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Chapter 6

Sienna paced the confinement like a caged lioness.

The knot came off after tugging with her teeth for a while and upon freeing one hand, it felt easier to remove the other knots which bound her left hand and legs.

She had relieved her urge at one of the stinking corners of the room. She felt a burning sensation underneath her belly and in her private area, side effects of holding her urge against nature’s call.

Sienna spit on the dirty floor for the millionth time not wanting to swallow the saliva. His dick had been in her mouth and she had no source to wash off the filth. Her body never felt dirtier before.

Her parched throat did not hurt her much like his act did. It wounded her self-respect and dignity.

She might not be stronger than him but she will never go down without a fight. Now that she was free she stood a fair chance against him.

Sienna felt weak but the rage burned within fuelled her resolve and she paced the room waiting for the perpetrator.

He must be coming anytime now. The minutes felt like hours and her bare feet traced the cold floor.

How many women did he torture before capturing me? Her mind asked silently. I will never end up like one of your women.

Next time you come in, I will show how wrong it was for you to take me in the first place, Sienna growled internally.

Oh! The things she would do to him.

The metal door squeaked in distance halting her in her tracks.

Her heart beat quickened and her palms got sweaty.

Fear peeked from inside her as she picked up the metal chair and went to hide behind the door to her room.

The metal door again was covered so there was no way she could see what’s happening outside and the same goes to the perpetrator. There was no way he could find her standing with a chair behind the door.

She heard multiple footsteps getting nearer and her heart stopped for a moment.

Hell, there are more than one and there was no way she could escape them now.

Neil’s team has gotten into action immediately and they searched every garage or shed.

Asher and Logan had searched two on their way, none matching the scent they had and they were small sheds repairing motorbikes.

They came to know of a huge garage which was a mile away from their current location and according to the information it was at one of the loneliest parts of the town.

Asher’s instincts screamed as he pushed his legs towards the garage in his werewolf speed. I will let nothing happen to you Sienna, he vowed as he ran.

The garage sat lonely with about ten cars parked here and there.

The surroundings were eerily quiet and the only sounds coming were of some machines. The oil stench got stronger as they closed their distance towards the garage.

“I think this is it,” Asher whispered in mind link as his eyes scanned the area for any threat.

“Neil’s team would arrive any minute now,” Logan informed through the mind link.

Asher nodded as he took careful steps towards the garage.

Now they smelled sweat mixed with oil, which matched the scent of the cloth.

An inaudible growl tore through his chest. Finally, they had a clue to the serial killer who terrorized their small town and no matter what happened they are not letting him get away.

They noticed a man in his mid-thirties working underneath a car. He cursed under his breath every now and then.

Asher tensed when he caught the faint scent of sex. It was not mixed with a woman’s scent which meant the scoundrel must have jerked off.

“Hello,” Asher called out, readying his stance to fight.

The man bolted up hitting his head in the car with an “Oww.”

“What do you want?” He grunted at them as he crawled from under the car.

“Where is Sienna?” Asher did not beat around the bush as he shot the question. The quickening heartbeat and the small emotion that crossed the other man’s face were proof enough, that he was the culprit.

Logan tackled the man as he tried to through the wrench at them. Asher who could no longer contain his fury punched the man’s face harder until his body sagged.

The bastard was alive, his heart still beat. Logan bound his hands with a cuff he brought along while Asher looked for Sienna.

Neil’s team has reached and taken control over the bastard as Logan joined Asher in his search.

The perp’s house was just behind the garage and upon searching they found many photos of dark-haired women with information about them.

“Fuck,” Asher cursed under his breath as he took in the details.

Every other room was littered with things which included empty pizza boxes and beer cans. It looked like the perp never had the habit of cleaning up.

Asher scrunched his nose in distaste. Ten minutes later, they have swept the house for secret doors or any clue that connected to Sienna.

“Maybe we can find something outside,” Logan said as they exited the garage. The perp, still unconscious and is now being held by two of their men, who gave a curt nod to them.

Rounding to the back side of the garage they came to small shed with a worn out wooden door locked outside with a padlock.

