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Chapter 17

“He’s flying back to London in three weeks,” Asher informs Dark. The tension in his body slightly subsides and this doesn’t go unnoticed by Asher.

When will he admit that Kira means something to him now?

“Seems like we dug something deeper,” Dark states, a smirk playing on his lips. “He did quite a good job at digging information about Kira.”

From the way Dark said it, Asher knew that he found something. He furrows his eyebrows, “What is it, Dark?”

Dark raises an eyebrow at Asher, he, without a doubt, trusted Asher more than anyone— more than his mother, hell, even more than his whole family— but since Dark knew Asher liked Kira in a certain way neither of them knew, nonetheless, he did; and he could surely tell her if she asked.

“As long as it stays between us, at least for now,” Dark answers finally after the almost dramatic pause.

“Of course,” Asher nods.

“He was able to trace a lead to her real bloodline, he knows she’s adopted. But what he was able to trace— that the investigation and the papers was implying is almost too impossible to believe,” Dark states, handing the papers to Asher.

Asher looks through the papers, flipping it over and over with his eyes widened, “It’s not possible, Dark—”

“I know,” he snaps, his jaw clenching but his gaze moves to the papers in Asher’s hands, “Those papers proves otherwise—”

“They could have made a mistake,” Asher suggests, unable to believe what was in front of him.

“It could also explain what was with you and her and what it is whenever I’m with her,” Dark counters back, waiting for what Asher could find the loophole in it.

But Asher stays silent.

“They were wiped out, Dark, it really isn’t—”

“No, Asher. She survived,” He says, looking away. He finally admitted it.

“What do you mean? Do you know something everyone else doesn’t?”

“No, Asher. They know.”


Dark’s eyes swirls in a mix of emotions, finally realizing it was me. He pinches his lips together, “Sorry,” he coughs.

I double over, unable to comprehend what he just said. Or maybe I was becoming delusional? “W-what?” I stutter, my eyes wide open.

“I said sorry,” he snaps, glaring at me now.

“I feel like I’m watching two old married couple having a lover’s quarrel,” Asher remarks, his face contoring into disgust but looked playful.

I take a step forward, fully entering his room and closing the door behind me.

“What did you need?” I ask, biting my lip nervously. Dark turns to me with an annoyed look, “Can you not do that?”

I let go of my lip and wetting it, glaring at him slightly. He sighs, walking to the desk in the far right and taking a seat, he motions for me to follow and I oblige.

He gestures for me to take the seat opposite him and Asher walks over the couch which isn’t so far from where Dark and I both sat. “Were you able to reach your parents? I know you were kidnapped but I have to make sure,” Dark inquires, looking into my eyes that it made me feel almost hard to breathe.

I shake my head, “No, when I woke up I was in one of the rooms inside the house you found me in,” I answer him, and in a way, I felt nervous; like he was about to say something that I wouldn’t like. He nods his head at me and purses his lips.

He opens his mouth to say something but no words come out, he closes it back and I stare at him anticipatingly, “What is it?”

He lets out a groan and looks at me directly in the eyes with his silver blue orbs, “Your parents are dead,” he states.

I look at him blankly, “I know they are, that’s why I was adop—”

I’m interrupted by him shaking his head and looks directly in my eyes once again, I see a slight hint of sadness in them and I almost double over with wonder. “No, Alexia. I meant your adoptive parents, they were murdered.”

At that moment, I couldn’t think of all the wrong things they said and done while being my parents, because in a way they were truly all I have left and I felt like the world just fell and crashed in one blow, without much of a warning. “W-what do yo-u mean?”

A sigh escapes his lips, “They’re dead, Alexia. Your parents are dead—”

“No! That can’t be! They’re not! I swear they’re not! How did this happen?!”

I wasn’t even able to see them one last time. How? They couldn’t have just gotten murdered, as simple and as “nothing” as that because honestly— what would anyone get from killing them? Yeah, they’re pretty wealthy and we were considered an aristocratic family here in Mystic Kingdom but where would that take the person who killed them? Even when they’re dead, everything will just past on to me.

I don’t get it.

I unconsciously shake my head and frown,
if I had come sooner, if I hadn’t been kidnapped, I would have gotten to them and maybe saved them. This is all my fault. I’m such a—

“It’s not your fault,” I hear Dark say, this cold, hard voice echoes through my ears with the words repeating like it’s on loop.

“You don’t know that,” I snap at him.

“Actually, I do—”


“Your parents decided to move in another town, it was almost a week after you got kidnapped and they were on their way—”

“Wait, how do you know all this?” I ask him, looking into his eyes. He ignores me and continues speaking.

