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Chapter 14

Third person’s POV

The mansion was a mess.

After the gunshot three days ago, everyone has been on edge— and though no one could ever notice, even the Prince, Dark, was on edge.

But it was because of wholely different reasons.

What made everyone more scared aside from the next gunshot yesterday, Dark’s unusual behavior since that day which seemed to get even worse as the days past by, is that since that first gunshot, Kira had been kidnapped and where she was is still a mystery to everyone.

Rumors have been spreading that maybe someone was targetting the potential Queens, explaining the recent gunshots and Kira’s kidnapping.

No one dared to come near Dark for the past three days. That night that the driver and the maid made it back to the mansion without Kira and confirm that someone had kidnapped her, he made quite the scene.

He requested the training room in the mansion to be opened, and that night, that room was filled with gunshot after gunshot. This made everyone wonder, did he and Kira have anything special between them that caused the Prince to react the way he did?

Tonight, Madame Dior made a decision and forced to have Dark back for dinner.

“I think it would be better if we hold the search for any potential Queens until the issues are fixed and Kira is found—”

“That won’t be necessary,” Dark cuts her off, standing from his chair, “It will continue whether or not she’s here,” he adds before walking out of the dining area, leaving everyone’s mouth agape.

After dinner, the rest of perfect six decided to sleep in one room, afraid to be alone in the current situation at hand. Nowadays, no one is alone anymore, they’re too scared to be. The last gunshots which was yesterday was just above the head of Audrey Arterberry. Everyone had been locking their rooms ever since and had been extra cautious.

Dark was beyond mad. He was raging. Asher decided to keep his mouth shut regarding the circumstances as he drove to the Ace of Spades.

When they arrived, everyone knew not to get in their way nor go near Dark, with just one look in his icy blue eyes which was turning darker, everyone knew things were not going to go well.

He walks to his office with Asher trailing behind him, his jaw clenches as he pushes the door open, almost regretting that he took her in the room. “Start a search party, neither of them aren’t going anywhere with the way they’re looking for Alexia,” he orders Asher, who nods and takes his phone out, dialing number after numbers.

Dark rummages through his office, picking knives and guns that were displayed until there was a knock on the door. Asher opens it and a group of men enters, followed by another two wearing pitch black shades.

“Kira Alexia Reine Amethyst Aphrodisia Montgomery, that’s her name—” Asher starts, looking at the men lined up. They looked at Asher with due respect, the Alpha of Ace of Spades.

“She’s adopted,” Dark cuts him off, Asher turns to him with an unreadable expression. Surely, he was surprised of the new information albeit of course, this wasn’t the time and place to confront Dark about this. He purses his lips and turns back to the men, “She’s been kidnapped three days ago and there’s still no trace of her or even a lead,” Asher continues.

“The kidnapper is involved with the Ace of Spades, or maybe another group of Mafia,” one of the two men in shades speaks, the underground detectives and cops.

“The Nascency had introduced her here as his girlfriend, yes?”

“Yes,” Dark answers, ignoring the quick glare that Asher gave him.

“We’re pretty sure they’re in a secret location only found in the underground and mafia map, maybe a blind spot as well if it’s taking the detectives from above so long to find her or any trace that could lead to where she was taken to. You know what to do.”

They all nod and leave the office, “you really are a fucking asshole, aren’t you?” Asher says, turning to Dark with a lethal glare.

Dark only smirks.

“It’s been three days,” Xavier tells Kira, Kira nods with a frown before turning her attention back to the television.

He sighs, “I’m attending something important today, there’s guards all over the place if you ever try something you shouldn’t and maids scattered if you need anything,” he continues, Kira only nods, not paying attention to him but still hearing his words. “Aphrodisia,” he calls her, making sure he has her attention. With a sigh, she turns to him again, waiting for the next words he was about to say, “Please don’t try to escape, I don’t want to punish you,” is all he says, looking into her eyes with plead before leaving the house altogether.

“Take care,” she murmurs under her breath when he closes the door. She was moved into a proper room yesterday, and a beautiful one at that, she roamed around the house almost freely but with maids following her and guard watching her from afar.

“You know, I think the Master likes you,” Kira hears from beside her abruptly and she turns her attention to the person, she looks at the maid incredulously and the maid shrugs. “Just saying,” she adds before leaving Kira in the room with another maid behind and a guard.

Xavier observes the place, still peculiar as it usually is yet lively. None of the scientists not detectives he hired were able to figure out what kind of drink was served every night. What bothered him is that nothing changed in the club.

His jaw clenches and his hands form into a fist, pissed. Suddenly, there were red lights again, He’s here.

Not even him. He looked the same, still stoic, void of any emotion and the same lethal aura.

What if she was telling the truth?

He passed Xavier, not even giving him a glance. With that, he leaves the place, hoping she had done nothing to defy him while he was gone.

“Here are the suspects,” the detectives say, placing a moderately thick folder on the table of Dark’s office.

