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Chapter 24

Dark’s hand was travelling dangerously close to my sensitive area, tugging lightly on the edge of my panties. I suck in a breath, trying not to whimper. I could feel him smirking beside me as he stabs the steak with his fork and takes a bite. Tingles were travelling everywhere he touched me.

Calm down, Alexia.

God, if I had known that leaving the mansion would result into this, I would have stayed inside my room after that outburst. I mentally shake my head– see, the problem I have at hand this moment is that Dark found me outside the mansion’s territory talking to Xavier.

I looked up, my heart started beating rapidly as my eyes bulge.


I stood up almost immediately upon seeing him. “What are you doing out here, flower?” he asks.

But before I answered him, I wrapped my arms around his torso. He lets out a soft chuckle before wrapping his own arms around me. “I missed you,” I mumble against his chest.

He rests his chin on top of my head, “I missed you as well...”

He pulls away and looks me in the eyes, cocking an eyebrow, “now tell me what’s wrong,” he said– or more like, demanded.

“Well...” and so I started telling him about what happened from when Dark entered my room acting so differently compared to the first time he entered my room today while we walk around. Xavier’s eyebrows creased as I told him about what happened next and just as I was about to confess my embarrassing outburst, Xavier cuts me off.

“Flower, do you believe in supernaturals?”

The question took me off guard, “supernaturals are myths and only exists in fiction, Xav.” I deadpanned.

“Have you read about the country’s history, Daisy? This country, about 300 years ago, was ruled by Supernaturals. It was only when the world wars started that humans started to occupy this country?”

“How do you know this, Xavier?”

“I have to know where I stay, flower, that includes the country’s history.”

I merely nod.

“So you don’t?”

I shake my head, “No, Xav. I don’t.”

He shrugs, “so what happened next?”

I let out a deep breath, “I had a very embarrassing outburst and told him I... that I was in love with him,” I watch Xavier’s expression as he flinches upon my statement. I nervously bite my lip as I waited for his reaction.

“And that’s how I found you there?” he adds.

I nod.

Xavier really did try to say something after that but Dark somehow found us walking around and he didn’t look pleased. Not the slightest bit.

“Alexia,” he growled.

I gripped on Xavier’s arm tightly—not knowing what to do.

“I think it’s best if you leave,” Dark told Xavier with a lethal glare. Xavier only responds with a scowl and a roll of his eyes, not seeming to be the least bit intimidated. He kisses my forehead and I hear Dark growl, feeling him burning holes on my head—but for my sanity’s own sake, I ignore him, not wanting to look at him in the eyes.

“I’ll see you before I leave, flower,” Xavier whispers softly.

“Like hell you will!” Dark sneers and I feel tingles wrap around my arm, it was Dark’s hand, harshly pulling me away from Xavier, quickly wrapping his arm around my waist.

Possessive ass.

Xavier glares at Dark’s arm before giving me a warm smile and walking away, “See you, love.”

Since that happened, Dark didn’t let me out of his sight. Literally.

He stayed in my room and followed me everywhere. Until I got annoyed...

"Will you stop following me around?!” I screamed, turning on my heel, only to bump my face into his chest. I let out a huff.

I stare into his eyes this time though, irritated by the way he was acting—but not before backing away, only for him to step forward, “Let me get this clear, Alexia.” He starts, taking another step near me. I take another step back, my breath hitching.

“Do not...”




“Ignore me...”


I gasp as I feel my back hit the wall.

“Now tell me, what were you talking about before you bolted out your own room?” he asks, looking into my dull black orbs, as if compelling me into actually telling him.


“Have you forgotten what I told you? I’m not a patient man, Alexia. Answer me and I want you to answer me properly.”

“Y-you told me to rest then after a while you came back...”

His eyebrows scrunch together in confusion, but urged me to continue speaking.

“You just barged in my room and- and I asked you who the person in black was—you said it was just a girl but then... you said she’s a potential Queen candidate—”

Dark cuts me off, “Wait, let me get this straight—only the ones on the list are potential Queen Candidates, every other girl will just find their own way.”

I look at him in confusion, “but if that’s the case then why did you say that—”

He groans, palming his face.

“Because I’m not the one who came back to your room, Alexia!” he snapped.

“Will you stop playing around already, Dark?! God dammit—”

“For fuck’s sake Alexia, how many times do I have to tell you that it wasn’t me?” he answers agitatedly, his jaw clenching.

I shut my mouth this time, inhaling with my eyes closed.

Opening my eyes, I say softly, “but it was you, how could it not be you when I saw you, Dark? When you even asked me if I was jealous? When you even lured me into looking at you just so you could tell me I’m like all the other girls? Tell me!”

Then there was silence...

“Don’t you trust me?” he asks.

I didn’t know how to answer but before I could respond he speaks again.

“When that happened, I was in my room. Ask Asher if you have to. How can I tell you rest then come back immediately, just to do that, princess?” he asks, looking into my eyes, waiting for any protest coming from me. “Do you think, that after I put that tiara on your head, after I kissed you on the stage, in front of every single person who was there to see, that I would tell you that? Answer me, Alexia.”

But of course, I couldn’t answer.

So I did what my heart told me to.

I took a step forward, and wrapped my arms around his torso. It seemed to catch him off guard but quickly recovered, wrapping his arms around me and hugging me tightly. I feel him sigh, “Then who was that?” I asked.

“I don’t know either, princess. But we’ll find out, I promise.”

I nodded.

Now-- he thought that in order to prevent having that imposter, he’d stay by my side all of the time. To top it all off, he ordered me to sleep in his bedroom starting tonight. Despite what happened, though, I felt more at ease around him since we talked about it.

