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Chapter 27

Dark and I went to school a couple of hours after. Which of course, partly separated us seeing as he was a year above.

Despite that, as I stepped foot in the building, I didn’t know what to anticipate. I didn’t know what was to come. Or if there was something to come.

But if there is something to happen, I know it isn’t going to be pretty. Earlier this morning, while the gossip of “the now perfect five” getting out of the room; all five of them entered the dining area.

Audrey, Nova, Samantha, Eleanor, and Charlotte... Only- they weren’t five.

Following Charlotte was a girl with fiery red hair, tall, and had eyes as green as the forest. To be completely honest? She was gorgeous. But as I sat beside Dark with them glaring at me so much that I could have fallen to the floor dead if looks could kill.

They took the opportunity to announce something once Madame Dior excused herself to take care of things.

Audrey stood up from her seat with finesse and confidently strode in front with her head held high.

She announced the newest sixth member of the Perfect Six. Gwen Connor.

And I realized. She was the new girl. Gwen Connor. Audrey tried to humiliate me in front of everyone by claiming my lack of loyalty to the group.

Usually, when a member of the Perfect Six says something about you negatively, it drops you away from social hierarchy. You become an insane social pariah. While when a member of the Perfect Six says something about you positively, it’s almost like an instant ticket to popularity.

That was how it has worked for years.

Once, we had someone who had been replaced by Nova. Her name was Liza, dyed dark blue hair, and striking blue eyes the color of the ocean. She humiliated and tried overthrowing Audrey as the acting leader of the perfect six one too many times that Audrey made sure to make her life a living hell after we announced her drop out from the group.

After six months, her parents moved out of the country to live in Germany when she tried committing suicide due to the excessive verbal bullying.

Madame Dior ran back to the dining room while it was happening, claiming that she left her purse. When she saw what was happening, she glared at everyone.

She gave Audrey a look that seemed to have given her goosebumps. I saw the fear flash in her eyes while Gwen Connor merely stood there with her green eyes blazing with an incomprehensible emotion as she seemed to be digging holes in Madame Dior’s head.

When I was done with breakfast, Dark whisked me away from the dining area and back to his room. Not saying a thing, but giving me simple gestures such as little kisses on my forehead and hand squeezes.

And it calmed me every time.

The first couple of hours sped without any trouble, but with a number of glances. If it wasn’t for Cole, bless his soul, who never left my side unless he really needed to, I would have been flat out uncomfortable.

But when the clock struck 12...

Cole’s mom called and asked for him to come home for a bit, something about an emergency. He gave me an apologetic smile before leaving, which leads to where I am now, standing almost in the middle of the cafeteria, all eyes on me with no table available.

My hands started to tremble and before I knew it, a plate of spaghetti was flying towards me. I instinctively flinch; closing my eyes as I wait for the impact of the plate hit me.

But it never did.

I hesitantly open my eyes only to see a body in front of me, rigid and tense.


He was glaring daggers towards the table of the now new perfect six, his nails digging into his palms with his fist clenched tightly. There was something in his eyes, frightening, like a beast- a monster- trying to escape as it yearns to be tamed.

I reach out and placed my hand on his fist. Which didn’t do much, but he moved to hold my hand, and somehow, that was enough.

In front of Dark was Asher, holding a transparent large container made of plastic, where the spaghetti covered the inside and a little bit of the sauce on the floor.

“C’mon,” Dark whispers in my ear, feeling his arm snake to my waist before guiding my body. I give him a curt nod as we turn around but when we do, I turn my head to look behind, only for Dark’s hand to prevent the movement, “Don’t,” he says with a tone full of warning that it made me shiver. I swallow a lump in my throat as a scream resonates through the entirety of cafeteria that has been rendered silence.

A girl sitting on her own voluntarily stands from her seat, anticipating Dark and I. We walk over to her table, Dark sits on the seat that surrounded the table, I notice the girl about to leave.


She turns around, looking at me with fear in her eyes, “Would you like to join us?”