“That folder contains each suspects and their background or any involvement or experience with kidnapping, also, blueprints of every property they own all over the world,” one of the detectives say, known by the name, “Cameron,” who had the same jet black hair and brown eyes as his brother, known by the name, “David.” Which is which? Cameron is the one who always has a cigarette in between his fingers.

“The following suspects are the King of Underworls’s Alpha, Judah Reece. Beta, Maxo Quinn. Delta, Aaron Butler. They’ve been trying to reach the King of Underworld for a while now, wanting to overthrow you as the Nascency. Also, Xavier Black, the leader of one of the strongest mafia in Britain, have lived here for the past ten years and have been involved in multiple kidnapping, though not as a mastermind. Xavier Black has also been in and out of Ace of Spades from the past year and earned a position in the Leader’s ring, surely enough, both of you have been acquainted already.” David explains while Dark surveys the documents in the folder.

“The others are Mellow Greene, Michael Arterberry which might have been for his daughter, and Jordan Willow,” Cameron adds, “All of their informations is in the folder.”

Dark nods and dismisses them, they leave his office, in an hour, they will have to meet each suspect.

When Xavier arrived back in the house, Kira was already fast asleep, hugging a huge pillow with her leg thrown over another pillow. Xavier silently chuckles to himself, she might have asked them for more pillows.

One of the guards clears his throat behind Xavier and he turns to the guard with slight annoyance, “Yes?”

“She didn’t try anything, Master,” he confirms, Xavier nod at him as a dismissal and turns to the maid in the corner of the room, “Leave us.”

The maid scrambles out of the room along with the guard and Xavier locks the door.

He walks over to the chair beside the bed where she lays sleeping and sits gazing at her. She stirs in her sleep, “Hmm.. Dark?.. What... Took you... Mm... So long?”

Xavier clenches his jaw, hearing the words that slipped out of her mouth, “I’m going to make you mine,” he whispers to himself— or more like to her, as he caress her cheeks with a soft gentle hand.

With a sigh, he stands from the seat and leaves her room with a promise in mind.

I’m going to make you mine, Flower.

Kira laughs as she watches the man fall from the chair, hitting his head to the ground from the television showing 10 dumbest moments. Xavier runs his hand through her hair, watching with her and paying attention to Kira’s beautiful laugh which he claimed to sound like music to his ears.

It’s been two weeks.

Kira turns to him, looking at his green eyes, “When will you let me go?” She whispers, okay with whether or not he hears her silent question.

“You want me to let you go?” He asks, his body seemed to tense against her but doesn’t stop stroking her hair slowly and gently.

“Of course, I have a lot that I’ve left. You said you’d let me go, that I’m just going to have to stay here for a while,” she softly speaks, Xavier wanted to be mad— but he couldn’t. Hearing her voice, having her leaned into him, wrapped in his arms as he ran his fingers through her hair, he didn’t have the heart to do so. He couldn’t be mad at her, he can’t even feel the slightest annoyance.

He was a man incapable of hurting her in any sort of way.

“Will you still consider me as a friend when I let you go? Won’t you forget about me, princess?” He asks her, taking her chin in between his thumb and pointer finger making her look into his eyes.

“Of course, Xavier. I won’t forget about you either,” she answers, looking into his eyes which seemed to turn sadder than usual.

Xavier nods and lets go of her chin, she turns her attention back to the television. “I’ll let go of you soon,” he murmurs, “I just need to have you here a little longer,” he leans his head on top of hers and relax, moving his hand to take hers and make soft patterns on the space on top of her hand.

Xavier visited Ace of Spades for the last time, he promised himself that when he lets her go, he will never come back to this place again.

But it was too late.

When he stood from one of the lounges and accidentally make eye contact with the Nascency— he knew he’s been caught.

The way Dark gave him a lethal glare, one that held a promise of Xavier’s doom.

Dark watched as Xavier made his way out of Ace of Spades, Xavier took cautious steps out the place as he feels the hair on his skin stand.

You’re almost home, Alexia.

Why do I have to let you go, flower?

One week. That was the longest Xavier knew he could keep her. One week. That was the longest Dark has ever waited.

Cole, Kira’s best friend, had been blaming and glaring at Dark the past weeks without Kira. Dark had enough of it.

What is it about you, Alexia? What is it that makes you so special to everyone?

Dark pulled the trigger, another loud bang echoes through the room.

He could pull the trigger the moment he sees Xavier again.

And he won’t miss.

“Xavier, what are you talking about?!”

“Just— listen to me, okay?” He says, frustrated. Any moment now...

“I took you because of many reasons, but mostly, I wanted to ruin Ace of Spades, the Nascency. I thought I could if I took you away from him but—”



Despite the circumstances, Xavier is a good guy. I knew that.

“He’s here,” I failed to see any fear in his eyes, but I knew that he knew Dark would come.

He knew exactly when Dark would come.

“Run,” he whispers to my ear.

But run meant two options.

Run to Dark

Or run away until anyone else finds me or I make my way back to the mansion.

I didn’t know what to do.


“Xavier, he’s go—”



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