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Chapter 21

“You didn’t tell me you had your eyes on a girl already,” He speaks with a smug look in his face, “and Alexia Reine, no less!” He exclaims with his booming voice so suddenly that the servant who was pouring his drink jumped.

He looked so delighted and Dark didn’t like it one bit, as his father’s eyebrows crease together and turned to Asher, “Now boy, stay away from my son’s Queen. Otherwise, I would have to put you back where you belong,” he says, making Dark snarl at him with a disgusted look. Not one dinner he had with him— was ever pleasant.

Dark stood up, the chair scratching against the exquisite marble floor, making a loud, ear-splitting sound that makes your teeth hurt, and walks out. Asher knew enough to follow suit.


Admittedly, it took me quite a while before I forced myself out of his room and entered mine. I waited for quite a while, hoping he would come back so I could talk to him and clear certain things up but he never did.

I took a shower and dressed myself appropriately before dabbing a thin coat of lipstick and making my way down the stairs to check on what has been happening.

Next thing I know, I was knocking on Cole’s door, waiting patiently, as I hear him yell out, “Just a sec!”

I hum a song that seemed to be stuck in my head out of nowhere, though I know where I had heard it— it was while I waited inside Dark’s room after he left, the meduim sized black portable speaker had been on and let me tell you— he has one hell of a good taste in music.

"The liquor on your lips, the liquor on your lips makes you dangerous,” I sing, unable to keep the song playing in my head in— well, my head.

The door finally swings open and there revealed my best friend who I haven’t seen for quite a while. I throw my arms around him and hug him tightly, catching him off guard. He lets out a chuckle before wrapping his arms around my waist and hugging me back, “I missed you too,” he laughs silently, feeling him shake his head.

I pull away with a grin, “What are you up to?” I ask him with wide eyes, trying to look as innocent as I could. He stares at me blankly for a while before huffing in defeat and rolling his eyes, “Fine, what do you want to do today, Daise?” He asks, slipping out of his room to join me in the hallways of the floor and casually tossing and arm around my shoulder.

“Let’s go order greasy food then eat ’em while watching movies until night!”

He raises an eyebrow, looking at me, “unhealthy but amazing idea, yes yes!” He says in a snotty tone, matching the voice of the noble woman that visited the mansion a year back. He claps his hand mockily and copies her annoyingly perfectionist expression before turning to me with a judging look, his gaze travelling from my head to toe and back to my face, he shakes his head disapprovingly, looking saddened.

I laugh out loud, unable to keep it in any longer and he joins me as soon whilst walking to my room.

Well, mission “know what’s up with everyone” gone wrong but mission “spend time with Cole” again gone amazing.

Cole plops himself on my couch before frowing in discomfort, I chuckle and throw him big soft pillows, an extra comforter and a blanket. He smiles widely at me, satisfied with the idea as he stands and starts fixing the comforter and pillow on the carpeted floor. I dial McDonalds and Shakey’s, orderring two boxes of pizza, two large fries, two cheeseburgers and drinks before leaving my room to get two tubs of ice cream in the fridge and quickly making it to my room.

Thank God for elevators.

I settle beside him and rest my head on his shoulder as he presses the start button of the remote control and the movie starts playing.

Two movies later with a lot of greasy yet delicious food intake, I fall into a dark abyss as I welcomed sleep after fighting to keep my eyes open until the second movie ends.

I feel a pair of hand shaking my body, jolting me out of sleep. Letting out a groan, I blink furiously, trying to adjust to the light of my familiar room and turn to Cole. “You slept the whole movie,” he states with amusement swimming in his brown eyes.

“What time is it?” I ask, shifting my gaze to my room’s balcony to see that it was still slightly bright outside.

“Around 4-ish PM?” He answers with furrowed eyebrows, rather unsure of his answer. I nod, “Welp,” He says, standing to his feet, “I’ll head back to my room now, I’ll see you at dinner, yeah?”

He reaches out his hand to help me stand up, I take his hand and stand up. Nodding, I walk him to my door and he plants a kiss my forehead before leaving my room.

I let out a yawn as I close my room, school has been cancelled for tomorrow and I’m not entirely sure why. I walk to my bathroom and decide to take a cold bath, it was in the middle of the summer and the climate has been more warm than usual.

I exhale in comfort as the cold drizzle of the shower blazes upon my fair skin. Maybe I should have turned the AC on before we started the movie? I shrug to myself and continue.

Standing in front of a full body mirror inside my closet, I take notice of the mark on my chest, one that I had always thought was a scar from when I was younger— but couldn’t quite remember. I frown, tracing the curved mark that seemed to continue to another curve that didn’t exist before.

Tracing the whole mark, I shiver and tingles travel through my body. I immediately retreat my hand. What the hell?

Shaking my head, I shrug it off, but not before making a mental note to ask Asher about it, or maybe even Madame Dior?

I slip on a part of shorts and a grey alien top, pulling my hair into a ponytail.

Where is Asher and Dark, anyway?

With a shrug, I ran to the kitchen to meet the kitchen staff, I smile brightly at them, “Hiiiiii!” I exclaim, streching the “i”

They turn to me with warm smiles, making a light and gentle feeling spread inside my chest. “Hello, Kira,” they greet back at me.

I smile in response, looking around the usual busy kitchen, “I was thinking, maybe I could cook my special dish for tonight?” I suggested. Their eyes seem to glitter and nods approvingly almost too quickly, I see some of them bobbing their heads furiously, making a laugh escape past me.

I shake my head and started to gather the ingredients needed. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make enough for everybody.

A couple of minutes later, I stir the dish inside the huge caserole with a grin.

I was about to set the spatula on the table when a scream echoes through the mansion and let go of it in surprise, making it fall to the fall with a loud clank. Everyone looks back at each other— fear quickly envading their expressions.

I wouldn’t blame them, really. There’s been too much tragedy happening in the mansion lately that you never know if you could just suddenly die out of the blue.

I run out of the kitchen and follow the people who were also heading towards the direction where the almost ear splitting scream came from.

And it all lead us to the grand doors of the mansion, opened, where stood a... person, in all black. Covering her from head to toe that you could not even see her face, and there on the cool marble fall laid an unconscious Macey.

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