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Chapter 12

ALL I COULD THINK WAS how? No one knew this, not even Cole, no one except me and my adoptive parents.

Not even my mother’s diary help, she didn’t have a name on it, and the names on her diary were all pen names, the way she describes her days were vague and seemed to be in a secret language.

Every person in her diary was unfamiliar to me, so I didn’t even bother looking for anyone that seemed like the person in her diary— like I wasn’t meant to find them, like she didn’t want me to find them. My real parents.

If it hadn’t been for all the entries where she mentioned how much she will “love her first babygirl,” and how she and my biological father are excited about me, I would have thought that they didn’t really want me.

Other than that, the only clear passages of her diaries were of love, sometimes advices on life as well. But mostly about love.

How could he have known? He’s only met me for a short period of time, to think that my friends now have known me for ten years or so, they have no clue of this.


“Tell me, Alexia, were you adopted?”


“Stop lying,” he growls.

I bit my lip, “How does that even concern you?!” I counter, irritated.

He shakes his head, “Come,” he says, taking my hand and dragging me out of the room and back into the club where the blasting music was deafening and people were dancing wildly.

“Stand straight,” I hear his whisper against my ear.

“I’m not a dog,” I scoff at him, then gulp nervously when I feel his arm snake around my waist.

“Stop acting like one. Behave,” he says before standing straight himself, and looking ahead.

His gaze was stoic and dangerous, staring straight ahead with his head held high— this made me turn my gaze to where he was looking.

Three men walking. Walking towards us, to be more specific. Something about the way they walked— in suits— entering this club, not to mention, the way people gave them way just like when Dark and I were passing, they radiated power and danger, though identical far from the

They were something else that I couldn’t put my finger on. Not until the lights dim once again, the dancing lights stopped travelling around the room like it was on wanderlust. Everything was a dark void except for them, Dark, and I.

I shift my gaze to the ground, afraid of the men walking towards us, afraid of what was to come. Though I knew Dark was capable of probably anything and everything, that he might as well could kill the three intimidating men on their way to us— I felt scared. Terrified.

But I had to look up when I saw three pairs of shoes in front of me— in front of us— and the man in the lead, in the middle, spoke, “Ace of Spades.”

Dark nods, and the man shifts his gaze towards me, not even lingering, and back to Dark. It was such a nonchalant glance, like saying I was not of importance from where I stood.

“Who’s this? A new member?”

“She’s my girlfriend,” I felt a small pinch on my side, I knew he was warning me not to open my mouth; though I would have, I also wouldn’t have, I was too scared to, even if I wanted to deny it.

He raises an eyebrow, “Hm, I never took you for someone to settle down,” the man says, giving me a once over this time, then turns back to Dark with a nod of his head.

Dark doesn’t respond to the man’s remark but says, “Aaron, Maxo, Judah— my girlfriend, Kara. Kara, this is Judah, the Alpha. Maxo, the Beta. Aaron, the Delta.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet the Nascency’s girlfriend,” the Beta, Maxo, says nodding at me.


I didn’t know how to respond, I was about to simply smile awkwardly when Dark finally speaks, “We’ll be heading, excuse us.”

They nod in unison and Dark drags me along with him through the club, who would have thought that this place would be big enough to have probably the longest hallways known to mankind? For this club to be as big as it is?

The hallways were of brick walls, no windows, no paintings, no nothing. It reminded me of Dark’s place... And now that I think of it... This is underground, there are no windows and the building from outside looked like there was no air coming inside.

Shouldn’t it be at least a bit hard to breathe here?


“Shut up.”

I frown and he pulls me inside a room. The lights flicker on and my heart dropped at the sight before me.

Guns, swords and knives. Everywhere.

“Sit,” he orders me as he takes a seat behind a desk and starts rummaging through the drawers.

I force myself to walk and stand in front of his desk, “Ace of Spades, NASCENCY," were the words engraved on what seemed like a glass plate, sitting on top of the desk.

“Was it this place?”

“A place you shouldn’t know exists,” he says in a monotonous voice as he writes.

“Then why did you bring me here?”

“You brought yourself here, Alexia— Next time, don’t follow people when you shouldn’t,” I felt like a five year old being scolded for being caught stealing a cookie in the cookie jar. I did follow him here, but why did he bring me back?

“Who were those men?” I ask, hoping he would answer not too vaguely like he always do.

“People you shouldn’t piss off, the B-rank.”

“But there was an Alpha—”

“Stop talking, I might just shoot your mouth if you ask another question,” He says without emotion, unfazed and still writing.

I immediately shut my mouth and stop talking, standing in front of his desk awkwardly as he wrote and moved about. I watch his every move, not sure what to do and determined to keep my mouth shut until he speaks to me.

He lets out a frustrated groan and snaps his gaze to me, “Sit!”

