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Chapter 26

“Do you think I could keep this for a while?” I asked Cole, peering up to him with puppy dog eyes. He groans, and with a roll of his eyes, he nods reluctantly.

“I’ll get it back when I visit mom again by the end of the week, yeah?”

A surge of excitement courses through me as an idea crosses my mind, “How about I come with you? It’s been a while since the last time I saw Jenn!”

He replies with a grin, “yeah.”

I nod, hugging him before walking away.

I was about to enter the mansion when I saw Dark walking towards the other entrance of the garden, wearing a dark blue plain tee shirt and jeans with a bomber jacket. I run up to him, “Hey!”

He turns to me with an annoyed look, and a smirk forms upon his lips upon seeing me. “What do you want?”

I double over, “I-I just wanted to say hi?”

“Stay away from me,” he sneers and lets out a dark chuckle, turning away. I watch him walk towards the group of girls. Something was off about him.

He, then, grabs a girl and pushes her against the hard wall, slamming his lips against hers.

What the hell?

What’s going on? I thought...?

I breathe in and out, relaxing. What’s gotten to him again? What the hell was that?

I groan out in frustration, annoyance seeping in. “I swear to God that ass has a split personality disorder—” I grumble out while slamming the door to his room open.

"Who has a split personality disorder?”

I whip my head to the direction of the voice. And there he was, Dark still in bed, about to get up.

Okay, what the hell raised to the power of ten.

“Uh... weren’t you just in the garden?” I trail off. I watch his face contort into a confused expression, looking at me like I’ve gone insane.

“I just woke up, Alexia.”


I shut the door close with an exhausted sigh.

For fuck’s sake.

“Tsk tsk, princesses shouldn’t curse.”

“I do what I want,” I snap at him, glaring intensely.


“Did I say that out loud?” I ask, looking at him with a confused expression. He chuckles, nodding.

I cross my arms over my chest. He gets up from the bed, still in his grey sweatpants. I suck in a breath, blushing lightly.

He stands in front of me and tilts my chin, making me look into his eyes.

“Now what is this about, hmm?”

I gulp.

“I saw you... In the garden, you... told me to stay away from you and then you walked away to kiss this girl”

He lets out a sigh.

Suddenly, he pulls me to him and wraps his arms around me and resting his hands my back. “You should really stop going around without me,” he mutters.

He rests his chin on the top of my head, and we stayed there for a while.



“What changed?”

He stiffens.

I just ruined the moment, didn’t I? The best moment ruiner goes to... Alexia!

“About what?”

“You? Me? Us?”

I could feel him clench his jaw on top of my head, “Why did you become so nice to me, Dark?”

He stays silent and lets me go, placing a light, lingering kiss on my forehead before turning away to walk to his study table.

I stand there, watching him arrange stacks of papers before he snaps his head up to meet my gaze.

“I’m heading to Ace of Spades. Can you stay in here for the rest of the day? You can call Asher or something while I’m gone.”

I nod.

He, then, enters his bathroom and when I finally hear the shower running, I flop on his bed with a sigh.

Later, Dark left the bathroom and disappeared into his closet. He appeared once again in a midnight blue shirt topped with a leather jacket and jeans. I noticed something new.

A ring on his lips.

My eyes linger on it for a while as he grabs a black case. His gaze abruptly meets mine and cocks an eyebrow.

“Done yet?”

“W-what do you mean?” I reply, sounding defensive. He smirks and winks at me before turning to his back.



I slap my mouth for replying.

He rolls his eyes, the sexy smirk on his lips never leaving. “Get me the suit inside the closet and hang it inside the car.”

“Order me like I’m your maid, why don’t you,” I mutter to myself while standing on my feet and making my way to his closet.

“Heard that.”

“You were probably supposed to,” I mutter again while snatching the crisp black suit and walking out of the closet.

I wait for him to finish taking the things he needed and we both walk out of his room and to the car outside the mansion.

He presses something and the ink black car lights up, I hear the lock opening. He opens it and puts his things inside before stepping away. I hang the suit inside his car.

He slams it close and turns to me, “I’ll be gone until midnight, so if you see ‘me’ before that it’s probably not me, yeah?”

I let out a sigh and nod.