"Someone shot them while your father was driving, and of course, that caused them to crash; they were found an hour after the accident and declared dead on arrival. Again— it’s not your fault, Alexia,” he finishes, looking at me in the eyes as if it would compel me to believe that it wasn’t my fault.

Somehow, while my heart soared as he looked into my eyes almost as if piercing into my soul, I nod, believing him. For a moment, he looked satisfied and starts speaking again, “we still don’t know if the person who kidnapped you is the same person behind it,” he says.

I hear Asher audibly scoff, “There’s no leads but Xavier has nothing to do with it,” he states, causing Dark to glare at him whilst clenching his jaw but keeps his mouth closed. Asher smirks, almost looking victorious and chuckles to himself like he had an inside joke with himself.

I shake my head and turn to Dark again, he cocks his head at me and opens his mouth to speak, “Do you have anything of your parents? Your real parents?”

This question takes me by surprise and I stare at him wide eyed, waiting for him to tell me it was simply a joke and he wasn’t serious— but after a while, his blank yet expecting expression doesn’t falter and I open my mouth but no words come out. “I-I don’t want to talk about it,” I croak out. He raises an eyebrow and looks like he was about to press the subject but looks behind me and lets it go with a nod.

He stands abruptly and walks over in front of me, wrapping his arm around my waist, I feel sparks shoot through my skin, tingling, shivering, and my heart starts beating like crazy. “You’re accompanying me to the Ace of Spades tonight—”

Asher cuts him off, “Dark,” he says with warning in his voice. Dark merely looks at Asher and turns to me, “you better be ready by 11,” he whispers in my ears and I just nod without much of a choice.


“Anyway, I don’t think we were able to properly welcome Kira back,” Madame Dior states, “so I decided to allow you all to have a party in the east wing of the mansion tonight to welcome Kira back and our Prince for saving her,” she adds with a broad smile. Everyone claps, except for one person, Macey. She sat in between Dark and Madame Dior, which, originally, should have been where Dark should be sitting but he ignored this fact and sat beside her, on my assigned chair, then making me sit beside him with Asher on my other side. She looked pissed and annoyed at the same time, rolling her eyes as if she was being possessed by some evil demon who decided she’s abhorrent enough for him to possess.

“Why? She’s no one special, why do we need to celebrate just for her?” She asks irritatedly, scoffing like the brat that she obviously is.


Then a chair moving from the marble floor, creating a blunt noise, I look behind me, seeing Audrey standing from her chair and her hands clenched, glaring directly at Macey, the rest were holding her back, whispering to her and trying to calm her down.

"Macey,” everyone’s attention snaps to Dark, who spoke, literally everyone. Like they hung onto anything he says and will say.

“Yes, love?” She answers him with a sickeningly flirtatious voice that it made me almost want to gag in disgust. I crunch my face, unable to hide my distaste. Dark catches this and the corner of his lips twitch up, smirking before regaining his apathetic expression. On another note, upon seeing my reaction towards her, Macey gives me a death glare, looking like she wanted notjing more but to skin me alive.

"Shut up,” was Dark’s lovely response to her, before continuing with his meal, ignoring the numerous gasps erupting, even specially from Macey herself, who was red in embarrassment and her eyes glistening with tears. She stands and runs out. Everyone turns to Dark when she was fully out of the dining area but he continues on his meal, uncaring. Then, they turn to Asher, looking like they were expecting him to run after Macey like a prince charming he clearly wasn’t— well, at least not to girls like Princess Macey, I reckon. I almost laugh at the thought.

Asher responds by looking back at everyone like they’re stupid or out of their minds. With this, everyone gets back to eating.

I yawn, and flop myself to bed after breakfast. I know it isn’t such a smart idea because it would make my stomach fat, but I felt too tired. Dark and I, along with Asher, arrived back home at 3 AM, I was completely exhausted despite barely doing anything there but Dark seemed to be waiting for Xavier to show up in Ace of Spades, which, he didn’t.

I remember falling asleep on our way back home and when I woke up this morning, I was already tucked in my bed, still in the same outfit I wore through the night and the make up in my face smeared when I looked at myself in the mirror that I screamed bloody murder resulting for Dark to storm in the room with concern etched in his expression and catching me in the bathroom, in front of the full body mirror in the wrinkled and slightly hitched up tight black dress and my face looking like a clown make up gone wrong.

"What the hell is wrong with you?” He scowls, looking annoyed and just got out of the bed, with his hair messy and icy blue eyes swirling in one particular emotion. Anger.

“Sorry,” I apologize sheepishly, avoiding his gaze. He scoffs and speaks, “don’t do that again,” he says before walking out the room.

