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Chapter 15


I didn’t know what to do.

“Run, flower.”

But my body acted in its own accord. Within seconds, I was in his arms, Dark looked more than ready to pull the trigger.

I put my hand over his, “Don’t do it, please,” I beg, looking into his eyes.

His jaw clenches, holding the gun tightly in is hands, “Please,” I softly plead, trying to find something in his eyes that could give me any idea at all with what was in his mind.


I feel his fist clench tightly beside me, “You have five seconds before every bomb in this house goes off,” Dark says, I look into Xavier’s eyes, pleading for him to run, do what he could to survive.

Dark starts dragging me out of the house, we ran as fast as we could.



“Down, Alexia!”


Everything was a haze after that.

I couldn’t see anything but fog, smoke. I cough, standing carefully.

“Dark!” I look around as my surrounding slowly become clear, my heart was beating erratically against my chest.

When the fog cleared up— whatever place I was in, it turned into a complete wasteland. I couldn’t find Dark, I couldn’t find Xavier either.

My gaze shifts directly in front of me as I notice a movement.

My heart drops in horror as I realize why.

Dark’s hand was just in front of my feet and the rest of his body was trapped under a ton of cement rocks.

My heart continuously races as I scramble to my feet and quickly remove the rocks in order to get him out until one last rock was left. But it was big that I doubted if I could get it off.


He groans in response, “I’m going to try and move this away, okay? But if you can, try moving it away with me, yeah?”

I didn’t wait for his response anymore, instead, I started pushing the heavy rock away, only hoping that it wouldn’t scrape his skin or make it any harder for him.

But moving the heavy rock was easier said than done, I didn’t know how long it took before I managed to finally move it away from his body completely but I knew it must have been more than 30 minutes.

I rush to his side immediately and turn his body around, laying his head on my lap, “Dark, wake up,” I say softly, shaking his body lightly in attempt to wake him up.

His eyes open slightly, but I knew he was struggling, “Call... Ash.. er,” he says with his voice completely hoarse and weak.

“Okay, okay, where’s your phone?”

But he was already unconscious.

So with my heart still beating like crazy, I search for his phone on his pocket and take it out.


I anxiously wait as the phone rings, biting my lip and feeling completely terrified.




“Dark? What the fuck happened, you asshole?!”


“Wait— Kira? Where are you? What happened?”

“The– the bomb went off— Dark he—”

“We’re on our way,” Asher cuts me off before I could even finish my sentence and I close Dark’s phone, pushing it back inside his pocket.

Dark’s hand moves abruptly and I turn to look at him, “Dark...?”

He doesn’t speak and his eyes stay shut, he moves his hand and takes mine in his. My heart soars for some reason that I couldn’t quite understand as a jolt of electricity shoots when our hands touch and I’m left breathless.


“Kira, Dark!”

I jump, startled, and looked around. I see Asher with numerous scary men behind him, walking over to us. He runs to us when he notices Dark laying on my lap and unmoving after saying something to one of the men which they nodded to.

He kneels and looks at my in the eyes, “are you okay?”

“Y-yes,” I answer him with a nod, “Can you help me carry him to the car?” He asks again and I nod. As if on cue, a black car followed by two SUV’s arrive.

We carry him to his familiar jet black car, laying his body down the backseat. I look around, the men were going around the place as if they were looking for something. I decide to ignore it, only hoping that Xavier survived.

But what if he—?

"Kira, get in the car,” Asher says, I blink multiple times before recovering. Asher being authoritative was something I couldn’t easily wrap my head around— nonetheless, I hop in the passenger seat.

“Asher, can I ask you a favor?”

He furrows his eyebrows before nodding, driving out of the area until we reach the main road. “What is it?” He asks.

“Can you inform me if you find Xavier i-in the area? In case he uh, didn’t survive—?” Asher’s head snaps towards me, looking at me as if I’ve completely gone mad. I bite my bottom lip, anxious yet ready for any questions he had out for me.

Pinching his lips together, he nods and turns to focus on driving.

I look at the rearview mirror, glancing at Dark who laid on the backseat, looking tense even in his sleep.

“We still have two hours ahead of us, you should go sleep or rest,” Asher advices, glancing at me. I nod begrudgingly, biting my lip. I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that it was my fault that Dark is unconscious at the moment because of me— what if he broke a bone or something from the impact? What if he hit his head too hard or what if the huge cement rock fractured him? What if—

“Kira, go rest, Dark will be fine,” my thoughts were cut short by Asher as if he read my mind. I shift my gaze to him, shaking his head with a small smile.

I nod again, closing my eyes and letting sleep take over me this time.

When I woke up, looking around, I see the familiar buildings and streets. A part of me wanted to celebrate that I was finally back. I sigh, smiling— contented.

I look back, checking if Dark has moved or gained consciousness.

But Dark was still in the same position and unmoving.

“They didn’t do anything bad to you, did they?” Asher cuts the tension filled silence in the air.

I nod, “No, they didn’t.”

“One of our men called, Xavier made it out before the bombs went off, apparently,” Asher tells me and I let out a breath of relief, making him raise an eyebrow at me which I ignored.

“Did he tell you why he kidnapped you?”