He places a kiss on my forehead before entering his car and leaving the mansion’s land.

Once his car was out of sight, I run to his bedroom and call Asher.

He picks up after a couple of rings.

“Hey princess”

“You keep calling me that,” I scoff.

“Can you see me shrugging? I hope you can.”

I roll my eyes, “Can you come here? Dark’s out.”

“Ooo, someone’s naughty. You should settle for one—”

“Oh god shut up,” I groan.

I hear him laughing on the other line and I wait for him to finish with a small smile on my face.

“I’ll be there in a bit, princess.”


Dark was bombarded with his staff inside Ace of Spades the moment he entered.

But he ignored them.

“What’s the news?” Dark asks in his usual monotone voice and his eyes that held a depth of nothingness despite the cold color of blue.

“The underground rape prostitution in England hasn’t stopped, boss. We still haven’t received a reply from the ring leader.”

“Who holds the most power in England as of now?”

“The mafia boss in England, boss. Xavier Black.”

Dark clenches his fists.

“Didn’t we make a contract about this? Why isn’t it progressing?”

“His second in command said he’s not in the country and no one listens to anyone but him.” The man answered Dark. Hoping he doesn’t miss one information.

Dark lets out a scowl.

“I gave an order to abduct one of the mafia leaders who manages the prostitution, where is he?”

“This way sir,” he replies, leading Dark while the others follow him, completely surrounding Dark’s back.

They make their way to one of the many basements of the Ace of Spades. The place reeked of blood, it hasn’t been a day since someone died here.

Not that someone doesn’t die here everyday.

The basement was cold and the floor is full of bloodstains. The walls has scratches and splashes of blood and only one red light bulb gives the room light.

If you can even call it light.

“They just took out two dead bodies before they put him here, we apologize for the mess,” the man tells Dark with a bow.

Dark ignores him and walks to the man sitting and cuffed on the chair. Fully restrained. His name was Pierre Knox, he could be just as powerful as Xavier Black.

He looks up to Dark and snarls, giving him a lethal glare. Dark just smirks sardonically. He loved this, loved how every “powerful” man looked at him with pure hatred while they were under his mercy, with no one to help them.

But Dark knows something that Peirre Knox thought only he knew.

Dark watches Pierre’s eyes glance at one man behind him before nodding discreetly. But he’s already done this way too many times.

Help doesn’t work when you’re under here.

Dark smirks before he hears a gun shot— he merely steps away, faster than the speed if light. The gunshot hit directly on Peirre Knox’s forehead; his blood hitting Dark and other men around them.

The man screams.


Dark smirks watching the blood continuously cascading down Peirre’s forehead like waterfalls.

Dark didn’t need to speak.

There was another gunshot and he hears a body fall to the disgusting floor with a loud noise.

“That was pathetic. He didn’t even last five minutes,” Dark remarks monotonously with a grimance.

A few of his men chuckles.

“Take the other one. Erick Hyland.”

“Boss, that’s the prince—”

With one swift and quick movement, Dark shoots the man.

“No one questions me.”

He could heard everyone gulp audibly.

Suddenly, their alarm started blaring.

“We’re under attack!”

Men in black and covered faces rushes inside the basement.

“Stand down! Where’s our boss?!” A loud bellowing voice shouted.

“Dead,” Dark answers him, looking bored out of his mind and staring at him with dead empty eyes. He walks to the chair where Pierre is on and kicks it.

“Pathetic and lifeless,” Dark shrugs, staring emptily on the lifeless body below him with mock sadness. He snaps his gaze back to the man, this is probably the second in command.

“Would you like to go next?” Dark asks him with no emotion at all. So much that— even if Dave Knox, the second and command and cousin of Pierre Knox, didn’t want to admit— gave him chills up his spine.

But the angered blinded him.

This pretentious egocentric psychopath murdered his cousin.

“Not exactly. He did,” Dark says, pointing to one of their men who went under cover.

Did he just say that out loud?

“If he comes close enough to Pierre, shoot him. He won’t expect it— he’ll be too distracted with his back facing you. Be quick and as near as you can.”

Dave clenches his fist.

The air was full of tension, Dark didn’t mind. He stared at the second in command blankly.

“My time is worth more than your life, be quick,” Dark states, tapping his foot.

