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Chapter 13

Another day.

Of course that meant another day tolerating two royal pain in the asses that I’m stuck with.

With a sigh, I stand look at myself in the mirror. Ofelia steps back, I ignore her. After some time of trying and trying to talk to her the way I used to— the way we both used to— I finally gave up and decided to put myself out of my misery by stopping.

I stare blankly at myself, feeling empty. My eyes drift over my phone then back to myself. I glance at Ofelia, who was standing next to me and observing me, “Please leave, I need a time alone.”

She looked like she wanted to protest, but with a look of hesitation, she nods and leaves the room silently. I follow after her and lock my door the moment she was out and take my phone in my hands.

How long has it been?

A month or two? Three?

It’s ringing...


What do I say?

It’s been so long...

“Hello? Kira, dear? Is that you?”

I let out a shaky breath, “Uh... Yeah...”

“Oh! It’s been a while, how are you doing, sweetheart?”

What do I tell her?


“Vira! Where are you?! Who’s that?”


“Oh the little bitch decided to call?” I hear his voice from the other line, Mom stays silent, ”Give me that!”

“James, no!”

I hear a scoff, his voice, muttering ”whatever,” before foot steps that seemed to be going somewhere else.


“Is there something wrong, dear? You sound troubled.”

“Someone found out I was adopted.”

“Wh—! How?! Who? How could you have been so careless?!”

“N-no! I never told anyone like you told me to! I swear on my life!” I say, shaking my head as if she could see me.


“The Prince, Dark.”

“Oh dear Lord!” I hear a body falling to the ground and the phone falling exactly right after with a loud crash.

“Mom! Mother! Mom! Mom!” I scream, but the line goes dead.


“Why with the sudden need to go home, dear? Have you been uncomfortable around here? Is there anything we could do?”

I bite my lip nervously, I can’t tell them the actual reason why...

“I-I was on the phone with my mother earlier and then I heard the phone drop not long before a loud crash like she fainted then the line went dead. Madame Dior, please, I’m really worried!” I cry out, practically begging.

Her eyes soften and eyebrows furrow, with a sigh, she says, “Alright, but I’ll have to send one of the guards with you— otherwise, I can’t let you go, is that fine?” She asks, looking at me. I nod frantically, and she calls out one of the maids to deliver a guard and prepare the car.

I stand there anxiously with my mind running in circles, imagining everything that could have happened.


I jump in shock and turn around after hearing the door slam open.

“M—” Dark strides in the room but stops abruptly in his tracks when he takes me in sight.

“Leave,” he says, glaring at me as he continue walking until he reaches Madame Dior. She opens her mouth to say something when she was cut off with the maid entering the room.

“Miss, Madame Dior, the car is ready,” the maid says after a curtsy. I turn to Madame Dior who simply nods at me and I leave the room, following the maid.

The ride back home was torturous and long, from what I can remember, it takes six long hours of driving and I’ve already been in this car for four hours along with one of the maids.

I should have asked to have Cole accompany me.

So much for emotional support.

I take my phone out and send Cole a message.

Hey, how are things over there?

Hey, you alright? I heard you went home. Things are... Weird... Over here.

Yeah, I’ll arrive in about two hours, I think. Why? Did something happen?

Your Prince is being unusually colder than he is— even to Princess Macey. There was a gun shot about an hour ago and everyone just panicked.

A gunshot?

I was about to type a reply when the car screeches into a halt. A scream escapes my lips as my body pushes forward from the excessive impact, hitting my head on the process and everything starts to blur and dark spots cloud my vision.

All I see is a man in front of the car, standing, all in black, his face— I couldn’t make out, and I fall into a dark abyss.

Cold water splashes all over me, waking me up and I jolt, only to find my whole body completely restricted.

“The princess is finally awake.”

I look up, seeing a man in all black, looking very proud of himself as he stares at me. I glare at him, “What do you want from me?”

He simply smirks, “I don’t think that’s any of my business much as it is yours, you don’t even have a clue, princess.”

“I’m not a princess! If you were supposed to kidnap Princess Macey, you got the wrong person! Otherwise, don’t call me princesss!”

