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Chapter 25

My hand was trembling.

My lungs couldn’t even seem to function as Dark captured my lips to his. I was in a daze that I couldn’t escape from but my body worked with his.

Every logical thinking I had was thrown right out of the window without hesitation.

Dark’s hand travels in between the valley of my breast, my hands continuously trembles as I grip his forearms tightly, trying to will my weakened knees to stay strong.

Dark’s lips leave mine and started trailing open mouthed kisses from my jaw and down my neck, sucking ever so softly against my exposed flesh. I suck in a breath, my body on the mind of its own and my eyes closed shut in ecstasy.

I could feel my centre pooling, making me silently moan under his mercy as his hands explore my body; he massages my inner thighs while he continued sucking on a certain place on my neck, slowly turning harsh.

Everything in my surroundings seemed to be melting. All I could feel was his presence and mine, my body pressed against his and his travelling hands.

He cups my sex, making me gasp loudly. “Dark...” I moan out loud as I feel him flicker his finger on the sensitive bundle of nerves. I jerk slightly, my back was now pressed against his chest and his lips were planted on where my neck meets my shoulder, his other hand massages my breasts, occasionally pinching my hardened nipple, making me squeal every time.

I can feel his hard erection in between my bum, the only thing separating us was his jeans.

His fingers work expertly, gliding up and down my slick slit before I feel him slowly ease in a finger inside of me.

I snap my eyes open, my gaze travelling from his tattooed arm-have I mentioned his arm had a huge tattoo-Oh god.

He slowly moves his finger inside me, making me clench involuntary with a whimper escaping past my lips, trying to ignore the slight pain. His thumb slowly rubs my clit as he eases his finger out and back in again. Repeating the process.

“You are so... Fucking sexy,” he whispers against my ear, biting his lip and teasingly moved his hand, my whole body felt like it was going to tremble and crash. His sexy, husky, voice, his chest vibrating as he spoke. His thumb rubs my clit faster, making my knees nearly give out.

He picks up his pace, pumping his fingers inside me faster. I was turning into a moaning mess but I couldn’t find it in me to care at all. Soon, I feel something build up, I feel myself clenching tightly around Dark’s fingers as he continuously fingered me.

"Cum for me, princess."

“Oh god, Dark!” And that was all it took for me to come undone. I was dripping wet, quite literally, and breathing heavily.

He eases his finger out of me, I feel something trickle down my thighs as he reaches his finger up, putting it into his mouth. He stares directly into my eyes, sucking his fingers gently.


But I couldn’t do much about it, I’m stuck in a daze that Dark was able to put me in in a matter of seconds. I feel him bend slightly, and my feet left the ground. He carries me to his bed and places me there softly, planting a kiss on my forehead before walking into his bathroom.

I recollect myself, breathing in and out. Did that just happen?

I feel myself turning red, making me shake my head to remove the thought, to remove the image coming into my mind.

Why am I even so shaken up about this? Yeah, I mean, sure I’m a virgin but still.

I mentally scold myself, stop thinking about it already!

Shaking my head back to reality again, I get up, wrapping the towel he put on the bed around me and walk to his closet. I look around before smiling lightly as I took in sight a space he created where he placed all of my things in.

Grabbing a tee and a pair of shorts, I move to lock the closet before slipping on my undies and dressing up.

I was about to leave his closet when something catches my eyes. A king’s crown that looked familiar to me... It was placed on a square pillow inside a rectangular glass that was guarding around it. Where have I seen this before?

It was gold, clean with no rusts or scratches and had beautiful diamonds that circled the lower part of the crown and on every tip of it. I wanted to touch it, but I was too afraid to.

I hated it when people touchs my things, and I would hate to do just that.

But before I could take my gaze off of the crown, something on it catches my eye. Lightly engraved on the shiny, golden crown was a pair of wings, right in the center. And below was a name.

