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Chapter 30

I remember the day I met Dark—I also remember the day I met Xavier. Waking up this time around is direful while it seemed like kidnapping me became inveterate lately. It promised ominous threats.

But I didn’t want to open my eyes yet. There was a pungent smell of metal surrounding wherever I am that I could even begin to taste it in my tongue, I was restrained, much like that time Xavier had me kidnapped; my wrists held tightly behind the chair, but this time, my ankles were tied around the leg of the chair, the position alone made my whole body ache.

I could hear a lot of leaking, water dripping into the cold cement floor, and the loud conversation between the men who I assume were the ones who took me here.

“Isn’t she awake yet?” I hear a familiar female voice echo through the place.

It was followed by a deep chuckle, “Why don’t we have a look?”

And with that, I felt ice-cold water pour down me, making my eyes shoot open, locking with charcoal black eyes, a man looking down on me with a menacing smirk.

I couldn’t turn my head to see or look for the female voice that I couldn’t quite pin a name to; but the man in front of me gave enough reason to have my whole attention.

On his hand, is a sharp knife. Somehow glistening under the almost dim light. Outside, is silence. The sun is about to set in a few minutes.

“Very, very, beautiful...”

“Heh, no wonder the prince was quick to claim her,” one snickers from behind. I couldn’t make out his face either, my teeth was slightly chattering, still feeling the coldness of the water.

Two more men step on either side of the man in front of me.

At this point, honestly, I don’t know for sure if I’m trembling of fear, or from the cold water that I could still feel on my wet clothes and skin while soft wind rushes past my direction.

One of them, reaches his hand out to my face and caresses my cheek, I could feel the hair on my skin standing erect. My breathing quickens, my heart feels like it’s going to combust. I am paralyzed in fear.

He runs his finger down from my cheek and under my chin, tilting it up to meet his brown sinister eyes.

“So, so, flawless...” he trails off, looking at every inch of my exposed skin, I suddenly feel naked that I begin to struggle on my seat to stop him.

And I am met with a surprising sting on my right cheek; I could feel the heat off of it, the hand that met my face for a split moment to inflict pain.

I couldn’t even stop myself when my tears started to fall freely on my cheeks.

He, then, pats his palm with the knife on his hand, it was scary, and I am scared. My breathing was shallow all over and in any moment, I feel like I could forget how to breathe.

I watch the knife on his hand.

Tap... tap, tap, tap...



Then slowly, it nears my face, slowly, the tip grazes my cheek, slowly, it digs into my skin harder and harder, with more pressure.

I let out a scream.

I can feel blood trickling down my cheek, joining my tears.

There’s that voice again. A loud, loud, laugh echoing, bouncing through the walls.

“I’ll be preparing your payments. I want her dead by the time I get back.”

They continue their torment, their slow torture with my skin, cutting me open.

“She’s left,” one of them announces.

I’ve never heard and seen anything more terrifying than the looks the men exchanged and their deep, spine-chilling chuckles.

My eyes follow their every movement carefully. I swallow a lump in my throat, every step closer they took, imprinted in my mind—and dreadful.

One by one, they let the knives fall from their hand and down the floor. And the moment that the last knife hit the ground, the time seemed to have slowed down.

I start to struggle with every force I have, the ropes were slicing against my skin with every wriggle, as the buttons on my blouse started to come undone, one by one, just like the knives. The zipper to my skirt was slowly getting unzipped, and disgusting kisses was left on my neck as my hair was pushed to the side.

I close my eyes; I pray for help, for a miracle to happen, I pray for light in the darkness that I currently reside in.

For tranquillity.

I could feel hands all over my body, and I am filled with overwhelming nausea. I am disgusted by every hand on my body.

But as I stop from struggling, I focus in the rope around my wrists. I focus on the memories I’ve pushed away for so long, on the memory of getting myself untied. I mute everything, calmly attempting to free myself.

Until I couldn’t feel anything—I can only hear. I can almost hear all the rapid heartbeat of every man in the room. I hear a loud explosion, followed by shooting.

Lots of shooting.

That’s when I snap my eyes open.

"For light in the darkness,” my own voice echoes in my head as I look at the sight in front of me.

Dark was there, in the very middle, shooting every single person in his way.

One by one, like the buttons from my blouse that was coming undone just minutes ago, the men fall to the ground, lifeless.


He is unfazed with every shoot, with every life he takes; every pull of the trigger, doesn’t rattle him the least bit.

He’s dangerous.

He’s may even be the villain in the story.

Until the gun flew away from his grasp and the man in front of him hastily hits him.

But he’s still here to save me.

I notice a movement behind them as the rope loosens around my wrists. A man stood a little bit far behind them, a gun in hand, aiming at Dark.

My heart beated rapidly in panic, in fear. For him, for his life.

