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Chapter 22

“What the hell? Who the hell are you?!” One said of the guards exclaim after about almost ten of them arrived. Another one looked over his shoulder and said coldly, “Everyone, go back to your own business. This will all be handled by us.”

I raise my eyebrows at him, and I knew from his peripheral vision, he could see me. I snicker, hadn’t I known Dark, I would have been intimidated by his coldness like everybody else who’ve scrambled to leave the scene.

I notice him tighten his fists, making me let out a chuckle before walking away.


I was about one room away from the kitchen when I was so rudely ambushed.

And guess who did?

All five others of the Perfect six.

I cock an eyebrow at them. They all stood there with eyes blazing of hatred and arms crossed over their chest. Sadly, I was shorter than all five of them who were around 5′4 to 5′9— in comparison to my 5′3 frame.

I look into their eyes, even though I could have sworn that I would have been ten feet underground if looks could kill. “Yes?” I ask, nonchalantly. This was normal for them, to just ambus people out of the blue and act tough— and though they could just act tough, they could really fuck you up.

I should know— I’ve seen it, after all.

“This is all your fault!” They scream in unison, making me jump slightly in startle. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

“You acted all innocent and pretended you didn’t like him but you easily stole him all for yourself!” They sneered, their eyes shining in complete utter hatred that they possibly didn’t even think this through.

I shake my head at them and start to walk away. This is ridiculous, next thing you know, they would be making my life a living hell. It’s not like they would believe me if I explained it to them— anger, hatred, jealousy, those are things... emotions, that could easily throw all of your logic out the window or ditch your reasoning in a heartbeat. Emotions that will blind you until the day you finally let go of it.

Sadly, knowing them, they will never let go of it. Unless they really have to.

“You bitch!” I hear a screech behind me, and I was yanked from my hair and pushed to the ground. My head hit the cold marble floor first, excruciating pain whirls around my head and I couldn’t think anything but the pain it caused. When they started kicking me, which I could barely even feel, I watch as their eyes filled with satisfaction upon hurting me— the one they hate most. At least, currently, hate most.

“What is the meaning of this!?”

The kicking stop, the faint pain numbs, and I could feel the terror from all five of them radiating off them. I crank my neck and look up, to see Madame Dior.

Two of her handmaids stood frozen in shock as they stare at me laying on the ground.

“Madame Dior, this is all a misunderstanding, she fell and we—”

Madame Dior’s cold blue eyes only blazed even more with fury, “There are surveillance cameras on every corner of this room, do not dare lie to me, Audrey.” She speaks with a fierce voice like fire, in contrast to the soft feathery voice I could always hear when I was a child.

“Call a guard for each of them, lock them in the room. Call the Mansion’s doctor and take Kira in her room to be taken care of,” Madame Dior orders both maids.

They split up, and almost too quickly, guards and more maids arrive along with Madame Dior’s handmaids.

Audrey, Samantha, Nova, Charlotte, and Eleanor, tremble with fear, as the guards take hold of their forearms, pushing them forward to lead them to the said room. I shiver in slight fear, I hadn’t experienced going to that room but more than ten students have entered that room as a punishment after committing some sort of crime.

They all come out silent and barely speaking after the days they spent inside that room. I’ve been told it wasn’t that bad since they were still able to eat three times a day and there were no physical abuse involved. How long you stay there is based on what sort of crime you’ve committed and how awful you did it.

So far, the worse thing that’s happened was when a girl stabbed a guy for a reason that nobody ever found out— but after she left the said room, she was diagnosed with Split Personality Disorder where she was soon admitted inside the country’s one and only asylum. I was merely eight years old when it happened, but I remember being so afraid of her that I locked every door and every window I had in my room.

Maids help me up my room and made me lay on my bed, never leaving me alone in my room. Honestly, it’s weird enough that I don’t seem to have broken a bone or a single rib except for the bleeding on the side of my head which was the result of when they pushed me. It’s a surprise how I don’t even have an amnesia by how hard my head hit the floor.

After tending to my wounds, they wouldn’t let me move even a single finger, not even when it was finally dinner and I had to eat. They called Ofelia and I had to endure the embarrassment of being fed by my own maid like I was a sick six year old girl who couldn’t take care of herself.