Asher kicked the door breaking it without wasting time. The dusty room was full of things and it looked like no one has used it for a long time.

Asher’s experienced eyes scanned the area carefully and stopped when he noticed a small area of a shelf which looked clean.

He motioned Logan to move the things which littered the area around that shelf. His suspicion was right.

The floor was dusty again except for the faint trace of lines which showed that the shelf was moved over it. By the looks, the perp must have tried to cover the lines after he moved the shelf.

The very reason Asher would discover by moving the shelf. It moved with a squeak of wood against the floor revealing another door behind it which was made of metal. This was locked.

Asher kicked the door once. The door groaned but did not break.

There was no time to search for the key. Sienna’s condition could be much worse for all he knows. It has been three days already.

Looking around his lips curled up when his eyes landed on a big sledge-hammer.

“Perfect,” he whispered as he tested his new weapon.

Asher hit the concrete wall just near the lock. Debris flew across the room and Logan covered his sensitive nose as Asher continued to wreck the wall.

The wall gave out after few minutes and stood there with a whole in its belly.

Asher landed few blows at the lock and with a wrench it gave out. The door opened with a squeak indicating the lack of oil and his ears did not miss the soft footsteps which hurried towards something inside.

Sienna’s scent was very faint. The smell of urine and blood overpowered his senses and he closed his nose to stop gagging.

Fluttering heart beat reached his ears as he raced through the dark corridors coming to stand before a door.

Dim light seeped from underneath and Sienna’s scent was stronger here.

The sudden change of breathing and heartbeat told him that Sienna was standing close to the door.

What are you up to Sienna? He thought as he opened the door cautiously. If it was not of his instincts or his strong senses, he would have on the floor knocked out cold.

Sienna stood there with wide eyes and a metal chair that missed its mark.

Sienna tensed when she saw the man who asked for her number in the restaurant.

She couldn’t help the feeling of betrayal she felt and her confusion only increased when she saw another man entering the room.

They must have followed her that day before kidnapping and locking her up here. Everything seemed to fall in place as her eyes pooled up with fresh tears.

“You,” she whispered.

Her hands tightened around the chair ready to attack if he got near. Her chances against them were slim but she would take it.

Asher’s eyes narrowed at the chair and he gave her a once over making sure she was well. The stench of that bastard’s seed again clouded his senses.

“Are you okay?” He asked after a second controlling the anger that flared within him. After returning he would take pleasure in ripping that fucking retard limb by limb, he thought viciously.

Sienna’s lips trembled as she contemplated the situation.

“Come let’s get you out of here,” Asher said again opening the door wide as her brows furrowed in confusion.

Sienna looked between him and the door.

Is he planning to kill me? A cold shiver raked her spine at the thought.

Asher frowned as he noticed her confusion and the sweet scent of fear coming from her only increased it.

Why in the hell was she afraid of him? He thought.

“I think she has mistaken us for her kidnappers,” Logan’s amused voice reached him through mind link and Asher’s expression cleared with a new smile dancing in his lips.

“I am here to save you Sienna,” he told her. “I am with the police and we have arrested your kidnapper. You are safe,” Asher said sincerely and watched as her confusion cleared a bit.

Sienna processed what he said. Though the confusion cleared she wouldn’t believe a thing he said.

He was a stranger who asked her number on the first day they met. She got kidnapped the same night and she was meeting him again in her confinement.

How the hell she was supposed to trust this man who stood with a sincere expression before her?

Sienna nodded not trusting them once and looked at the door longingly. She couldn’t wait to get her ass out of here.

As if understanding her thoughts he stepped aside allowing her to go out of the room.

Sienna ditched the chair with great difficulty. She felt bare and vulnerable without the sense of protection it provided.

Her logical mind said there was no use of that chair against a man like him.

Sienna walked out with slumped shoulders, her senses on high alert, her eyes scanning the area for the exit.

Maybe once she reaches the exit she will run for her life, a new hope bloomed inside her as she took slow steps towards the corridor, the light from inside the room casting a soft shadow outside.

Her heart skipped a beat when her eyes found the stairs and her legs hurried towards the stair, climbing greedily towards her freedom.

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