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Chapter 19

They enter the room and starts moving around as if searching for something, the panic in everyone’s eyes were obvious. Some of them takes the girls who were splashed with the liquid and some medical rescue team follows after.

I turn to watch Madame Dior who— despite having evident fear and panic in hear eyes— managed to keep her firm voice.

"How many ambulances are outside?”

“Five, Ma’am.”

“Good, make sure they tend to the girls immediately and tell the girls’ maids to bring them clothes.”

Dark was talking to Asher until he turns and strides over to me, just as the men in black were about to reach me. He looks behind me when he reaches me and glares, as if commanding them to back off without the need of words. They quickly scatter away and Dark takes my hand to pull me to where Asher stood.

“What’s happening?”

He positions himself behind me, wrapping an arm protectively around my torso and leans, resting his chin on my shoulder blade, ”We’re looking for suspects, babygirl,” he whispers, his voice gruff and low. I shiver upon hearing what he called me.


God, I could melt right this moment.

Asher frowns and cocks an eyebrow up, “What did I miss?” He asks, looking at the both of us with a puzzled look— like a puppy who’s lost.

I bite my lip and looked at him in his eyes, giving an indirect message. He nods in understanding.

The moment was cut short when the men in black started pushing and dragging some people and injecting something into their system through their necks when one would struggle against them.

“Alexia, go to your room,” he whispers against my ear.

“I’m not a kid, Dark,” I scoff at him, but as I turn to what was happening in front of me, I wince. He growls and I sigh, pull away from his hold and walking towards the door to leave the room.

I didn’t know which was safer, to use the stairs or to use the elevator?

I try to calm myself as my anxiety takes over my thoughts. I could take the stairs but what if there was someone there? What if someone pushes me down the flight of stairs? I could take the elevator but what if someone sabotages it? What if it gets stuck? What if someone would be in there to kill me?

I let out a shaky breath and go for the elevator. The elevator dings open and I step inside, pushing 5 and the button to close it. As the elevator ascends, the light inside continuously flickers and I suck a breath.

Not now, Alexia. Not now.

My breathing was becoming shallow and it was becoming heart to breathe as dark spots cloud my vision. The elevator door dings open once again, indicating that I finally reached my floor and rescuing me from the anxiety attack I was about to have.

I step out of the elevator hurriedly and dash towards my room, entering it and closing it behind me. I lock it and let out a sigh of relief.

Happy thoughts, Alexia. Happy thoughts. You’re okay, you’re okay. You’ll be fine. No one will hurt you.

I take deep breaths in and out, calming myself. Stripping off my dress and heels, I walk to my closet and slip on a pastel pink night gown to sleep in and remove the jewelries from my neck and hand, except for the crown necklace.

I jump from surprise when I hear a knock coming from my balcony. What the hell?

Taking the baseball bat that just so happens to be under the hanged dresses I near my balcony and peak through my curtain.


Setting the baseball bat down, I swipe the curtains to the side and there stood Xavier in his usual attire. Black tee and black jeans that matched quite well with one of the many leather jackets he had.


He looks at me in relief and I unlock the glass door that separated my room from the balcony. I look at him in worry as I step outside, “Xavier? What are you doing here? How did you—”

He catches me off guard when he reaches to pull my hand and he wraps his arms around me, interrupting me. “I missed you so fucking much, flower,” he says.

I was about to answer him when he pulls away and caresses my cheek, what he said next wasn’t something I expected.

“I’m leaving soon, flower,” he whispers, looking deeply into my eyes.

My mouth goes dry and gulp, “W-what do you mean, Xav—”

“I’m going back to London,” he answers me before I could finish my question. I didn’t know how to feel but I definitely wasn’t happy. How could this night go from beautifully perfect to tragically insane?

“B-but—” My eyes betray me as a tear falls and rolls down my cheek.

“I’ll come back, flower,” he says with so much promise in his voice.

“Please don’t go...” I say, it was almost unaudible. He opens his mouth, about to say something but was interrupted by a knock on my door, I look behind me, “I’ll be quick,” I tell him before going back inside my room and closing my curtain to hide him.

The knocking becomes frantic and louder, causing me to rush towards the door, wiping my cheeks and quickly swing it open.

I let it open big enough for only me to be fully seen, there stood Dark, his gaze shifting from the door to me, his look becoming suspicious. So Dark being Dark, he pushes the door fully wide open and strides into my room before turning to me, “You look nervous,” he states.

“I just— I was— I was afraid of what was happening,” I stutter. He raises an eyebrow walks towards me until I was facing him. He looks into my eyes, his ice blue eyes keeping me hypnotized as if penetrating into my soul. His hand reaches up to my cheek, “You’ve been crying.”

It wasn’t a question.


As if on cue, there was a loud thud that reached the room, Dark’s attention snaps to where the sound came from. It was from the balcony, without much thought, he dashes to the balcony and opens the curtain.

Xavier was no longer there.

Dark steps into the balcony, I follow after him as looks around the area that the balcony overlooked. He turns to me, “Who was here, Alexia?” He asks.

How is he so quick to pick up?

I bite my bottom lip nervously, “i-it was probably just a dog, Dark,” I answer him.

He shakes his head, looking disappointed. “I’m going to give you one last chance to tell me the truth, Reine, who was here?” He asks, his gaze burning with... anger.