Despite that, I admired their concern. I admired that they cared so much. Even when I was merely a student just like everybody else in the mansion was.

The pain on my head was still, well, painful. But more bearable now.

The maids chatting and the quiet laughter was truncated by an audible knock on the door. Ofelia stands and walks to my door, I watch her as I anticipated who could it be.

She opens the door and there stood Dark.

She steps away as she opens the door widely for him, letting him enter, but not before a polite curtsy.

All maids in my room stood up the curtsy and Dark nods at them, as if hearing the unspoken command, one by one, they leave my room— even Ofelia, leaving the both of us alone.

We gaze at each other. My heartbeat was beating like crazy inside my chest, “I-uh- h-have you eaten?” I ask him.

He lets out a chuckle, “Yes, Alexia.”

I simply nod, not trusting my voice as I feel my body shiver upon hearing his voice.

I didn’t know what to say, I felt like I had to say something but I didn’t know what. He slowly walks to my bed, where I laid, never breaking eye contact.

He sits on the edge of my bed, just beside me, and leans in. I suck a breath, unable to comprehend anything that was happening at the moment.

Slowly and surely, his lips press to my forehead and I tremble under his mercy.

Why is it that whenever he’s near, whenever he’s around, my heart beats so fast? Why is it that I go weak just seeing him? Why is it that everything else just blurs but him?

I shake my head, and it should have hurt, but it didn’t, I feel the pain on my head dissolving, making a gasp escape my lips and he merely smirks at me.


He hushes me before capturing my lips to his, he bites my bottom lip slowly, his lips grazing it. My eyes flutter close as I gasp, his tongue entering past my lips, exploring my mouth feverishly.

His hands were moving freely all over my body, my moans muffle against his mouth, I could barely breathe nor decipher what I was feeling.

He pulls away abruptly, making me take a deep breath.

God, I have to keep myself on check. This all is starting to be as if he’s nicotine and I am completely and mindlessly addicted.

“Rest,” is all he says before standing to his feet once again and leaving my room altogether. I frown, feeling the effect of the now spaciously empty room. Had I become dependent to his presence this much?

And while the curtains were draped against the doors to my balcony, a cold breeze whips over me, making me shiver.

I ignore it, feeling tired, laying on the bed properly before staring up the ceiling of my own room, which were gold in color and scattered with royal blue swirls which somehow, glows in the dark with a single push of the button on the remote I had.

I stare at it in deep thought and it finally dawns to me, what am I and Dark? Are we... a couple?

My heart skips a beat at the thought.

But then, he hasn’t really said anything. Another realization crosses past my mind— I forgot to ask Madame Dior about the scar! I mentally shake my head at myself, and with a roll of my eyes, my thoughts drifts elsewhere. Where’s Asher anyway? Oh! And wasn’t Xavier supposed to leave this week?

I wonder who that girl in the—

Knock knock

I crease my eyebrows together, “Who is it?” I ask.

My door swings open and in walks Dark, I scoff at him, “You mustn’t just enter a room like that, you know. I could have been nake—”

“But you weren’t,” he cuts me off. I roll my eyes, staring at him. And no matter how familiar I am with his presence, I could still have the urge to cower in under his intense gaze. The domineering, dark and frightful aura he possessed, no matter what happens, never leaves.

And that was enough reason for me to still be careful whenever I speak with him around, or whenever we converse— granted, despite the situations and circumstances, despite having kissed not just once or twice, he and I had never really talked much. Even I could say, I’ve exchanged more words with Asher than I have with Dark.

“Something’s bothering you?” He speaks, his husky voice that had a slightly similar accent as I did, though a hint of uncertainty— was heard, and I knew I would be caught red handed without a second if I lied.

Nevertheless, I tell him the thing that has been bothering me. Except, not the one that involves him.

“Who was the person in black, earlier?” I ask him. He cocks an eyebrow, but keeps an emotionless expression.

“Just some girl,” he answers with a nonchalance, not even shrugging. But of course, he wouldn’t be bothered by some girl showing up at the mansion’s doorstep for some odd reason that she was able to get past the guarded gates, wearing black from head to toe that you couldn’t even see anything of her.