He simply chuckles and walks away from me, nearing the door which was at the other end of the room, he opens it and slides out the door, but he stops and looks back at me, “you might want to shut your mouth if you want the boss to give you mercy later on,” he says with a smirks and closes the door.

I look at the door hopefully but hear the abrupt sound of the door locking. “Damn it!” I whisper to myself, pursing my lips.

Why would anyone kidnap me?

Third person’s POV

“Is she here?”

"Yes, boss,” The man who just left the room where the boss had decided to put her in nods. He looks up from the papers— the background of her— and to the man.

"She’s in the room I told you to put her in?”

“Yes, boss,” The man answers again. Because having any answer other than “yes,” isn’t an option to his boss.

“Tell Fiona to cook a full meal for her and give it to her, I’ll come to her in an hour,” he commands the man before looking through the papers again.

“Am I going to untie her, sir?”

He averts his gaze from the papers to the man again, looking at the man like he was the dumbest person ever— “How do you suppose she eats her food? By casting a spell on the spoon and fork so she can eat?” He remarks sarcastically, looking at the man tauntingly.

The man flushes red in embarrassment and walks out of the room.


“Here you go,” he says, placing the food on the table he dragged from the corner of the room and in front of me. He, then, walks behind me and I feel my hands go free.

As if sensing my recognition of being untied, he says, “Don’t even think about running away, you’ll just waste your energy, believe me.”

I gulp with a nod and take the spoon and fork in my hands. I look at him expectantly, waiting for him to leave the room after he unties me, “What?” He asks with a confused look on his face as he takes a seat in front of me, across the table, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Are you going to watch me eat?” I ask him incredulously.

“You’re under my watch which means yes, I have to watch you even when you’re eating,” he states as a matter of factly and I huff in slight annoyance, deciding to dig in the food.

“The boss will be here in a bit,” is what he says after I finish my food and he takes the plate, spoon and fork in his hands.

I nod, handing him the glass of water back.

He looks around the room, the completely empty room aside from two chairs— one I was sitting on and one across me— and a table, before he leaves the room all over again with a lock.

How long had I been here? My clothes is still wet, clinging on me like second skin. I look around the room, painted with white walls and nothing more, not even a window.

Well this room is serving its purpose well.

Not even a clock was here.

I can feel my heart beatinf erratically with anxiety flooding me, who could have kidnapped me?

Are they looking for me? What happened to the maid and the driver?

I hear the door unlock— I bite my lip nervously and felt like my chest could burst. The door slides open and a man walks in.

He was tall, maybe as tall as... Dark. His eyes were green in color that seemed to sparkle and brown hair. Though I still am a human, even if this man most probably is my kidnapper, he was undeniably attractive.

He walks towards me in his dress suit with overall confidence radiating off of him and a dominant aura, his muscles were visible through the thin white fabric of the white dress button up which clung to him tightly with every step he took.

He reaches the table in front of me, still staring at me, like he was anticipating anything I was about to do.

Which was actually nothing.

He takes the seat across from me, still not saying a word, staring into my eyes and me staring back into his.

Tell me again why these good looking guys have to be ones who kidnap me?

After a while of simple staring, I grew annoyed and purse my lips together, “What do you want from me? Why did you kidnap me?”


He sighs softly, this is new. Dark would have told me to shut my annoying mouth already, why does it seem like they’re all gentle here? “I don’t want anything from you, darling. I just need to keep you here for a while,” he finally answers.

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion, “What for?”

He cocks an eyebrow, “I don’t think you’re too concerned to have the need to know.” I purse my lips together, biting my tongue to hold off my sarcastic remark.

He takes his phone out of his pocket and proceeds to remove the expensive looking coat from his dress suit and rests it on top of the table.

I think I’m drooling.

I clear my throat loud enough so he diverts his attention from his phone to me. Wait— did he just roll his eyes?

He did, he definitely did.

I shake my head and he speaks, “You’re the girlfriend of the Nascency, aren’t you?”

Looking at him with confusion, I shake my head, “what Nascency? What are you talking about? I’m no one’s girlfriend!” I deny, still somewhat bewildered.

He cocks his head to the side and stands, “You don’t have to deny it but okay,” he nods before walking back to the door, “Xavier, by the way,” he says, looking back at me before leaving and I, hearing the door lock.

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