It insulted Dave more than he could admit.

He quickly shoots at Dark.

Dark watches the bullet that merely grazed his shoulder.

“Bad aim. Too predictable. Pathetic.”

The statement only angered Dave even more. He was livid.

He pulls out a grenade.

Dark looks at it blankly.

“We all die here!” He yells.

Dark rolls his eyes, “Tie him up.”

The basement was quickly filled with the loud gunshots and bullets flying around. Dark just watched until all others died and his men ties Dave up.

He walks over to Dave Knox.

“You let your stupid worthless emotions get the best of you, that’s the reason why you die today,” Dark says.

“Give me the blade”

Dark’s men hands him the sharp, ruler looking blade and he smiles at it.

Without a single second, Dark plunges it against Dave’s chest.

Dave’s loud, piercing scream echoes through the basement. Dark smiles to himself.

Not too deep to plunge into his heart but deep enough to cut it open. Dark cuts his chest open, cutting a square while Dave continuously scream, scream for help, for mercy, for nothing.

Dark smirks as he looks at the faintly moving heart. Blood was pooling them. Dripping and covering their bodies.

Dark grabs his heart and pulls it out. Watching Dave Knox’s eyes turn lifeless. With a menacing smile, Dark turns to look at each and every one of his men inside the basement. Always full of fear that they hid from everyone but their boss.

“Could this be donated?” He asks with a dark laugh.

The whole day without Dark, Alexia spent by asking Asher to bring her to the nearest amusement park and they arrived back in the mansion by six in the evening.

Of course, Dark was still gone. So she begged Asher to stay. Once in a while through the day, Dark would call him and he would put a safe distance between them, enough that she couldn’t hear their conversation.

Asher was still Dark’s second in command. And it may not seem like it, but he manages the crimes just like Dark does.

He has to make sure they capture Erick Hyland. Finally, he could get some revenge on that prick.

Around nine in the evening, Asher excused himself to Alexia, saying that he has to catch up on sleep.

It was a white lie. He did need to catch up on some sleep but most of all, he had to arrange his plan to abduct Erick.

Alexia nods at him with a smile and thanks him for the day.

Dark called Xavier Black to the Ace of Spades by eleven.

“He was mine to kill!”

“Get over it, he’s dead.”

Xavier scoffs at Dark, he just couldn’t stand him. Dark rolls his eyes at Xavier.

They looked like two little boys fighting over one cookie.

“Tell her I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“Why the fuck would I do that?” Dark scowls.

Some nerve he has. Dark thought.

“She’ll hate you if she finds out you didn’t tell her because you’re afraid I’ll take her away from you,” Xavier smirks.

“She’s mine and she always will be!”

Xavier loved it. Loved that he had something to use against Dark.

“She doesn’t even remember you unless you show up,” Dark tells Xavier with a smirk, knowing he’ll touch a nerve.

Xavier growls and clenches his fists.

“Fix the shit in England, I don’t want to kill your pathetic enemies,” Dark states before leaving Xavier in one of the offices inside Ace of Spades.

It was a little past twelve when Dark arrived in the mansion. He unlocks his room and enters, expecting to see Alexia sleeping— he already washed most of the blood away from his body.


He turns to Alexia, buried in his bed, watching him.

“Why are you still up? I told you I won’t be home until midnight.”

“I couldn’t sleep without you...” Alexia answers, if it wasn’t for Dark’s enhanced hearing, he wouldn’t have caught what she said.

Alexia sits up on the bed, taking him in.

There was dried blood on certain parts of his body and the leather jacket was ripped on his shoulder. She didn’t know whether it was his blood on him or someone else’s.

“Why are you covered in blood?”

“I’m the Nascency, aren’t I?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Dark shrugs at her and disappears to the bathroom.

She lays back down in his bed and soon enough, Dark joins her, wrapping his arms around her.

“Xavier is leaving tomorrow.”


He nods.

“Can we go? Please?”

Dark lets out a scoff, “Why?”

“Why not?! I want to see him before he leaves!”

“He’s not important, you don’t have t—”

Alexia turns her back to him, cutting him off. She ignores him.

“Why do you even care so much about him?”

“I’m not talking to you”


But he didn’t sound sorry.