“So it’s a girl...” I mutter mindlessly.

“Hadn’t I just said that?” Dark counters, dripping with sarcasm. “Some say she’s a potential Queen candidate,” he adds.

His expression never gives away any emotion he had. And though you’d think, “The question is, does he have any?” I’m pretty sure he does.

I’m really sure he does.

“Oh?” Was all that came out of my mouth upon the knowledge. He snickers and I watch his lips tug into a smirk.

“Is someone jealous?” He taunts.

“No, you asshole,” I answer him with a glare and he lets out a sardonic chuckle. I start to feel uncomfortable under his ferocious stare that I started to fidget, “stop staring at me like that,” I hiss at him, looking at anywhere but him.

I could feel him walking towards me, every single step he took, so painstakingly slow, God, it tortured me. Every step, my heart skips more than one beat to another, that it could probably make me lose my breath.

I refused to look at him as I turned to the other side in defiance when he sits on the right side of my bed, just beside me.

“Look at me, Alexia,” he commands. I grit my teeth together, forcing myself not to look at him. His velvety voice was as sinful as a seductive temptation and my heart was beating loudly inside my ribcage, I couldn’t let him control me like that. I just can’t.

“Alexia, look at me,” his voice softer than a newly bought pillow, or marshmallows, and I was slowly caving in.

I whimper, tightening my hold on the sheets. “Alexia...”

And that was enough for my heart to overthrow my mind. My head snaps at him, he tilts my chin up with a gentle touch of his finger, nudging it upwards, my black dull eyes, meet his icy blue eyes that seemed to never hold emotion.

"You... are just like the rest of them.”

And I could have sworn that at that moment, I heard my heart drop and shatter to pieces.

I slap his hand away and he laughs, full of menace. I give him a fierce glare as he walks out my door, and before he closes my door fully, he stops.

“Gwen Connor, by the way.”

And the door shuts close.

// I really wanted to finish the chapter here, it’s a good cliffhanger, don’t you think? Hahaha 😂 But I won’t be that cruel, just for once 😂😘💖 //


The girls were sent to the room as soon as the guards took them, and while you would think that they were all put together in one room. They weren’t. They were put in small different bedrooms inside the room for isolation.

They don’t know how it was possible but the places where theh kicked Alexia, it hurt. Specially on their head.

But the thing is, there were so source of the pain that was being inflicted. No one was touching them, they were isolated in a small room that they feel like they couldn’t even breathe in as they felt the pain.

I must be going out of my mind, Audrey thought to herself as she stared into her reflection on the glass facing her.

Meanwhile, as Princess Macey decided to stay inside her room due to the slight trauma she developed upon the shock of seeing someone in all black and suddenly feeling like you’re being strangled to death, Madame Dior was in her room with Gwen Connor.

"Please take me in!” She pleads the Queen-like radiant woman in front of her.

“Where did you come from?” Madame Dior asks. Needless to say, everyone was skeptical about her, the girl who just showed up out of nowhere.

“The otherside of the country, Madame,” Gwen answers, fake tears rolling from her eyes to her cheeks.

Unfortunately for her, Madame Dior knew the difference. “Stop acting, will you please? Or I might just have to throw you out myself,” Madame Dior says fearlessly and odiously.

She looks at Gwen distastefully. Something is just not right with this girl.

So while Madame Dior was examining Gwen, Gwen was focusing on strangling Madame Dior. But to no avail, it seemed to have no effect on Madame Dior. Or it simply would not work on her.

Gwen grimances, she didn’t think it would be this hard to enter the mansion and face the woman in charge.

Sadly, Madame Dior is just too kind for her own good and still lets Gwen join despite having a really bad feeling towards Gwen.

The moment Asher entered the mansion’s gate and stepped inside the mansion, he noticed two things.

An Ogre and a gloomy feeling on the fifth floor. And whether it was Dark or Alexia that gloomy aura rooted from, he quickly came to the fifth floor.

And with every step, the dark magic became more and more noticeable.

He walks past Dark.

But Asher knew enough to know that Dark was packing his things in his room, not doing irrelevant things.

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