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Chapter 28

Madame Dior was out, there were no authorities who could stop the commotion in the dining area. It was like the ball again, when men in black appeared in the dining area, lining up everyone.

No one can calm them down. Reassurance was something that couldn’t seem to work anymore.

Some girls were fighting against the men pulling them into a line. But it’s too late now, Gwen has rushed into her room, if she’s smart, she should be packing her bags now. If she’s a brave idiot... Then I would have to witness another murder. Maybe of another person, maybe of her.

Who knows?

My train of thought was cut off, there were more screamings. The bowl with the soup on my table has been confiscated.

Heading the men was Asher, who... somehow, despite being known as charming and funny, as polite and happy-go-lucky at times... he looked like he was meant to be there. In front of all these intimidating, scary, scary, men. Following his every instruction. Had I not known him before this moment, I would be scared of him.

He looked like he belong there.

And a little mouse in my head makes me think, maybe he did. Maybe he does belong there.

That was enough to make something in me wonder— Mystic Kingdom isn’t what it seems, the people, the places, the mere knowledge you have of it, they are never what they seem. Before I could ponder over the thought any longer, Dark tugs me away.

Away from the mess, away from the catastrophic event, away from the disastrous dinner, away from the horror. Until I find myself back in his room, with him.

Dark pulls me to him, at that moment. He wraps his arms protectively around my body, it takes my breath away. My heart was jumping, my lungs felt shallow.

“Why didn’t it work?”

The soup, it had poison. It killed that girl in mere seconds, it—

“Stop thinking.”

I sigh, my anxiety was eating me. Whole. Thoughts run through my head, every possible thing that could have happened, would happen, everything.

This time, he sighs, unwrapping his arms around me and taking one small step back. And that was enough to make me feel cold, empty. Like nothing of me existed. I shake my head, what am I thinking? Have I fallen in love with him that much? This is ridiculous.

He looks me in the eyes, whilst my head was spinning and my heart was beating faster than a roadrunner. Making me wonder, why do we let people have the capability of making us feel this?

I watch him as he reaches something from his left back pocket, pulling it out, a necklace dangles on his hand, with a pendant that glimmered under the light.

The pendant was a black heart-shaped diamond with a golden crown, and its edges surrounded by grecian leaves, and complemented by a small pair of wings behind it. The mere sight of it took my breath away.

But somehow, it looked very familiar.

“Turn around,” he whispered in my ear and I oblige. Soon enough, I feel the cold metal hit my skin and rest right in the middle of my chest.

“Where did you get this?” I ask, turning to him.

“It was given to me by my father when I was fourteen, said it had another identical one,” he answers before shrugging.

“Then why are you giving this to me?”

He heaves, looking into my eyes intently, “You’re mine. I don’t want you to remove it, got it?”

I paused.

“I’m yours.”

You would think, “how could things get worse inside the mansion?” at this point; but the thing is, it could.

The morning after everything happened, Madame Dior was furious. No, you don’t even need to see her to be aware of it. Everyone were knocked awake by 5 in the morning.

No one was an exception.

I knew Madame Dior isn’t stupid enough to actually hope that one person would suddenly just admit to a crime.

So after every student were bombarded with the same question over and over again— yes, including Dark and I. Like I said: No one was an exception. Not at this point. There had been so many anomalies that’s happened that even Dark was questioned.

She turned to all the kitchen staff who were lined, standing straight, like she told them to.

“Which of you were absent yesterday?” She reprimanded. Her voice resonating in the room with authority, and a lot of people admire her for this. Her strong and rightfully authoritative persona. A number of cooks raise their hand cautiously, Madame Dior turns to Angel, her secretary, she’s inside the mansion for about 10-14 hours a day, but you will barely see her around, as if she doesn’t really exist.

“Is that correct?” She asks Angel. Nodding her head to everyone with their hands raised.

Angel takes a quick look at everyone, then to a notebook, checking their attendance. When she looks up and nods to Madame Dior, they let out loud sighs of relief.

