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Chapter 16

There, stood Asher with his features showing a quite unreadable expression. Macey looked shock for a second before plastering a sickeningly sweet smile on her face.

Though she made it seem like she had the upper hand, I roll my eyes, not minding about the fact that she would see it. “Yes?” She answers with her annoying high pitched voice, causing Asher to raise an eyebrow at her.

“I was talking to Kira, Macey,” he replies in a clipped tone, feigning a bored expression as he turns to her and purposely leaving out “Princess.”

Her eyebrows furrow and I notice her hand turn into a fist, obviously displeased and offended. “I am a Princess, Sir Asher. I expect and deserve respect and honour,” she speaks— if she were a cartoon character in a TV show, she would probably be red and smoke would be fuming out her nose and ears. I giggle at the thought, resulting Macey to turn to me with a fierce glare. “What the bloody heck are you laughing about?” She sneers.

I turn to Asher, looking at me with amusement dancing in his eyes. ”Princess,” he starts, his voice laced with mock— purposely taunting her. “I suggest you don’t speak to me— or to anyone at all, that way—”

“How dare you!” She shrieks, her face turning red with anger.

“When the Prince hears about your behavior towards Kira, me, or anyone else, you’ll be good as gone, Princess,” he says, staring into her eyes, challenging her. She looks away, almost cowering in fear.

Wow. Not so brave now, are we Macey?

I snicker and Asher holds his hand out, gesturing for me to come with him and we proceed on our way to the fifth floor.

I turn to him as we take one last step and reach the hallway of the fifth floor. “Have I ever told you how amazing you are?” I ask him, grinning as I remember his words speaking to Macey earlier.

“Nope,” he says, popping the ‘p’ and turning to me, “you don’t have to, though. I already know that,” he adds with a wink, making me shake my head at him.

He opens the door opposite mine— Dark’s room— where there, on the King sized vase identical to mine, laid Dark. I near him, looking at his resting body with his eyes closed that made him look angelic and innocent, when I knew he was far from innocent. Dark is a man capable of things I wasn’t, who I knew— would not think twice about shooting anyone, who was someone you never want to cross— carrying a dangerous, dark, and domineering aura that surrounded his being. The type that lures you in while it tells you to stay away.

The type that would make you go crazy and addicted.

“The doctor said he’ll be okay. Though they said that he almost went to coma and have his upper body paralyzed due to the great impact that the huge cement rock hit him— which was from the walls of the house, right?” Asher informs me and I nod at his question, my eyes welling in tears because for some reason, I really could not shake the feeling that it was my fault.

“He’ll wake up in a couple of hours. Call me when you leave the room so I can call a maid and a nurse to take care of him in case he wakes up,” Asher says before walking away.

“Wait—!” I call him and he turns around, facing me again with a teasing smile like he knows the words that I’m about to say.

“I-I’ll stay here and take care of him,” I mumble under my breath, not wanting him to hear.

“What was that, Kira? I didn’t quite catch that,” he asks with a playful grin, teasing me as he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively at me.

I glare at him, “I said I’ll take care of hi—”

Before I could even finish my sentence, Asher cuts me off by saying, “Great!” with a pleased smile. I roll my eyes at him and he laughs, leaving the room altogether.

With a sigh, I turn to Dark as I flop myself on the sofa adjacent to his bed.

“I’m sorry, Dark.”




I moan, feeling a hand slowly shake me from my sleep. Oh right, I fell asleep.

My eyebrows furrow as I feel a hand continuously shake my shoulder. I raise my head up and blink rapidly, my eyes widening as I register Dark’s familiar icy blue eyes boring into mine.

“What are you doing here?” He asks, his voice gruff, letting me know he might have just woken up as well. I stand from the chair and place my hand on his forehead and instantly, sparks shot on my bare hand as it connects with his forehead.

“What are you doing?” He asks again, looking at me incredulously, shifting from my hand to my face.

I feel my cheeks heat up as I realize, “I-I was just checking, if um, you were alright.”

He nods at me and I take my hand away from his forehead. He abruptly tries to sit up and my body, being frozen because of his conscious presence, fail to help him up.

“Fuck,” he hisses and his upper body falls back down on the bed; along with the comforter falling from his chest and landing just below his glorious abs with a small hint of V line is peeking under the covers. I bite my lip, preventing myself from thinking of any illicit thoughts.

He snaps his head towards me suddenly, taking me by surprise, “Go to your room, Alexia,” he says in a commanding tone.

“I can’t leave you here!” I argue, he glares at me, “and you shouldn’t be pushing your body so much, you’ll—”

“Since when did you have the right to tell me what to do, Alexia?” He snaps at me with a lethal glare.

I let out a sigh, trying to keep myself from getting frustrated, “Okay fine, let me help you up then,” I say, leaning in and placing my hand on his back while he tries to sit up from the bed again— his hand gripping on my arm for support.

I swear if someone walked in on us, they’d probably think I’m hugging him.