King of Mystic Kingdom
William Americus Royce Angelos Ade Windsor

Americus... Isn’t that a part of Dark’s name? Is this his father’s crown? But I thought his last name was derived from the country? They claimed that the royal family uses King as a last name.

Why is this Windsor?


No, that couldn’t be.

Why would Dark have this crown instead of his own father’s crown?

“Alexia?” I hear Dark’s voice, snapping me out of my thoughts. I quickly dash to the door, “Coming!” I yell out before opening the door to his closet and stepped out.

I close the door behind me, seeing Dark on his bed, laying down; shirtless and with sweatpants. He cocks an eyebrow at me, “Princess, you just did.” He says.

I give him a confused look, “Just did what?”

He chuckles, shaking his head, his smirk never leaving. “C’mere,” he says, opting me to lay beside him.

“I’m not a dog to order around, Dark,” I scoff, but walking to the bed anyway. He pulls me when I reach him and placing me beside him.


I look at him incredulously.

“Uh... Hey?”

He rolls his eyes, then I watch his eyebrows furrow. “I’ve been wondering...” he starts.

I pay full attention to him, “Mm?” I respond, urging him to continue.

“When I told you that your parents died, you didn’t... grieve or anything, why’s that?” He asks.

Realization crashes over me. Right. I sigh, “I never... really had the best relationship with them- I mean, I know that’s no excuse but all I remember from them is when I was about five, they were taking care of me and my brother Steven. Then... Steven died, because of saving me...” I trail off.

Dark’s expression contorts into an even more confused one, looking at me. “After that...”

“You little scum! You are the reason why we don’t have our only son anymore!”

Jonathan, my adoptive father, screams at me before kicking my stomach. I cry harder, the pain was unbearable and I didn’t know how much more of it I can take.

Elvira, my adoptive mother, glares over me.

“You deserve that, we never should have took you in,” she spat.

“They became abusive until Madame Dior came one day when I was seven and took me away from them, Madame Dior is someone I consider as a mother more than anyone else.”

Something in what I said caught his attention but he doesn’t let anything give him away, only nodding in understanding.

“How... did your brother die?”

I gulp, not wanting to reminisce the traumatic past where I watched my eight year old brother die.

“H-he- he... we were playing in out garden and... this... guy in black came out of nowhere and aimed a shot toward me. I-I thought I was going to die u-until Steven pushed me down, only to have the bullet shot through h-h-his brain I-”

I didn’t even realize I was sobbing, that my cheeks were wet of tears until Dark wiped it with his thumb and held me against him tightly, “Shh...”

“H-he could’ve b-been alive i-if it wasn’t for-for me,” I sobbed. Burying my face into his chest, “I kill everyone who loves me, Dark.”

“Nonsense.” I hear him answer me.

"Love is destructive yet beautiful, you can’t control it either. So what’s the point of blaming yourself?”

I sigh in his arms, feeling safe.

Is this really happening right now? Or maybe I’m still in his mansion, unconscious and dreaming of this?

My thoughts were interrupted by the strong tingling on my chest, making suck a breath. “Dark...” I shot up, looking down my chest where blood started pooling all over again.

What the hell is happening?

His eyes were wide as saucers as his gaze shifts from my blood stained top and his chest. Where his scar seemed to continue.

“Remove it, Alexia”

I feel myself turn into a light tinge of pink. Just to find out what’s wrong. What made this even more weird than anything, is that it didn’t hurt, it just kept tingling.

I reach down my tee and remove it. Looking down my chest instantly, where a fresh scar continued.

“What the hell...”

I look at my chest to his, over and over again. It was so indentical, it was scary. The mark seemed to form an image. I furrow my eyebrows, he exhales loudly before reaching for a cloth and slowly wiping the blood away from my chest.

“Does it hurt?”

I shake my head, no.

He stares at the mark on my chest, I stare at his. And slowly, I comprehend what the scar looked like.

It looked like a wing. One wing on the left side.

“It’s the exact same mark...”