But Madame Dior wasn’t done, she looks at them sternly. She’s still mad, why wouldn’t she be? A woman just died.

“Did anyone offer any help yesterday? Particularly in cooking dinner?” She asks, and I suck in a breath as everyone gives me a glance.

“Gwen Connor offered to help prepare dinner, Madame Dior,” Theodore answers.

And as if on cue, she walks in the room, wearing a sports bra and running shorts. While literally everyone turns to her, she looks around until she realizes what was happening. She visibly pales, “I-I’m sorry, I-uh, I went for a run,” she says, trying not to stutter, to which she obviously failed to do.

“Take her to my office. The rest of you are dismissed, except for five kitchen staffs who were present while Gwen was in the kitchen yesterday,” Madame Dior announces, glaring at Gwen.

And just like that, the day went on like everyday. Except for Dark’s sudden absence throughout the day.

One of the best things in life is when you and your best friend’s free period is at the same time, and the last period.

So when the bell rung, Cole and I literally raced ourselves to his car. I was panting as I leaned on his car, “Why... do, we do... this again?” I ask in between pants.

“At, least... you won’t... mind... an extra... scoop of... ice cream,” Cole answers with a grin, also panting.

I shake my head at him with a small laugh, then we both enter his car and drive to our place. The ice cream shop we go to every moment we get to, but mostly on Fridays.

“Your treat?” I grin at Cole, looking at him with pleading eyes. He scowls but nonetheless walks to the counter to order.

“Thank you!” I shout at him, laughing to myself. And even from behind, I knew he just rolled his eyes.

Cole has and always been a great friend. The best you could ever ask for. At one point, rumors flew about he and I being in a relationship, we were that close. But to make things clear, we were like the brother and sister the other never had.

Cole comes back to our booth with two plates of ice cream, and I enthusiastically eye them. He sets it on our table and we dig in.

I close my eyes, moaning at the goodness and the cold sensation of the ice cream inside my mouth, until I hear someone choke. I snap my eyes open to see Cole, coughing as he hits himself at the chest to stop.

When he does, he glares at me, “That was awful, I think my ears almost bled.”

I hit his leg under the table, glaring back at him.

“Ow!” He exclaims. His expression in pain as he reaches down to soothe his leg. I laugh at him.

“Hey, do you remember the first time we met?”

Cole nods, “We met inside this very ice cream shop,” he smiles.

I was about 11, happily taking the strawberry flavored ice cream in a cone. I was just about to lick it when this guy bumps into me.

Which resulted to my face being decorated by the strawberry flavored ice cream that were once on my hand, in a cone.

He laughed for a good minute before he even thought of helping me.

“I’m sorry,” he apologizes, but undoubtedly suppressing the need to laugh out loud.

To make up to me, he bought me a plate of the strawberry ice cream and even agreed to shout that he was an idiot right outside the ice cream shop.

And by the end of the day, we were friends.

“I’m happy you bumped into me, even though I had ice cream all over my face,” I laugh, he follows, shaking his head.

He then looks at me for a bit, tipping his head to the side, “You... you’re sure about Dark?” He asks me suddenly.

“What do you mean?” I ask him. But I can already feel my cheeks tint.

“Oh, don’t give me that,” he replies, waiting for me to answer.

I look down the necklace he gave me last night, and slowly, I nod. Raising my head to meet Cole’s gaze again.

He lets out a sigh, “You know... I hope he’s nothing like his father.”

I furrow my eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

He shakes his head and smiles, “Nothing,” he answers, “He may be the prince but I’ll kill him if he puts you to danger,” he adds.

After that, we finish our ice cream, while talking about everything and anything. Then he drops me off the mansion.

“I’ll visit mom again today, do you want to come with?” He offers.

I think about it for a little before declining, “Maybe another day, you go bond with your mom,” I answer him, engulfing him in a hug before getting out of the car.

He drives off, and I wave goodbye until his car is out of sight.

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