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Chapter 18

I slip on my dress, a gold dress with swirl patterns and was realistically a lot shorter than I thought it was when I bought it, barely even reaching mid thigh. I walk out of the divider that covered my previously naked body and have Ofelia zip the dress on me.

My dress was complemented by a choker necklace made of diamonds and earrings which are also of diamonds. I turn to the clock, the party starts at seven, it was already 6:30. I snatch the crown necklace that was in the box left when my adoptive parents found me. The box where my biological mother’s diary was and where ten necklaces, all with crown pendants along with a blanket that had my whole name on.

Kira Alexia Reine Amethyst Aphrodisia was embroidered on the said blanket. I still have it and kept it intact after all these years and started collecting necklaces with crown pendants.

I put on the necklace, the crown pendant landing right in between the slightly exposed cleavage.

Looking around, I smile to myself, seeing all five of the girls that I hated yet loved at the same time— because that was the kind of friendship we had, we hated each other more than anything and we knew that, but we loved each other anyway.

“Kira,” Ofelia taps on my shoulder, I spin on my heel to look at her. She was holding a pair of beautiful gold pumps that matched my dress perfectly. I grin widely at her and take it from her hands, sitting on the vanity chair to put it on. I stand and we all look at each other with smiles, “Girls, are you ready?” I ask, knowing full well what the answer to my question was.

They grin and yell, “hell yes!”

We take the masquerade masks from our portable vanity desks and put it on. The six of us decided to use masquerade masks and not tell everyone else— well of course, with an exception of our maids.

And with that, we walk out of the room, ready to enter the event center found in the mansion’s east wing.

As we enter the huge event center in a consecutive line, the people who were already inside gapes at us.

“Aren’t they the perfect six?”

“They really are so pretty, aren’t they?”

“They really are attention catchers without trying—”

“What do you mean? They obviously tried because they just had to stand out by using those masks!”

“Actually, it’s normal for the perfect six, they have codes. They will always have something that represents that they’re in the group. Like now, only the perfect six are wearing the masquerade masks. It’s completely normal for them, they’re not trying at all.”

All six of us just look at each other as people whispered and gossiped about our group, we giggle, finding it silly. But it was true, the perfect six would always have something that nobody else has except for all six of us, it was a way to keep the group’s identity and let anyone who we encounter know that we were one of the six.

“Attention seeking whores,” boomed through the speakers, we all snap our heads to the stage where the microphone was and there stood Macey in a pink dress that looked almost like a sleep dress, glaring at us lethally. She walks out of the stage after and we smirk.

“Insecure bitch,” we mutter in unison. Soon, music started to blast through the speakers and we move to the dance floor, swaying our hips to the music.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome, our future King, Prince Dark!”

I stop dancing and move my gaze to the stage, where Dark walked out of the backstage and into the stage, exposed to everyone’s eyes. He was wearing those suits that royal princes wear, in black and had small badges. His eyes, the usual icy cold stare that gives chills to your spine and his lips turned with a frown, he looked bored and emotionless at the same time. How he does it? I have no freaking idea. The problem was that no matter how long or in what aspect I look at him, there’s still that part of me that screams that he is attractive beyond words. I hadn’t realized I was more or less ogling at him until he catches my gaze— making me turn red in embarrassment. Damn, I just have to always get caught, don’t I?

Suddenly, a spotlight points at me and the MC speaks, “and welcome Kira Alexia Reine Amethyst Aphrodisia Montgomery back!” My heart stops as everyone’s attention turns to me, “Kira please come up the stage,” the MC announces.

Nova nudges me forward, “Go!” She whisper-yells. I will myself to take a step forward, and another, and another step forward, until I reach the slightly elevated stage.

Dark holds his hand out to me, I swallow a lump in my throat and take his hand. He helps me up the stage and snakes his hand around my waist. My cheeks heating up as sparks shots up. Why is it that whenever he touches me, I feel those sparks?

Everyone applauds as we both stand in the middle of the stage. There was a large screen across the room where a camera is connected to it and you could see where the camera is focused on. The camera is handled by a camera man who moves the camera to people, filming it while it also reflects to the screen.

And goodness did he and I look like a couple from the screen across the room. His arm around my waist, my face flushed, standing side by side.

I shake the thoughts away as I notice my cheeks only getting redder as I think about it. The music falters and it turns to a classical music that was very familiar to me.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Dark withdraws his arm from my waist and both of his hand rests on the curve of it instead as he turns to face me, his expression— unreadable. I reluctantly wrap my arms around his neck and we sway to the music. Though it was a classical music, it was being played pretty loud. Despite that, I could hear my heart thumping in my chest. My breath feels shallow and all I could do is stare into his eyes.

I don’t know whether I’m just nervous or my heart was simply reacting to Dark. But the sparks that was previously just tingling on where Dark’s hand is placed is now traveling through my body, it wasn’t cold at all, but I could almost shiver from the sensation I was feeling just from his mere touch.

I feel like my heart is going to drop to my stomach from how breathless and weak at my knees I am under his touch, under his gaze. God, Dark, what are you doing to me?

He removes left hand from my waist and gently pushes my body forward. My face rests on his chest and he takes my right hand, intertwining them. I fix my hand, placing on top of his right shoulder blade, his right arm now around me and hand placed on my left side.