Suddenly, Dark pushes me away, catching me off guard. I clench my jaw, trying not to get mad at him. “What was that for!” I say, frowing at him.

He turns to me with a scowl on his face, sitting on the bed, “I can literally smell him on you!”

Him, as in Xavier. If I’m not mistaken.

“So? What’s the big deal?” I shot back with a scoff, rolling my eyes in annoyance.

“It’s pissing me off, go take a shower!” He orders me like I was a child he was scolding.

“Suck it up,” I answer him before walking towards the door, ready to leave.

“One more step near that door, I will fucking strangle you, Alexia.” I turn to him with a glare, scoffing as I snatch the towel on the couch placed beside me and walked off the the bathroom, slamming it shut with a loud noise.

I strip off my clothes and start cursing myself for doing what he told me to. With a frustrated groan, I step in the shower and turn it on, the water starting to cascade down my body.

Looking around the bathroom, I realize that the only shampoo and soap available there was the one he uses. I debate whether to use it or not.

To hell with it, I think. Letting out a defeated sigh, I reach for his soap, soaping my body with the amazing scent albeit manly. I rinse off and take his shampoo, squeezing some in my palm and putting it on my hair, massaging my head.

At least he won’t tell me I smell like shit anymore because that would be saying he smelt like shit too.

I grin victoriously and rinse off the shampoo and my body one last time. Checking the sink, I notice there was only one toothbrush, which was obviously his. I open the cabinet and pout when I didn’t see any extra toothbrushes.

I guess I’ll do that in my room.

I dry my body, wiping it with one of the white towels inside the bathroom, knowing it’s probably not been used since everything he owns is black which there was, a black towel beside the white one. Wrapping my body with the clean white towel, I twist the door knob and step out.

One moment I could see his whole room, the next, I couldn’t. It didn’t take long for me to remove the probably oversized t-shirt thrown at me which covered my whole face, preventing me from seeing anything.

This made me look at Dark with a fierce glare, annoyed at how he’s treating me. And as if he heard my thoughts, he rolls his eyes and looks at me from head to toe with a smirk, which turned into an emotionless expression in seconds.

I swear his family has a weird talent of easily masking their expressions.

Right, Madame Dior is his aunt after all.

“Are you just going to stand there in a towel trying to seduce me— which might I add, isn’t working— or wear the t-shirt?” He says sarcastically, still eyeing me.

But when my eyes travel downwards from his face, his eyes, his body and whatever the comforter was hiding underneath, I stifle a laugh, the corner of my lips slightly twitching into a smirk. “Not working alright,” I mumble under my breath, sarcastically while turning on my heel to enter the bathroom again.

“What was that, Alexia?” He asks, his voice laced with challenge.

I slam the door to the bathroom, after answering, “Nothing!”

I have to admit his shirt, that by the way reached my mid thigh, is probably the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn.

It was a plain white one— shocker there since he practically probably have an all black wardrobe— with a pocket on the right side, just above my right breast.

I consciously tug the t shirt down after leaving the bathroom and being in the same room as Dark again which he scolded me for, saying I was going to ruin his t shirt.

I roll my eyes at him and there started the unending batch of Dark ordering me to do practically everything.

Like turning on the television, trying to help fix his position on the bed, looking for, giving and putting on his clothes on him, constantly asking to adjust the temperature of the AC, making me switch positions where I sit and even merely changing the channel! Which obviously, he could do by himself.

And every time that I open my mouth ready to complain, he raises his eyebrow at me and says, “I thought you wanted to take care of me, princess?” He taunts. Sometimes even guilt tripping me, which every time I gave in, he would smirk with amusement never leaving his eyes.

“Princess, I need to go to the bathroom,” he tells me.

“Then go use the bathroom,” I snap at him, pissed at him for making me dress him from top to bottom. I kept my eyes shut when I
help him put on some pants but I could have sworn something grazed my fingertips.

“I can’t walk, Alexia,” he says, the tone of his making me guilty.

“You can,” I answer him, not wanting to back down anymore.

“No, I ca—”

Dark’s reply was cut short when his bedroom door swings open, revealing Asher with a stack of papers that were probably around 100.

Asher nears us, raising his eyebrow at me when his eyes travel to my shirt— or rather, Dark’s shirt that I was wearing.

I give him a pointed look, warning him not to say anything. He smirks and puts the stack of papers down the bed, beside Dark. “I’ll take it from here, Kira,” he says. I nod, standing from the chair and leaving the room.

I walk to my door and enter my bedroom, everything was the same and clean, even after three or four weeks? of being held captive by Xavier.

Now I wonder where he is? Is he okay? I sure hope so. I hope he has a place for him to stay, as well as the other people who were able to survive. I plant my body on my bed, feeling the comfort of it after a long time. It didn’t take long before I drifted off to sleep.