She blinks rapidly, as if she couldn’t quite believe what she just heard. Asher makes himself known by taking the seat opposite from Dark and I, giving her a kind smile.

I could have sworn she almost fainted.

I look at her expectantly until finally, she nods, “Yes,” she says meekly with a shy grin. All throughout lunch, Dark’s touch never left my skin, which left infinite tingles shooting through my body and a pleasurable feeling against my chest. My heart was soaring and I was on cloud nine. His touch had the power to make me feel hot and cause goosebumps.

He barely said a word as we sat there, continuing on with our lunch until the tension slowly drained away from the cafeteria and went back to being a large room full of clamour and eyes of adjudicators that follows you around consecutively watching your every move until it becomes suffocating.

The sinful mouths started to chatter gossips, rumours with nothing but false information, slowly invading the room faster than tsunami.

But we ignored all of it, by the end of lunch period, I saw Audrey disposing her spaghetti stained dress, “this was worth more than that stupid spaghetti,” she whines but continues on as the rest waited for her.

I was about to enter my class when Dark pulled me back, I give him a confused look, “We’re going to the airport,” he grumpily says.

“Xavier is leaving tomorrow.”


He nods.

“Can we go? Please?”

Dark lets out a scoff, “Why?”

“Why not?! I want to see him before he leaves!”

“He’s not important, you don’t have t-”

I turn my back to him, cutting him off and ignoring him.

I grin, “We are?” I ask enthusiastically, only to receive a murderous glare from Dark.

“Don’t make me change my mind.”

I instantly clamp my mouth shut.

The drive didn’t take long, the airport was fairly near and Xavier’s flight was in an hour. But contrary to dangerously expeditious he normally is in driving, he drove way too slowly.

When we arrived, Xavier was about ten minutes away from the time of his take off, I scoffed silently at Dark who had a devious smirk plastered on his lips.

Xavier had an annoyed look on his face as he took Dark in sight, and with a roll of his eyes, he wraps his arms around me.

I hug Xavier tightly, “I’ll miss you,” I mumble loud enough for him to hear, but from the way a loud, irritated scoff and a mocking gag that Dark made, it was enough evidence that he had heard me.

“I’ll miss you too, flower,” Xavier responds, tightening the hug for a split second.

“That’s enough,” Dark’s gruff voice interrupted, making me pull away hesitantly- giving Dark a sharp glare. So immature.

“Watch your mouth, Alexia.”

I huff, why do I keep saying things out loud?

Before I could even say anything, a thick tension filled the air, I notice Xavier and Dark glaring at each other as if wishing they could kill each other then and there. I scoff, “Will you guys stop th-”

“Good afternoon passengers. This is the boarding announcement for flight 2247A to England. We are now inviting those passengers with small children, and any passengers requiring special assistance, to begin boarding at this time. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Thank you.”

“I guess you have to go.”

“Yeah...” Xavier trails off, pulling the handle of his luggage up.

I can hear Dark’s impatient taps on the floor, so with a sigh, I wave to Xavier goodbye as he started to walk away.

I watch his figure disappear and turn to dark with a glare, “you are such an asshole,” I mutter at him as I start to walk out the airport.

Never have the kitchen staff been so terrified than when Gwen Connor strutted into the kitchen with a sickeningly bright smile and a weird glint in her eyes.

She had planned to make the most beautiful evening for herself and the most horrifying evening for the rest of the people. Offering to help the way Alexia would, made it more impossible for the kitchen staff to day yes to her, but eventually, they did. As much as they didn’t want to admit it, they needed more help.

But Gwen Connor was the person who they needed help from the least.

So while she was getting ready in what she claimed a very “cheap” room inside the mansion, which looked far better than her original room far from her current location, that was the size of the mansion’s bathroom with creaking wood as floors and second hand bed frame. She imagined getting a room like Alexia’s, or maybe even better than Alexia’s.

She scoffs but regains her bright smile as she thinks of what was bound to happen that evening.