And he knows he isn’t sorry.

So sincere. Alexia thought.

Nonetheless, they fall asleep, still pressed against each other with the small tingles in their chest.

The word about five out of the perfect six getting out of the legendary room after two days, quickly and aimlessly ushered through the mansion.

No one could anticipate what was to come but they knew all too well that it wasn’t going to be pretty. Alexia was in it for quite some torture- but with the Prince that she seemed to have wrapped tightly around her finger and the Prince’s best friend, Asher, they didn’t think that the now group of five could even lay a finger on Alexia.

Alexia, however, who paced in Dark’s room anxiously on a 5 AM Monday morning, couldn’t decide whether or not to panic. She stopped pacing when she hears Dark groan, shuffling quietly on his bed.

She stopped, staring at his sleeping form from afar, and sighs. She needed to go back to school today, what was the chances that they would do anything to her?

But then again, she knew that never stopped them.

The worst the Perfect Six has ever inflicted on their victim was cutting a girls skin like she’s self harmed but done it awfully. It was the girl that Audrey’s former boyfriend cheated on her with—named Fae.

It was midway their English class when that happened, she didn’t participate, making an excuse about a performace she had to do; luckily, the five girls let her off easily.

Or at least that’s what she thought.

Later that day, the girls asked Alexia to get the salt, only to purposely trip her, making the salt land on poor Fae’s newly cut wound. Alexia remembers the piercing noise as Fae screamed and tears fell from her eyes, the five girls giggled and Alexia was horrified.

They were all called to the Dean’s office where the Dean, Arista Albert, and Madame Dior. The two women couldn’t believe that Alexia could so such thing, they took Fae’s statement.

“Her boyfriend cheated on her with me, how should I know?! He told me he was single!” Fae scoffed, glaring at Audrey. “They,” she started again, pointing at the five girls with Alexia as an exception, “cut me. And then tripped her,” she says, pointing at Alexia, “while she was holding the salt!” She finished.

Alexia walked softly on Dark’s soft carpet floor, making her way to his balcony to look outside. She watched the flowers bloom before her as the sun slowly emerged from the horizon.

She felt arms wrap around her waist from behind, making her aware of Dark’s presence. She relaxed against him, humming softly.

“Morning,” he whispered to her.


“You seem tense?”

“The girls got out the room”


“Dark, they’ll make it their mission to turn my life into a living hell.”

Meanwhile, on the lower floors of the mansion...

“She did this on purpose!” Samantha mindlessly shrieked.

Audrey scoffed at her, no matter how much she loathed Alexia, she knew Alexia wouldn’t dare set her up. Let alone all five of them— and it was an ambush on her part, Alexia wouldn’t have known.

Sadly, Samantha took on Karen from Mean Girls to a whole other level. Audrey couldn’t be too bothered.

At least she could be on the middle now.

They were walking to the third floor, on their way to their rooms. Only to be stopped by a girl, with fiery red hair that stopped to her bosom and bright green eyes, standing 5′5.

The girl gave a sickeningly sweet smile, “Get out of our way,” Audrey sneered at her with a glare.

“I want to help you ruin Alexia’s life,” the girl said. Stopping Audrey midstep, she laughs sarcastically, “Oh please, you couldn’t lay a hand on her even if you tried.”

And if you did try, you don’t want to know what happens.

The maid frowns on the 9 year old Audrey, it was her screening to acquire a room in the mansion today and saw a girl who looked like a princess in her attire, making Audrey jealous.

So she pushed the girl to the fountain. Unfortunately for Audrey, a maid saw.

Thus the situation right now. She was in front of the owner of the mansion and the school’s dean.

The maid told Madame Dior and Arista about what Audrey did. And since then, she’s been warned to lose certain things if she didn’t treat Alexia well or at least with respect.

She never understood what it was about Alexia that made her so special to everyone in the mansion. Specially to Madame Dior.

She almost didn’t get in. If it wasn’t for her father, Michael Arterberry.

She has always been envious of Alexia for some reason. And now they were almost sure that Alexia will become Queen.

“What’s your name?”

The girl beams, “Gwen Connor.”

And recklessly, Audrey nodded.

"Welcome, you’re the newest sixth member of Perfect Six.”

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