He strides his way near me, his eyes never leaving mine. Once in front of me, it was almost like he has somewhat compelled me to tell him the truth. “I-It— it was just Xavier— he—”

Before I could even finish, betrayal flashed in his eyes, looking at me as if almost in disbelief, “you would lie to me about him, that’s it, isn’t it?” And although it was a question, he already answered it himself.

“Dark, I—”

My back slams against the nearest wall, “Tell me, ′flower’,” he spat, speaking Xavier’s nickname for me in a mocking tone. “How would you know that he wasn’t the one behind what happened in the event centre?”

I gulp, it was almost like that moment when he held me captive all over again. God, I need to stop getting on his bad side. “Xavier would never do that— specially to me—!”

“Really?” He laughs menacingly, letting go of his hold from my wrists and stepping away from me.

“I hope you have a good night sleep knowing that someone could just sneak in a mansion full of guards and find their way on your fucking balcony, Reine.” And with that, he walks away from me completely, leaving me standing against my wall even after he forcefully slams my door shut.

I turn to my open balcony with a sigh, shaking my head sadly and deciding to lock it completely— walking to the balcony and closing the glass windows, I pull the metal divider and lock it to the side of the wall, leaving the glass windows unseen. Then I pull both wooden window-like doors together, closing the balcony completely, giving the room an illusion that it was simply a wall, I slide my curtains close.

I walk to my door to make sure I locked it before climbing to bed, feeling the weigh of exhaustion fall through my body and close my eyes to sleep.

The next day was amusing to most as they found out that Madame Dior ordered breakfast from a restaurant instead. Needless to say, after last night, she was obviously wary and on edge— just as most of us were.

When I walked into the dining area and sat where I was supposed to, Dark stood up almost as soon and left the room, not even throwing me a single glance. Asher nudges me and gives me a questioning look. I simply pouted and shook my head, turning to the food. Asher did the same.

I loved that about Asher, he knew when to push a subject and when not to and that was comforting to me in a way.

Walking out of the dining area, they give me curious glances. If I was in their shoes, I would be too. Seeing two people kiss publicly like that and not 24 hours later, they’re avoiding each other was something you couldn’t fathom in a single second. So I decided to ignore it and continue on.

I was already half my way up the stairs of the second floor when I realized that Macey hadn’t made an appearance since last night.

I furrow my eyebrows, where is she?

“You look troubled,” I hear a voice say from behind me.

I jump, startled, looking behind me. Letting out a sigh in relief as I see it was only Asher. “You shouldn’t go creeping around other people, ya know,” I playfully scold him. He pouts before letting out a soft chuckle.

“So... you and Dark,” he starts, wiggling his eyebrows as we slowly take steps up the stairs.

Despite the situation at hand, I couldn’t help but blush, “what about me and Dark?” I ask him, trying to sound nonchalant. But obviously, it wasn’t nothing.

“Don’t act like you’re innocent, princess. I saw the videotape from last night when you kissed,” he grins, looking proud of himself.

I could only shake my head at him and laugh, “how did you put that stick up his ass though?” He abruptly asks. God, his mouth has no filter.

I look at him incredulously and he rolls his eyes at me, “he’s been acting like an ass after he left your room last night,” Asher informs me.


“It’s nothing, Asher—”

“Don’t give me that, princess,” he shakes his head at me, almost with a disapproving frown. “Telling me it was nothing is like telling me that Dark got upset with you for simply breathing, it’s irrelevant.”

“Xavier was here last night,” I finally say when we reach the small living room at the 3rd floor.

“And you didn’t tell him, didn’t you? But he found out anyway.” Asher guesses, looking at me for confirmation. I nod.

“Tsk, tsk,” he shakes his head again. “You never lie to him, Kira, no matter what you do, he will know.”

I nod, “Well, it already happened,” I let out a defeated sigh.

“He’ll come around,” Asher reassures me.

I gazed at the garden through the window of the living room up there, where lingered a few groups of students, talking, laughing, whispering amongst themselves— seemingly unbothered by the incident last night. The thought of Cole suddenly flickers in my head and I remember— where had he been? And the perfect six? Were my adoptive parents already buried? Could Xavier really do what Dark thought?

My train of thoughts were cut off by the familiar slick jet black car parked outside the mansion. Soon, I see Dark walking out of the mansion’s door and making his way to his car.

Where is he going?

He enters his car and speeds away.

That night, I found out where he went. It was already 12 am and I still couldn’t sleep so I stood up and turned my bedside lamp on before reaching out to the novel I was reading.

Later, I was pulled from the fiction world of the novel I was reading to reality as I hear a door slam shut. I turn to my digital clock, 2:04 AM.

It wasn’t long before I heard a woman’s loud moans, hurting my suddenly sensitive hearing. What the hell? The walls in this floor is soundproof!

I groan as my ears hurt from the woman’s loud moans entering my senstive hearing. I reach my hand up to close my ears with them but as I placed my hand on my ears, I feel a slightly thick liquid rolling from my ears to my neck.

Horrified, I flick my finger on it and looked at my hands to confirm my thoughts.

Red liquid stained my hands and my eyes widen, the loud moans still not stopping, I run to my bathroom and stared at myself.

Blood was gushing from my ears and rolling to my neck which was soon joined with blood rushing out of my nose.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

The moans wasn’t stopping, I could hear a bed squeaking and a slamming force. I gag, disgusted. Fuck, make it stop.

It took one more piercing pain coming from a tingling sensation from my chest that I felt when Dark and I kissed before I screamed bloody murder and feel my legs give out, falling to the floor and losing consciousness.

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