I shake my head, which turned into a nod as I recall what he said before Dark arrived. “He told me that he took me for many reasons— apparently though, his main reason was to ruin Ace of Spades, The Nascency’ but he wasn’t able to tell me the other reasons why,” I answer him, deep in thought as I look at Dark through the mirror. I turn to Asher, remembering something, “The Nascency is Dark, right? What does that mean, Asher? Why do they call him Nascency?”

Asher only purses his lips together, “I can’t tell you, Kira. But yes, he is The Nascency. No one should ever know that The Nascency is Dark and vice versa.”

I nod with a frown. The question never leaving my mind.

Asher raises an eyebrow at me as we enter the mansion’s gates. The guards’ expression brightens as they take sight of me and I smile at them in regard.

“You’ll find out if Dark wants you to,” Asher adds causing me to nod, somewhat satisfied.

Reaching the front of the mansion, Madame Dior with her children along with the rest of the six, Cole, and Ofelia were already waiting outside the huge entrance doors.

“You can go rest, I’ll ask some maids to help Da—”

“Call a Doctor for him, Asher,” I cut him off, glancing back at Dark. Asher smirks, “No need to worry so much about Dark, sweetheart,” he says winking at me.

I glare at him and scowl, opening the car door and leaving, hearing him chuckle before I close it.

Suddenly, I feel like I was floating and I let out a small squeal, my eyes widening as I realize that Cole just lifted me from the ground.

“Cole! Put me down!”

He grins, “That’s no way to talk to your best friend after disappearing,” he scolds me jokingly. I roll my eyes, “Put me down this instant!” I demand, reinacting the snobby princess from a movie we both watched when we were kids.

He puts me down when we reach Madame Dior and the rest. Madame Dior engulfs me in a hug right then, taking me by surprise, but I hug her back, feeling the kind of comfort that a mother would give her daughter.

She lets go of me after rubbing my back, “We’re glad you’re back safe, dear,” she says, smiling at me with a warm expression.

I smile back at her, nodding and shifting my gaze to Ofelia and the rest of the perfect six. They smile at me, with no words needed.

I notice as Madame Dior’s eyebrows furrow, “Where is Dark, dear?”

I bite my lip nervously, not knowing what or how to answer and as if on cue, Asher steps out of the car and another man appears, helping him carry Dark’s limp body.

A gasp fell from everyone else’s lips, except Cole and I, and a flicker of a certain emotion flashes through Madame Dior’s eyes that I couldn’t put my finger on due to how quickly it vanished.

“Oh my goodness!”

Right then, the door opens, where a lot of the students stood, others holding a banner saying, “Welcome back Kira!” and others holding balloons. Their eyes bulge, taking Dark’s unconscious body in.

“Get out of the way,” Asher snaps when they reach the door. He turns to me, “Kira, please stay in your room for now. I’ll take you to Dark when everything’s a bit more settled,” he tells me.

I nod and he offers me a smile before going on their way to Dark’s room.

But that’s in the fifth floor...

I feel a hand squeeze mine and I turn around, seeing Cole. He squeezes it again, I smile knowing it was his silent way of reassuring me.

Madame Dior follows after Asher while the rest makes their way back inside, the other students still staring at me with an unreadable expression but some of them looked almost pissed and annoyed at me.

I couldn’t blame them— looking at the situation without much knowledge with the situation and what happened didn’t look good.

Almost like I was the one who put Dark in this condition.

“Hey, I baked a cake for you,” Cole says, trying to ease out the tension that the scene made. I nod and he guides me inside the mansion and into the kitchen.


My eyes widen in shock and happiness as I look around the kitchen, all of the cooks and maids who helped out in the kitchen gathered and a big banner was hanging on with “WELCOME BACK KIRA” written on it in all caps.

Sandra runs to me, engulfing me in a hug, “don’t you ever disappear like thag again!” She says, sobbing as she hug me tight. I hug her back, letting out a small laugh and nodding.

Sandra is one of the cooks I’ve grown to love, she treats me like a neice and I treat her like my aunt— after all, I never had one.

Theodore walks up to me when Sandra pulls away, “it’s good to have you back, kid,” he says, looking hesitant. I laugh at him and wrap my arms around his torso, “I missed you too, old man,” I say, he chuckles, patting my back and pulling away.

“Now, the cakes!”

Cakes? With an s?

I turn to Cole, “I thought you said—”

“I said I made you a cake, doesn’t mean they didn’t,” he cuts me off, sticking out his tongue at me.

With a roll of my eyes, I walk to the three different cakes on the kitchen table. One was a single layer where I recognize Cole’s hand writing, another was a three layered cake covered in fondant and looked really cute and the other was another single layered cake with a big “K” on it.

“Sandra, could you please ask the people outside who was standing behind the doors earlier if they want to come eat cake too?”

She raises an eyebrow at me before shaking her head with a smile, “Of course.”

And with that, we all took slices from the cakes while some of the ones who Sandra were able to call thank me.

When we finished the cakes, I decided to go back to my room. I was half way through the third floor’s stairs when Macey appears and looks at me with pure hatred.

She takes my forearm and drags me to the hall of the third floor, “This is all your fault!” She screams at me.

“You are the reason why Dark’s unconscious right now and not okay! It should have been you! He should have never saved you! He should have nev—”


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