He slowly guides my body as we dance, I knew this, Madame Dior thought me how to dance like this when I was just little. Making squares with my feet at the same time as Dark with my body still resting against his. I could feel something tingling and slightly painful against my chest but I ignore it.

My head was spinning and my thoughts were all over the place. My heart was beating like crazy and... His heart... His heart was beating so loud and so fast against my ear. I let out a shaky breath.

“Your dress is too short for my liking,” he whispers loud enough for only me to hear. I couldn’t say anything but I knew my face was red. “You still look gorgeous,” he adds.

I bite my lip, I open my mouth to respond but I couldn’t find my voice. “Do you feel that?” He asks suddenly.

“What?” I manage to croak out.

“The sparks,” he answers. From the screen across, I could see his face soften slightly, like he had taken his guard down. I fell silent, watching his expression.


All of the sudden, his expression turns back to the usual stoic one, unreadable and unpredictable. I could feel him tense against me.

“Nevermind,” he interrupts.

I slightly shake my head against him, “Yes, I do,” I answer him. I close my eyes, afraid to look at his reaction. I hear him hum, his chest vibrating. Then there was a presence beside us, Dark stops from moving and carefully pull away from me and as he did, it was almost physically painful for me.

God, I have it bad. I have it really really really bad.

When did this happen again?

Why am I feeling all these?

I open my eyes and turn to the intruder, beside us stood Mary with a small square pillow on her hand where a beautiful tiara rested on.

Dark takes the tiara and Mary leaves quickly, he turns to me, staring directly into my eyes. I suck a breath as I feel him place the tiara on my head. Gasps erupt but I couldn’t shift my gaze away from his hypnotizing cold blue eyes.

“What are you doing to me...” I say under my breath, still looking into his eyes. He takes my chin in between his thumb and pointer finger, our face were very very close— that much, I knew. I feel him untie the mask and remove it, carelessly dropping the mask on the stage’s floor.

“Alexia...” He trails off, his eyes shifting from my eyes to my lips. I could almost swear that my heart could fail right this moment from how fast it’s beating.

He leans in, my eyes involuntarily closes and I feel his lips press against mine.

My first kiss.

My hands finds their way to his hair, tangling my fingers into them. Both of his fingers on my chin moves and cups my cheek with his hand, his thumb moving against my cheek slowly as I feel his arm grasp my waist again to pull me closer.

He shifts his head to the size, his tongue occasionally swiping over my bottom lip. I tug on his hair slightly, willing myself to pull away. I couldn’t.

I just couldn’t.

I didn’t know why.

It was until we both pull away.

It was like some impact was forcing us to stay together like that.

And somehow that scared me more than it should.

I was breathless. I couldn’t even look at the crowd— the people who weren’t on the stage— from my peripheral vision though, I could see some of them had their jaw dropped, and Audrey— she looked beyond mad— No, mad was an understatement. Furious, she was furious and I swear she was already murdering me inside her head. That was enough for me to look into the crowd. They were staring like they couldn’t believe everything that happened was real.

Believe me, I can’t either.

A waiter comes near us and Dark takes two glasses, handing me the other one— I take it from his hand and resisted the urge to abruptly let go as the sparks shot through when our fingers brushed.

“Stop thinking too much, Alexia,” Dark scowls. Of course he would be unaffected by them, he was used to this. He was used to any over reaction that came along with his every movement and every word.

I turn to him awkwardly, not knowing what to do. I watch as he brings the glass to his lips and I do the same. He stops midway from doing so but I ignore it, he smells the drink and his eyes turn into a darker shade of blue.

Just as I was about to drink it, Dark knocked the glass off of my hands and it went flying across the room. The contents spilled and a scream erupts from a couple of girls, before the glass shattered against the floor.

I turn to one of the girls who got most of the contents poured at her, her dress was slowly disintegrating and her skin looked like it was burning. My eyes widen and turn to the rest of the girls who had even the tiniest drop of whatever content the glass had splash on them.

They were crying and almost screaming with pain.


I snap my head to Dark who had an incomprehensible expression, his grip on my hand was becoming tighter and harder by the second though. I let out a yelp as he pressed my hand tighter, he blinks and turns to me as if coming back to reality, there was panic in his eyes as he realized what he did.

"Fuck, I’m sorry,” he quickly speaks, he sounded so frustrated and tense. He lets my hand go and I whimper slightly at the complete loss of contact. I watch him walk over the table where the beverages were, the glass still in his hand. He sets it on the table and pulls out a handkerchief, dipping it into the beverage.

Everyone watches as he pulls the handkerchief out, the fabric slowly crumbled and disintegrated in his hands.

And as if on cue, some people started coughing, and not just simply coughing, but they were coughing blood.

He lets go of it. His chest was heaving as he takes the glass in his hands again and threw it to the nearest wall. The paint of the wall crumbles and fades.

Was it acid?

No, if it’s acid, the girl’s would have already lost their skin, but their skin is just burning.

What was it?

Without warning, Madame Dior and Asher storms inside the room, while Asher keeps a straight face as he walks over to Dark, Madame Dior looked horrified.

“Call the emergency team,” I hear Dark say before men in black entered and invaded the room.

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