I shakily brought my fork up to my lips, unable to focus while Dark’s hand was cupping me through the thin cloth that separated his hand from my core.

“Dark,” I hiss.

He chuckles silently, “yes, princess?”

“Stop it,” I say under my breath.

“Stop what, princess?” he grins at me. I feel him flicker his finger up and down the sensitive bundle of nerves. I bite my lip harshly, resisting the urge to let out a moan.

“Please,” I plead—when honestly, I don’t know which I’m begging him for.

He leans into me, “Please stop or please continue?”

“Please s-s-st-o-o—” his finger flickers faster, making a loud moan escape my lips.

My eyes widen, everyone’s eyes on me. “I-I, the- The steak is well c-cooked...” I stutter, my face red in embarrassment. Dark’s hand was back on my thigh.

I shot him a glare as he takes another bite of the steak, smirking smugly.

“I hate you so much,” I mutter under my breath.

I hear him snicker beside me, “Not when I have my fingers between your legs—” I quickly push a spoonful of mash potato inside his mouth.

Such a loud mouth.

He glares at me, “Not when I have my di—”

I push a big slice of cake inside his mouth. He chokes, I pat his back, laughing. I see Mary rushing to us with a glass of water in her hands and handing it to Dark.

Dark greedily gulps the glass of water. He sets his spoon and fork down, making me frown.

But what he did next was something I never would have saw coming. He takes his whole slice of cake in his hands, turning to me, my eyes bulge but before I could get out of my seat, he smears the cake all over my face.

“You ass!” I yell at him, oblivious of the gasp and the horrified expression everyone else had. Well, except Asher and Madame Dior who were watching the both of us with amusement.

I reach for the whole cake placed in the middle of our table, Dark quickly bolts out of his chair, running to the next table. I run after him, tackling him to the ground and straddling him before pushing the plate of cake to his face.

I grin in victory and began to stand to my feet; only, I couldn’t.

It was then I noticed Dark’s hand gripping my hips firmly. I groan, “Dark, let me go.” He hums in response, only pushing my upper body forward. Our lips crash together, making me gasp. He licks my lips, the chocolate flavoured cake cleaned from my mouth as he kisses me lightly, I slowly respond to the kiss, tasting the heavenly flavour of chocolate, now mixed with his soft lips.

“Oh my god, have some decency!” I hear someone shriek not too far, making me pull away from Dark.

I huff, standing to my feet but lending my hand out, Dark takes my hand before pulling himself up, “You have to stop doing that,” I told him, annoyed.

He ignores me, placing a soft kiss on my temple before taking my hand, “Come on, let’s get this cake off of us.”

“But Madame Dior—”

She cuts me off, waving her hand, “Go ahead, dear.” She says with a knowing smile.

I shake my head at Dark before he pulls me away from the dining area. Dark took me to my room to get a few of my clothes so that I “won’t have to come in and out of my room all day.”

(We all know he just doesn’t want me out of his sight)

He excused himself to the bathroom to remove the chocolate he could remove and I nodded.

I take my uniform for tomorrow, Monday, two pairs of shorts and two tees, a pair of jeans, I take my black platform wedge and a pair of flats. But I turn around, only to see Dark inside my closet.

“Dark, what the hell?”

He comes out of my closet with a grin, holding what seemed to be like ten pairs of my Victoria Secret matching undergarments. Goodness, he even has the lingerie Asher saw! What is it with boys and lingerie’s?!

I groan frustratedly, “Daaaaaaaaark,” I whined.

“Princeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss?” he answers with mock, imitating my voice.

“I don’t even sound like that!”

“I don’t even sound like that!” he shrieks, again, imitating my voice.

“That’s it, I’m not moving in your room, Dark.” I glare at him, turning my back at him with my arms crossed.

We’ll see how you like it. I thought to myself.

“No, no, no!” he rushes over me, hugging me from behind. “I’m sorry, princess. Forgive me, please?” he pleads.

I scoff at him.

“Please? You can wear grandma panties if you want—” I immediately smack his arm. He laughs loudly.

“You’re annoying,” I state before grabbing everything I needed.

Dark opens the door for me and helps me by grabbing my footwear and necessities that were packed inside a large pouch. I lock my room after we stepped out, keeping the key inside my school bag.

Dark opens the door to his room and places my things on the couch.

“Stop being messy,” I scold him. He roll his eyes at me, throwing himself on the bed, staring at his ceiling. “Is there an extra towel in the bathro—”

“Yes, babygirl.” Dark answers before I could even finish my question. I feel my cheeks flush, “Don’t call me that,” I say softly.

His gaze averts from his ceiling, to me. With a smirk, he cocks an eyebrow, “Why not, babygirl?” he taunts.

“J-just don’t.”

He chuckles, standing up from his King sized bed. No pun intended. He walks over to me, kissing my forehead, “Go take a shower, I’ll fix your things in my closet.”

I nod, making my way to his bathroom.

Sadly, I only realized my mistake of trusting him when he said that he had an extra towel inside his bathroom when I was done taking a shower. Because there was none, nope. Not even his.

“Dark!” I screamed.

I hear his booming laugh, loudly inside the room. I roll my eyes, who would have thought he could be this childish?

I open the door slightly, only peeking my head out. Dark stood there with a smirk, “Need something, love?” he asks with a towel on his hand.

I reach out to grab it but he pulls his hand away, “Ah, ah, ah,” He taunts, making me glare at him. He laughs lightly, his lips curving into a small smile, “Alright, alright,” he says before handing the towel out to me.

My gaze shifts from his face to his hand where he held the towel suspiciously. I reach my hand out, grabbing the towel, and just as I was about to pull the towel, I feel his other hand pull mine and I slip out of the bathroom with my naked body pressed to his.

He smirks.

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