After that, we grew silent for the rest of the night. I didn’t know what to call it, how it happened. I don’t even want to acknowledge how confused I was.

I almost freaked out.

So when I woke up today, I headed straight to the kitchen to help and get it off of my mind.

He probably slept really late last night. Around twelve in the midnight, someone called him and he went from... soft? To tense and well, Dark.

I was listening to the conversation until a subject about prostitution and mafia leaders getting killed in great detail was what I was hearing so I stopped and focused on the movie. After that, he sat on his work desk doing things until I fell asleep. I don’t even know what time he went to bed.


Cole Joels visited home today.

He had missed his mom dearly, though coming up to Madame Dior and ask her to let him leave was awfully horrendous and just plain hard.

Cole looks around the shelf of books he’s collected over the years. He knew each and every book that was placed there- but one book stood out. One that he wasn’t familiar with.

He reaches out to grab it.

The History of Mystic Kingdom

He furrows his eyebrows, how did this get here? He remembers how Alexia reacted when she found out it was gone.

But how?

He hears the sizzling of a dish being cooked from the kitchen and he yells out, “Mom!”

His mother rushes into the living room to see his son, with a confused look, his mother, Jenn, asked him, “What is it, dear?”

Cole shows her the book in his hands, “how did this get here?”

Jenn grows nervous, terrified of what her son’s reaction would be if she tells her the truth. But she couldn’t lie to her son, not anymore.

“Your father was here about a month ago, he put that there and left immediately. He didn’t talk to me nor acknowledged me.”

What? Could it be that his father took the book? But how? And why?

Cole’s eyebrows knot together, he was perplexed. And that was an understatement to say the very least.

He nods. Kisses his mother’s forehead and walks to his room in the house he knew forever but never considered his own home. The fancy and hidden mansion in Mystic Kingdom. Made just for what him and his mother’s roles were.

He opens the book.

Flipping to the latest summary page, he reads;

Mystic Kingdom was found six hundred years ago in the 10th century by two Kings, Louis Dean Angelo Bazyl King the first and William Americus Royce Angelos Ade Windsor the first.

Both kings were from two different royal families but it was never traced nor found out where both kings originated from.

King Bazyl and his wife, Queen Luna gave birth to one son while Queen Kara, wife of King Ade, gave birth to two girls. King Ade died after the Spaniard’s tried invading Mystic Kingdom while his wife died of the effects of depression that she acquired after her husband’s death. King Bazyl and Queen Luna continued to rule over until they gave the thrones to their son and the first daughter of late King Ade the first and Queen Kara.

The both bloodlines of the royal family lived on and to this day, the only living royal is Damien Alexander Americus Dark Erasthai King from the very long bloodline of King’s. The Windsor’s bloodline did not continue after the death of the previous King and Queen’s only daughter as the Queen died in labor.

Before the King and Queen passed, they assigned a Mayor for Mystic Kingdom to take over until our only Prince finally claims the throne as a King on his 21st birthday.

Is this the information that Daise was looking for? Thought Cole. And with a sigh, after lunch with his mother, he kissed her on the cheek goodbye and headed to the mansion for his best friend.

Alexia looked through the book, reading the history of the country she’s known forever.

Alexia’s mind was racing but before any other question, she asks, with furrowed eyebrows, “Where did you find this, Cole?”

Cole lets out a nervous breath. He was waiting for this question since the moment he handed the book to her.

“I found it in my bookshelves. Mom said... That-that my father left it there...”

Alexia’s expression quickly changes from confusion and into a deep frown, her heart breaking slightly. Cole never had his father, never even knew him, never saw him personally. He’s always craved for a father’s care in a certain way, like how those little boys gets to play with their father and being able to ask your father for advices about girls and other stuff.

Alexia hugs him, wrapping her arms around his torso. “I hope you’re fine,” she mutters and feels Cole nod.

“I am, as long as I have my best friend. I have you.”

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