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Chapter 23

There was a knock on my door. I felt reluctant about answering it after Dark left but with a sigh, “Come in!” I yell.

The door slowly opens, revealing Asher, making me let out a breath of relief.

“Hey,” he greets with a warm smile.

“Hey, how are you doing?”

He walks to the chair beside my bed and takes a seat nonchalantly. “You look a bit uncomfortable?” He asks, tilting his head to the side with a frown.

“Was Dark just here?” He asks again when I don’t respond.

“Yeah...” I trail off, I watch his features contort into a troubled expression, “Is there something wrong, Asher?”

“Dark is in his room.”

I furrow my eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

He shakes his head, “Madame Dior agreed to let Gwen Connor stay,” he informs, assessing my reaction. He seems to be hinting at something, but I merely nod, not having the energy to press the subject.

“So what about you? How are you feeling? I heard about what happened,” he starts, trying to continue the conversation. I smiled weakly at him, “I’m fine, I don’t think that this will actually result into something good when they leave the room though.”

He huffs, “are you serious right now? I’m right here. They won’t lay a finger on you under my watch,” he confidently states. I let out a small giggle, “whatever makes you sleep at night,” I answer him, patting him with mock sympathy on the back. He glares at me, making me laugh loudly.

After that, Asher made no move nor showed any sign of planning to leave my room as he took on his vow to keep me safe under his watch. I shake my head at him as he rummages through my closet— see, he decided he was bored and so, he came up with a very brilliant idea of looking through my closet and make a comment about every single thing he sees.

And me, being unable to get out of bed— or rather forced to stay in bed— had no choice but to let him.

“Finally, I see something my eyes like,” he bursts out of the closet with a babydoll lingerie on a hanger in between his fingers with a devious smile, waggling his eyebrows, “I wonder what’s this for?” He teases.

I turn bright red, my hand acting on its own accord as it reaches for the nearest pillow beside me and throws it right at his face. “Put that back or so help me God, Asher, I will fuck you up!” I yell at him as he stands dumbfounded when the pillow fell to his feet quickly after landing on his face before letting out a bellowing laugh.

He retreats back into my closet and I hear my hanger placed back on my cabinet.


“Yes, my hunny bunch sugar plum?” He sang, leaving my closet and closing the door to it behind him.

“Cuddle me,” I fake pouted, he let out a grin and rushed over to me, picking me up and setting me on his lap. “Where’s the remote?” He asked with a frown, looking around.

“Under the pillow,” I answer innocently.

He looks at me suspiciously before slipping his hand under my pillow, his eyes brighten up slightly before he pulls out the remote, only to scream like a girl as he takes in sight the real-looking toy centipede that I stuck to the remote, wailing his hands all over the place. I continuously laughed out loud as the toy centipede flies across the room but luckily, Asher just dropped the remote on the bed.

“You evil little—!”

“Ahh, no! Spare my life, oh dear Asher!” I dramatically said, feigning fear. He scoffs and glares at me, “I will get you back,” I hear him mutter under his breath before cautiously taking the remote in his hand again and finally turning the television on.

I cuddled up to him, feeling comfortable and warm in his arms, laying my head on his chest. We stumble on a show with different types of supernaturals, the main character was currently explaining what special abilities a wolf can do.

Next to it was a witch, she starts to explain how witches are always the in between of all supernaturals.

He huffs, “that’s not even true.”

I raise an eyebrow at him, “how would you know?”

He ignored me this time though, and I shrug, letting go of the topic. He changes the channel and move to HBO, showing the latest movie version of Romeo and Juliet, I scrunch my face, “Not that!” I scold Asher.

He turns to me with an amused smile, “don’t tell me you don’t like Romeo & Juliet.”

“I certainly don’t.” I confirm.

“Why noooot?” He asks, “they continue to love each other against all the odds!” He argues with a whine.

I give him an unimpressed look.

“Don’t you find it the least bit romantic?!”

“It is romantic. I just don’t like it— when you actually think about what happened to them, Asher, it’s stupid.”

Asher lets out a gasp and puts a hand over his chest, looking insulted, “How dare you!” He bellows dramatically.

I roll my eyes at him and laugh.

He pouts and doesn’t change the channel despite my plead to make him change it. I sighed in defeat and shrug.

“Who do you think is behind all the things that’s been happening?” I blurt out all of a sudden. I feel Asher stiffen against me, “probably some sick psycho,” he answers simply, placing a kiss on my forehead.

I frown. Probably so.

There was a knock on the door, interrupting our conversation. I tighten my grip on Asher’s arm. After Dark went out that door earlier, my anxiety has perked up a million times higher than it should be and for some reason, it resulted me to have a bit of trauma.

Honestly, does he have a split personality disorder? It’s like, one second he’s the sweetest person I’ve ever known, the next, he’s worse than Lucifer himself.

I shake my head, the knocking continues. “Come in,” Asher answers for me.

Please don’t be Dark. Please don’t be Dark. Please don’t be D—


I clench my jaw.

“What do you want, Dark?” I answer him, not looking at him.

Despite that, since he stood not too far from the television where I focused on, I notice his eyebrows winkle together, “What’s wrong?”

His gaze shifts from Asher to me.

He doesn’t look the least bit pleased.

“What happened?”

“Apparently, you came here and hurt lovely Kira’s feelings,” Asher answers for me.

I snap my head at him, “I didn’t tell you that!”

He looks at me with a dry expression, “I’m not stupid.”

I pinch my lips together and let out an annoyed huff out of my mouth. “And how did I do that?” Dark asks.

I turn to hin in disbelief, pulling away from Asher’s comforable hold. “You’ve got to be kidding me! You tricked me, you asshole! You tricked me into believing you liked me— and God, was I stupid enough to fall for it. How dare you tell me I’m like the other girls, you fucking twat, I hate you! You tricked until I fall in love with you and drop me like you do every other girl, I—”

I slap my hand over my mouth with my eyes wide as saucers.

No, no, no, no, no...

I-I just... oh my god I told him—

I told him I—


Due to shock, along with the adrenaline that came with it, I was shaking as I ran out of my room and quickly out of the mansion.

Stupid, stupid, stupid Alexia.



I bent down on my knees on the pavement, right outside the gates of the mansion. I haven’t even admitted it to myself and yet...

All it took was for me to see him again after what happened, to burst out like that.



Gwen Connor smiled in victory, she could not believe how foolish humans could get.

The only problem she had at hand was that she knew that there was enemy within the mansion, someone that opposed who she is.

Someone that may just be as powerful as her in terms of what she is— and though she’s sensed it so many times, she couldn’t pin point who. Right now, though, a self-celebration is what matters. Soon, she’d be the Queen of this country. Soon, the Ogres will finally rise and rule against the La Olaperitas.

Those witches and warlocks will fall.

And she knew just how to do it.

She smirks as she looks at the only living heir to the country. His name, Dark, may just be self-explanatory when he becomes the King that will rule with her as the Queen, the Queen of Ogres.

And every single one will be at her mercy.

Even this human they call their Prince.

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