I look around and sit on the sofa, not wanting to piss him off.

A phone rings, he takes his phone out, pressing something on the screen before placing it on his ear.

He seemed to be listening to the person on the other line before he speaks, “Yes, I am— Judah will be taking care of that— No—” he abruptly stands and walks over to me, pulling me up to my feet.

He leans in and distances his phone away before whispering into my ear, “Moan.” He places his phone back on his ear, “No, I’m in the middle of a business.”

I was lost, I didn’t know what to do and I stood there frozen. Dark grunts, and I knew it wasn’t because of anything pleasant, but because of my lack of response.

I slightly squeal when I feel his hand grab and squeeze my behind, “Uh!”

His hand moves dangerously close there... And I bite my lip nervously and my eyes flutter close involuntary as he massages my inner thighs with his lips leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses on my neck, “Hmm...”

I wanted to push him away— I really did. But at the same time, I didn’t. His free hand travel to my waist, slowly moving downwards and I feel my dress being hitched up.

“Dark...” I breathe out. Oh my goodness, I think as his fingers trail dangerously close to my panties, his lips abruptly capture mine and I hear a phone falling before feeling a gentle squeeze on my breast through the thin fabric of the tight black dress, “Oh my god,” I let out, unable to think clearly or process what was happening.

Then cold air hits me.

I snap my eyes open, feeling breathless and see Dark picking his phone up from the floor before walking back to his chair nonchalantly like nothing had happened.

He sits and looks at me with a raised eyebrow, I feel myself flush red, making me glare at him, “W-who gave you the permission to do that?!”

“Stop acting mad, you enjoyed it anyway,”

My cheeks must be red as a tomato by now, “I-I did not!”

He stands, “Lets go,” is all he says, ignoring me as he walks to the door. “Unless you want me to lock you up here, I doubt you’ll survive, Princess,” he adds and I immediately follow after him, leaving the room.

He locks it and takes my wrist, dragging me like I was some sort of rag doll. If it had not been for me being unfamiliar with the place, I would have slapped his grip away from my wrist.

I sigh, this guy.


The next day, which was Monday, in school, was as pain in the ass as the royal pain in the asses.

Allow me to enlighten you.

Princess Macey wanted to go to school with Dark. Problem? I still had to go with him. Hence, I have to endure the whole day with both of them.

It consisted of cringe worthy exchanges, Dark ordering me around like some kind of servant because of Macey’s endless complaints and whining and Macey purposely tripping me over and over when Dark turns his attention to me.

Worse part? I have to endure this eleven on one with Dark and the ten other girls.

Of course that includes Macey.

“I am so glad that you weren’t sent back to Europe! My father would have made my obnoxious sister marry you!”

Obnoxious? I stifle a laugh, look who’s talking. I bet fifty bucks that she’s the obnoxious one and not her sister. Shaking my head, I simply sigh and reach out to my glass of water sitting on the table we surround to take a drink. But as I bring the glass in between my lips, Macey shuffles on her seat and suddenly stands, making me lose my grip on the glass.


The water splashes on me as quickly as the glass landed to the marble floor and shattering to pieces, making a loud sound to echo through the room.

Macey lets out a gasp of surprise, it needn’t to be on screen to say that it was fake. From how she dramatically did so and bends, “Oh my goodness, I am so sorry!” She says and she start to pick up the pieces of glass in front of me.

I swear my ears almost bleed everytime I hear her high-pitched voice.

“Ow! Oh, it hurts!” She stands with a wide cut on her finger fully on display.

Dark stands to his feet almost immediately, “Princess,” he shakes his head, taking her wrist in his hand, inspecting the wound as the blood slowly oozes out. “You should be careful, Princess. Come, let me tend to your wound,” he says, placing a hand on her waist.

I stayed there, sitting in shock, staring at them wide-eyed.

They were about to walk off when Dark turns to me, looking at me. The emotion in his eyes, always so indescribable, but this time, it felt like the way he looked at me...

He looked like he hated me.

“Clean that, clumsy girl.”

From the corner of my vision, Macey’s lips twiched slightly into a smile and turns around, Dark following suit, and they walk out of the room.

Once everyone else in the room hears the doors open and then shut close...

“Oh my god, that sly bitch!”

I didn’t even need to turn to Audrey to know that she was the one who said that.

But Charlotte and Nova stands to their feet and rushes towards me, avoiding the shattered pieces of glass.

“Kira! Let’s go, you have to change! We’ll walk you to your room,” Nova says, and me, being in shock from everything that happened, could only nod.

They both help me up and avoid the glasses as the other girls call in the maids to take care of the shattered glass on the floor before exiting.

From a distance, I could still hear Audrey ranting. “I will fucking torture that bitch,” I hear her sneer before all the voices fade out in the distance.

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