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Chapter 11

"I SWEAR TO GOD I think you have a death wish,” I sigh in relief as I hear the familiar voice and I hear a switch being turned on— the lights in the hallway flickers on and I look up into the amber eyes I saw not too long ago.

“That wasn’t a very smart choice, coming from you, Kira,” he says, looking at me with an expression I couldn’t understand. Mixed emotions were swirling in his eyes and I didn’t know how to respond nor react.

“Wh-what? Why?” I managed to let out, furrowing my eyebrows.

He simply shakes his head, “You’re just going to have to watch and see the consequences,” he says with a sad smile.

“C’mon, I’ll walk you to your room.”

Third person’s POV

“That was a stupid move,” he chuckles menacingly, with a small shake of his head.

“You’ve got to give her more credit than that,” Asher scoffs— with this remark, he raises an eyebrow, “Really now?” He smirks.

“It’s come to my attention that you seem to have been siding her a lot lately,” he continues, cocking her head to the side slightly, observing Asher.

“And spending a lot of time with her, too— why’s that?”

Asher could only roll his eyes and shake his head at this person, “It’s not that I’m siding her, I’m just recognizing her personality,” Asher denies before continuing, “And you said it yourself, you want me to keep an eye on her.”

He shrugs before Asher changes the subject by asking, “So, what do you think of the girls?”

He only glances at Asher, looking completely uninterested, “Why do you want to know?”

“Do I need a reason to?”

He shrugs again before answering, “I have no interest in them.”

Asher looks at him with a puzzled expression, “Not even one?”

“No, not even Alexia.”



Asher hums in response, taking a seat on one of the sofas. “Why isn’t Ofelia talking to me?” I ask, and his gaze suddenly settles on me.

He furrows his eyebrows, “Hadn’t he told you?”

“Who are you talking about? Told what?”

“Good god, that guy!” Asher groans in frustration and slight annoyance. “You mean to tell me that you don’t know that you’re not allowed to talk to anyone nor leave this room without his command?”

“What?! No! Who are you even talking about Ash— Wait... Don’t tell me you’re talking about Dark?”

He sighs and I go on a full on rant, “How could he even do that? Just because he’s the future King doesn’t mean he owns me! Doesn’t mean he can do whatever the heck he wants! Asher, what even is this? Is this why Ofelia won’t talk to me? And why the door is locked from the outside? Oh my god, that royal asshole I—”

“You have to remember that you followed him when you shouldn’t, Kira,” he states, standing from the sofa. “Ofelia will be here in a bit and you’ll be having your dinner here again,” he adds before turning to leave and close my door behind him, I hear the door lock and I scream in frustration.

Why, just why!


“So I heard that Ericka’s sister, Princess Macey made her way here just to be listed to the potential Queens,” He remarks with a satisfied smile.

“Why don’t you invite her for dinner?” I glare at him in disgust, “It would be great to have a princess in our bloodline,” he adds, grinning mischievously.

I stand up and leave the abhorrent place once again.


I can hear singing, a voice very soothing but familiar. How come it sounded so familiar, yet, not?

Is that really the way it is?

Sparks, flowing and electrifying my skin. What is this? My heartbeat was beating erratically again, I hear a whisper.

“The things you make me feel...”


Had I known that my soul was intertwined with yours, your pain— though I felt— never should have been placed.

I shake my head at the last line of the novel. Regret always comes last, why is it that people often forget to think of being inflicted with the same kind of pain they cause?

The door opens and closes, I don’t look up.

“Why are you awake?”

“Why are you in my room?”

I didn’t want to look at him, but some kind of pull did it for me, and I regretted it the moment our eyes connected. The air in my lungs started to feel hollow, like nothing, the wide room felt like a small elevator and I was stuck with him.

It vanished when he broke the eye contact and gave me a once over before saying, “Get up and change, I need you to come with me.”

“W-where are y-you taking me?”

He scoffs, “Don’t question me, do it.”

When I didn’t move, he glares at me, “Or do you want me to threaten your life again before actually acting on my command?”

The moment I hear his words, I scramble to my feet and quickly oblige.

When I thought he was going to leave, he instead goes inside my closet and the moment I left the bathroom after putting some make up on and styling my hair, I see an outfit prepared, laying on top of my bed.

But I was horrified when I saw it.

It was the very skimpy bandage black dress that Samantha left in my closet that she said I would use “for when you finally find a man who will make you go wild,” her words, not mine, promise.

“Quit fucking staring at it and wear it!”

I jump in shock and look behind me, seeing an impatient looking Dark giving me a lethal glare, “I don’t appreciate people like you wasting my time.”

Wow, I mean, he is an asshole but that hurt.


He strides over to me and looks me in the eye, “You are going to wear that whether you like it or not,” he growls, holding my shoulders painfully tight with both hands.

I wince and glare at him before snatching the dress, turning on my heels and stomping to the bathroom.


“Why are we here? Why did you take me here?!” I panic, looking at the familiar building infront of me.

“Fucking hell, shut your annoying mouth!”

He takes my wrist in his hand and drags me inside, the familiar blasting music enters my ears once again but this time, instead of receiving looks of suspicion and disgust like I did not belong there, I was being looked at like I was a Queen and they were jealous. This time, instead of sliding my way in the crowd, the gave way.

He took me in a room, there were the familiar dim lights. “Why?” I ask again.

“Kira... Alexia...” What is he doing? Why is he saying my name like that?

“Reine... Amethyst... A—” the lights started flickering wildly, what’s happening?

“Aphrodisia...” The light stopped flickering but was now blinding...

“Montgomery...” Once my last name left his lips, the lights came back to it’s original dim red light. He turns to me, “Were you adopted?”


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