I shake the memory of this morning away and stand from the bed, walking to the bathroom to take a shower, deciding to go out today.

After taking a shower, I enter my closet, looking that the wide room full of my clothes, unable to decide what to wear.

“Fuck it,” I murmur to myself before pulling out a pair of black ripped jeans and my white Arctic Monkeys band t-shirt. I then pull out a white and black flannel and tie it around my waist. I walk out of the closet and take my phone from the bedside table.

I slip on my pair of black Doc Martens and leave my room. I skip down the stairs, ecstatic to finally feel like everything is back to normal and meet the rest of the perfect six in the living room.

We were about to walk outside when...

“Kira?” I hear Asher from behind me, making me look back.

He furrows his eyebrows, “Where are you going?” He asks.

“Oh, me and the girls are just going shopping and walk around the mall,” I tell him, raising an eyebrow.

He was about to say something when he cut himself off and nod, “Have fun and stay safe,” he simply says before walking off when I nod.

We decided to take two cars despite knowing full well that we would fit in one because we knew that we would be able to fill one car with shopping bags. When we reached the mall, we basically dragged each other to every store. The first one we saw was Forever21, where we bought matching wrist watches. Next were stores like Seaphora, Chanel, Burberry, Guess, Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, Victoria Secret, and other more shops before going to one of the restaurants to eat. After that, we decided to get a foot and handspa, then get our nails and hair done.

With this, Audrey shocked us by wanting to have her hair dyed brown that even Samantha laughed, thinking she was merely joking, but, she wasn’t. This encouraged Nova to have hers dyed pastel pink while I was determined to keep my hair the way it was. When we were done, which was already by 6 PM, the other car was filled with our shopping bags which Charlotte voluntarily drived while the five of us were in one car.

We pull up in front of the mansion and our maids greets us, ready to take our shopping bags for us. Stepping out of the car, I let out a sigh, that was refreshing. Most times, before, I found shopping quite unnecessary and simply not useful seeing as our closet might as well already be a boutique. This time though, I found comfort in doing something normal such as going shopping with my group of friends.

We all bought a new dress for tonight’s party, ignoring the fact that we had uncountable gowns in our closets. “Where should we prepare for tonight? I mean— whose room?” Asks Eleanor, looking at us expectantly.

No one answers, we look back to each other’s eyes, waiting for a volunteer.

“Oh I know, what about that wide room we were in the last time? It would be easier for us to move around in one room if it’s wide,” Eleanor suggests, sounding proud with her idea. I nod and the rest of them follow with a chorus of “yeah.”

“It’s settled then, we’ll prepare in that room and bring our maids with us,” Audrey states with finalization and we all nod before walking to our own ways back to our rooms. I walk to the elevator, pushing the down button, it dings and slowly opens. I enter the elevator and just as it was about to shut close, I hear a slightly distant shout, “Wait!”

I push the open button, inhibiting the elevator’s door slide close. Dark appears and enters the elevator quickly, joining me. My breath slightly hitches and my heart pounds. This has been going on for such a long time that I’m starting to wonder what was the reason or what it is with Dark that made my heart pound, my skin tingle and spark with his mere touch, my stomach mimicking a zoo and doing backflips like a professional hiphop dancer, my body shiver.

What is it exactly with him that makes me feel these?

Could I possibly be in love with him that I might as well have a seizure by being in his presence, or breathing the same air as he does? Or is it because I loathe him— abhorred him so much, that I couldn’t stand him or maybe, feared him like a mouse does a cat.

“Aren’t you getting out?”

I blink rapidly, seeing Dark out of the elevator and on the carpeted hallway of the familiar fifth floor, holding the elevator’s frame to prevent it from closing on me. I quickly get out of the elevator and mutter, “thank you.” He nods at me and walks forward, to his room. I follow suit and enter my own room just after he does.

Surprisingly, Ofelia was already there, as if she had been waiting for my arrival all along and all fifteen shopping bags arranged by brand were placed neatly beside my bed— just how I would want it.

Ofelia had adapted to my attitude of being easily irritated and pissed off when something is out of place after a week of being my personal maid as we slowly get to know each other.

I take out the cocktail dress from the plastic covering it and the hanger used, placing it on the clean white sheets of my bed then rummaging through the shopping bag from Chanel, taking the new pair of black pump heels. I turn to Ofelia after setting it beside the dress, she stands with a smile, “Ready?” She asks. I nod.

Time to get ready for tonight.

She takes every we need, I help her carry the other things, seeing as all of her hands were already preoccupied, and head to the room. There, Nova and Eleanor were already sittinf on the vanity chair in front of the make up desks. We set my things beside Nova’s and not too long after, the rest slides inside the room and the preparation begins.

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