Luckily enough, the next day turned out to be Saturday— so after helping in the kitchen and offering to be the one who will bring Dark’s food in his room, which of course no one in the kitchen made any move to protest because they feared him in a certain way, I went to walk down the mansion’s garden.

Everything was calm while I did so until I felt a presence behind me. I turn to see Asher, innocently smiling behind me, “Tell Dark that I don’t need somebody who will watch over me like a hawk 24/7,” I say, rolling my eyes.

From the moment I woke up and got out of my room, there’s been one constant guard following me, trying to be discreet while about it when he was anything but. So when I made my way on the garden and he was nowhere in sight, I knew it was either someone else was called to watch over me or he really just left me alone. “How did you know?” Asher asks, now walking beside me until he pulls me closer and putting an arm around my shoulder. You know the ones in the movies where the character is best friends with the other character and they walk side by side?

My train of thoughts were interrupted by fingers snapping in front of my face, knowing it was Asher, I swat it away and look up to him with a glare.

“So Kira,” he starts, and I prepare myself for any remark or questions he was about to say. Knowing him, it would either be about Dark or Xavier— you know, the type that would annoy you because he would be assuming the worse things because of the little things. “You seem to be liking Dark’s shirt,” he remarks with a teasing grin.

I scoff at him, removing his arm around my shoulder and start walking away from him, “Awww don’t be like that, Ki,” he teases, chuckling.

I stop, looking back at him with a glare, “Both of you are so—!”

“So... What? Hot? Attractive? Intelligent? Amaz—”

“One more word out of your mouth Asher and I swear I will knee you where the sun doesn’t shine,” but he smirks and opens his mouth, about to say something again but when I stomp over to him, his eyes widen and he covers his crotch with his hands. Looking smug, probably thinking that I could never knee him anymore, so I did what I had to do. Stepping near him with innocent eyes, I wrap my arms around his neck, startling him a bit but he doesn’t remove his hands— then I leaned my head to him, burying my face in the crook of his neck but he still doesn’t make any move.

Last resort, I reach my hand up to his shirt, my hands travelling underneath his shirt and up his torso, feeling every muscle on my bare hands. I hear him suck a breath and put his guard down, finally removing his hands. I smile in victory and jerk my knee, hitting him where I promised I would.

Stepping back, I bite my lip to stop myself from laughing so hard. He falls on the ground, his face twisted in pain as he cups his crotch, groaning in pain.

“I told you so,” I giggle, patting his back and walking away from him.

I found myself sitting on one of the benches in the garden’s corner when I hear something.




This, caught my attention. My eyes widen and I start looking around until I notice a light blinding my face and it moves to the ground, as if telling me to follow it— and I did.

Slowly, I walk following the reflecting light until it lead me to the barricading walls of the mansion’s area. My black dull eyes meet the green eyes that I grew familiar to from the past week.

“X-Xavier,” I choke out, surprised to see him.

“God, I’m sorry, flower. Are you alright?” He asks, his thick british accent never leaving. I nod in response, not having the courage to speak because my voice my betray me.

I clear my throat and let out a shaky breath, “are you alright, Xavier? Have you had any place to stay in?” I ask him, hoping he would say yes.

He nods, “I have a lot of places to stay in, flower,” he answers with a small smile. A certain emotion flickers in his eyes as he looks behind me, “is The Nascency safe?”

I don’t know the purpose of the question or why it would need an answer to— nor did I have any idea with what kind of consequence it would bring whether my answer was yes or no.

So I answer him truthfully, “He’s safe,” I say.

He raises an eyebrow, “I can sense a ‘but’”

“He’s still needs a lot of rest to recover from—”


My eyes buldge as I hear Asher’s shout, sounding pretty near— I nearly panic. That’s when I look behind me and find that Xavier was already gone. I frown, Asher appears and looks at me incredulously, “Kira? What the hell are you doing there?” He asks, looking weirded out.

Rolling my eyes at him, I move away, walking towards Asher. This time, he glares at me, “Dark told me to come get you and bring you in his room immediately,” he says while we walk together again, this time, on our way back into the mansion. I was about to climb up the stairs when he pulls me away, dragging me, “I think the elevator’s working again,” he states before pressing the down button.

It dings and opens, finally. We step in the elevator and Asher presses “5,” the elevator closes. About time they fixed this elevator, I think to myself.

It dings again, signalling that we were on the 5th floor already and the elevator door opens. We step out and walk to Dark’s room, and upon entering his room, is Dark standing with a gun in his hand. He immediately points it to us and shoots.

My heart stops and I feel like it just dropped on my stomach. It hits the wall right beside me and I suck a breath, looking at the dent it created.

Bulletproof walls, of course.

How come Madame Dior never told us that? And from what I heard, there was a hole in Audrey’s wall from a gunshot three days after I was taken.

Right that moment, I have no idea how to react. But Asher chuckles, looking at my face and shifts his gaze to Dark who was smirking, “Asshole,” he says, laughing.

I can’t believe I’m stuck with these two.

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