the missing girls on their back. The people had never seen the Shadow Crawlers in open action before. They always stayed in the shadows. They sure never seen any fully shifted werewolves.



Sheriff Colt ran towards his stepdaughter, engulfing her in a bone crushing hug. Brianna cried as she hugged the only father figure she had ever known. She couldn’t believe she was back in his arms. Though she believed that he will come for her, their chances were slim and the reality still felt like a dream for her.

Asher and Logan finally reached an underground sewer system. They tried not to gag and at the same time, Asher noticed the smell of Sienna’s blood overpowering the pungent odor. The backup team has arrived earlier and they stealthily followed behind them.

Sienna’s agonizing scream had Asher sprinting towards the direction.

Paine bellowed with laughter as he watched Sienna’s wound close before cutting her skin open. “Hmm.... This is more fun than I thought. You are healing just fine, even though I have weakened you,” he mused.

Sienna gritted her teeth and kept her mind blank. Her mate bond throbbed in awareness, her instincts knew that her mate was angry. The tingling sensation near the bond increased with every passing second and she just knew that Asher was near. She hoped he was here sooner until then she needed to keep the Paine in the ass distracted.

“Why did you enjoy hurting others?” She coughed and acted weak. Her strength has returned and her senses were heightened, the chain he used on her was stronger and she couldn’t break free. Her ears picked up a distant sound of several paws hitting the floor.

However, to her luck Paine’s attention seemed too focused on her. If he noticed the barely audible sound, he didn’t show it in his face. Sienna let the fear radiate from her pores, the scent of fear was like a drug to the vampires and it intoxicated them.

Paine gave her an evil smile as he stalked towards her again. “Because, this scent and the pain bring me happiness,” he chuckled. Sienna could tell he clearly enjoyed the power he had over his victims.

“Why hurt the innocents? They did nothing to you. Do those lives not matter to you at all? You were human once,” Sienna growled.

Paine growled in her face as he backhanded her. Sienna tasted blood, but it had no effect on her. It didn’t hurt, which was a good sign. Any time now.

“I was and this world treated me like shit. I was born to a poor mercenary and guess what, they saw me as a failure. Then one day I found out that I had a strange power over them, I can create a new world, their blood brought me satisfaction,” he spat.

Sienna smirked when Paine’s expression changed. “Well played, Sienna. No matter what, you’ll die here today,” he sneered.

“Let’s see that,” Sienna snorted. She sat on her knees and with a roll of her shoulders brought her hands in the front. Her fingers found the hidden dagger inside her boots and when Paine lunged at her, she rolled out of the way, slashing at his sides.

A few more seconds, then Asher would be here.

Paine hissed and this time grabbed her bound legs, throwing her across the wall. Sienna grunted in as her ribs cracked, she held her sides and before she could recover Paine kicked her again and again. Dark spots clouded her vision and she coughed blood at the impact.

He picked her up by her throat, slowly squeezing the life out of her. It was not like it could kill her. Vampires could get hurt just like anyone, except their healing ability were hundred times better than the humans. She could feel her ribs almost healed and mustering up enough strength, she caught his hands and twisted it until she heard a sickening crack.

Sienna head butted him and fell down when the chain on her leg restrained her movements. She cursed when Paine came at her again, this time with his sharp claws extended. She scrambled back and prepared herself for the impact when a huge black wolf pounced at Paine.

Paine was angry at himself for getting distracted. He was now paying for the few seconds of distraction. When he realized the werewolf was behind him it was too late to avoid the attack. He twisted his body at the last minute and drove his claws into the werewolf’s belly.

The wolf clamped its jaw on his shoulder and despite the pain he was causing him, it shook its head tearing a chunk of flesh from his body. Paine welcomed the burning pain that exploded from the wound. It thrilled him and the scent of blood heightened his senses. He threw the wolf away from his body as he staggered back to his feet.

Asher might have managed to inflict a fatal wound, but he was Paine, the born master who walked the earth for the past thousand years. Paine cracked his neck as he watched new flesh weaving over the bone, which was now visible on his shoulder.

To his surprise Asher was on his feet a moment later and growled at his showing his sharp fangs. More wolves filled in behind him and all of them crouched low, ready to attack.

Paine flexed his muscles and with a huge smile welcomed the attached. The wolves pounced, all at once. He roughly counted six of them.

The born master kicked the first one sending it flying into the concrete wall. He punched the head of the wolf who was biting his left arm and watched in satisfaction as the wolf when down with a painful whine. He back handed the third and jabbed the fourth, the fifth flew across the small enclosure and he drove his claws into the sixth one, a painful howl erupting from its mouth.

Asher got up and shook his head to clear the buzz he was hearing in his ears. The vampire was a lot stronger and skillful than he thought. He noticed the other werewolves scattered around and barely breathing. Sienna was trying to wake up the wolf, which had a huge hole in its belly, Logan.

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