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Sandra Jones Is Dead

By outwalkingthelights All Rights Reserved ©


Local Teen Falls From Cliffs

Local teenager Sandra Jones is dead after a fall from a cliff. Officials can neither confirm nor deny whether it was intentional, only that she had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol. She was last seen leaving a party on Friday night, then discovered Saturday morning by a local man walking his dog. He called the police once he had ascertained it was too late to call an ambulance. Her mother has been informed.

Locals remember her as "happy" "caring" and "lovely". "She was such a sweet girl," One teacher recalls, "Always singing in the corridors and laughing in class. An absolute joy to teach. Her life ended too soon." Her family and friends have not come forward with any comments, although one did say "She's in heaven now. God be with her." She was a student at the local high school in her final year, taking Biology, Maths and Chemistry. She was due to go to Edinburgh in September, to study Medicine. She also entered and won two poetry competitions outside of school: her poetry was featured in the Writers' Monthly magazine once, and published in an anthology once.

Her funeral will be held on April the 10th in St. John's Church. Her mother says anyone is welcome to attend and pay their respects, and that there will be a buffet in the Ship Inn from 4.30pm onwards. The police would like anyone with any information regarding her death to come forward.
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