Alexia and Dark had just gotten home when Gwen started preparing herself for the night. After the little scene in the airport, Dark took her on a date.

Which, admittedly, it wasn’t as if she had the choice to say no. Besides, she knew she wouldn’t have said no either. But Dark is Dark, and going on a date would never change that.

They stayed at the beach, and oddly enough, Dark had this square shaped velvet black blanket in his car which they laid on the sand with a bunch of food they simply went out to get before driving to the beach. It was obscure—to feel safe in the arms of someone so dangerous; but she loathed the thought of leaving his arms.

But other than she didn’t have the choice, after that stay at the beach, Alexia still found herself inside the Ace of Spades with Dark. Guards surrounded them—no, guards surrounded her while Dark walked around the place like the king he was bound to be. Like the king he already is.

She couldn’t guess how long they stayed there, while she was left in what looked like a lounge that overlooked the whole club, Dark was somewhere below the club, when he came back, Alexia knew she should have gotten the fact that Dark will appear with bloodstains all over him coming.

Much for being creeped out by blood. She shivered, walking alongside Dark as they enter the mansion, being greeted by unfazed by the blood all over Dark. If anything, they were more surprised about the fact that he came back in this state with Alexia. Like usual, they enter the same room, Alexia changes in his closet while he changes in his room.

As if on cue, as Alexia closed the door of his closet behind her, there was a soft knock on the door.

“Miss, Your majesty, please come down. Dinner will start in a few minutes,” a soft, unfamiliar, voice calls out from behind it. Somehow, regardless of the softness of the voice, it gave Alexia goosebumps. It made her feel like something awful was bound to happen.


I turn to Dark with an anxious look, he raises an eyebrow, but with a smug smirk on his lips, it was almost as if he didn’t even need to say the words.

“I’m here, you have nothing to worry about,”

Every step that brought us closer to the dining area was downright dreadful for me. But I made it to my seat safe and sound. Dark squeezing my hand gently before letting go, we both sit.

Dinner was the same as always. But I could help but notice the uneasiness on the kitchen staff who stood on a line before the wall. Until a bowl of soup was served to me, a corn soup, that looked... darker than it should be, darker than it usually is. Behind me, I could feel a set of eyes trained on me, watching my every move from my hand taking the spoon, dipping it on the bowl of soup, until it reaches my mouth and down my system.

I waited for something-- anything, to happen.

One... two... three...

It was as if someone was waiting for something to happen as well.

Four... Five... Six...

I waited for pain, for dizziness, for anything.

Seven... eight... nine...

I waited, and I think Dark noticed.


I merely cough, tasting something bitter, it made me want to vomit. A couple of maids rush towards me with a mystified expression as I gag. One takes a spoon and tries the soup.

One gulp.

One gulp of it was all it took for her to fall to the floor. Asher immediately rushes towards the maid, checking her pulse, her heartbeat, any indication that she was still alive... But there was nothing.

“She’s dead,” were two words that made me feel like the Earth made 100 revolutions around the sun in one second. And in one second, those two words echoed in the room, silence invaded, until everyone else started running, trying to vomit everything they have digested.

But if she’s dead... Why aren’t I?

I turn to Dark with a horrified look, “Dark...”

But he was looking at something else, or someone else, for that matter. I follow the direction his eyes were trained on, and it landed on Gwen Connor. Who was sitting on her seat, watching everyone else run to vomit their guts out, and her bowl of soup, empty. There was no worry in her face, instead, she looked furious, even. Frustrated, like... something didn’t go the way she expected.

She snaps her head towards both Dark and I, there was panic in her eyes for a split second before we watch her frantically stand up and start to gag, running out the dining area.

Dark, then, turns to me.

“Dark, why didn’t I die?”

He didn’t say a word, instead, he looked deeply into my eyes.

“Poisons won’t work on you...” He quietly says, almost as though he was just talking to himself. His glances at the corpse of the maid behind me, laying on the floor, then at Gwen’s seat.

“It was her.”

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