Everything happened quickly after, the rope behind me falls to the floor, the trigger was about to be pulled, I swing myself to the side, making me fall, ignoring the pain, ignoring the sting of every cut that made contact with the cold floor, and grab the nearest gun.

Without any thought, I pull the trigger.

[ border here ]

“She has to learn how to defend herself,” I could hear the voice from behind the door say; “We’re handling dangerous people here, not just people who want money.”

“What are you trying to suggest?” The scepticism was evident in Madame Dior’s voice.

“Can’t we possibly send her off where—”

“We can’t have chances of them meeting each other, Aaron.”

“Then we’ll have her trained here! Send one or two of his teachers to train her as well.”

There was a long pause.

“Call Everett Training Academy, then. I want her to start training tomorrow.”

“As you wish, Madame.”



“Are you cross-eyed?! Aim at the dummy!”

“You call that a punch?!”


“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT?! You think you could save yourself by running like that?!”


“You look like such a freak! You look like a monkey that got run over! I’m so much prettier than you, I don’t know why you get so much special treatment in this school, loser!” A twelve year old girl from my class tells me, pushing my shoulder repeatedly, shoving me to the wall.

I couldn’t understand what took over me but I began to be fully aware of the hidden gun that I was told to always have.

The noise around me faded until it was gone at that moment. From the moment I swiftly took the gun out and pointing it right to her chest, to pulling the trigger; then, the horrified faces everywhere.

Everywhere. Surrounding me. The amount of fear that invaded the faces of everyone, a single look at what is in front of them—a single look of what I had in hand, and the lifeless body that laid at my feet.

Then the sounds were back. The images blur differently.

[ border here ]

The bullet comes flying towards the man faster than light, hitting his chest.

This took them by surprise; somehow, Dark was quick to recover and took this to his advantage by quickly grabbing the gun near him and shooting the few remaining.

When the warehouse was clear, he runs to me, pulling the chair up then untying my ankles.

I am dazed and my knees were weak; I could feel the pain from the cuts all over my body. He supports my weight as I stand to my feet, and then sighs. I was surprised when he bent down and took me in his arms, carrying me.

Somehow, every pain in my body numbed.

“Not so fast!”



Dark doesn’t let me go, but I ask him to.

He doesn’t move.

Suddenly, he points the gun at Gwen, he doesn’t blink when he pulls the trigger.

Three times

I watched intently, but I lacked the mental capacity to react to the anomaly when Gwen healed quicker than a cheetah could run.

I couldn’t sense fear from Dark, as though he was incapable of harboring any kind of emotion. Granted, he is Dark, but when his eyes met mine, I saw the only thing I had to see.

His fear for my own safety.

Dark got distracted—this was more my fault than anyone else’s. He was obviously tired, worn out, but most of all, he was lost in me.

“Isn’t that sweet, Alexia?” I could hear Gwen, I refuse to look at her, though.

“Humans—excuse me, did I say humans?” I could practically hear the smirk she had on as she continued to speak.

“Creatures like Dark, none of my spells work on them, not even black magic. Who would’ve thought? His one true love would his own destruction,” she laughed in disgust.

“Love spells shouldn’t work on him, then again, that useless man is in love with you.”

She cocked her head to the side, examining both Dark and I. Dark holds my gaze, the love spell evidently working on him with his ice blue eyes now purple in color.

My hearing becomes sensitive out of nowhere, and I slowly felt stronger. I don’t know where it’s coming from.

Then, I heard the click of a gun, from my line of sight, I could see Gwen pointing the gun directly at Dark’s chest.

I waited for the sound before I completely shielded his body with mine, and then I waited for the agonizing pain, I waited for the impact that the bullet had.

It never came.

When it didn’t, I opened my eyes.

I took in the body shielding both me and Dark. His familiar dirty blonde hair and stature. There was blood on his shoulder, seeping out, but there were no signs of the shot of the bullet.

“Of course, the loyal warlock,” Gwen stated with bitterness lacing the tone of her voice, looking at Asher with distaste.

“And I think it’s time for you to disappear, Gwen.”

“Oh, that’s cute!” she exclaimed with a laugh. She looked at Asher directly, as if challenging him, slowly smirking, “we both know the only way for that to happen will kill you,” Gwen glances over my terrified gaze. Dark still in a trance.

What started to happen next was beyond me. Asher started to chant things in an unfamiliar language, but I felt like I’ve heard it before for some reason.

“You fool! You’re willing to sacrifice your own life for two useless lovers!” Gwen shouts at Asher, her strong voice slowly faltering.

I felt Dark move, making my attention turn to him, his expression was filled with mortification, his were eyes wide and I could feel his heart hammering against his chest.

There was black smoke transferring from Gwen to Asher, as if Asher was sucking it all out of her.

Then, I started to feel Dark shake—no, completely tremble. He looked truly afraid.

Dark was never afraid.

“Dark...” I whispered to him warily, “What’s going to happen?”

Gwen seemed to be dissolving into thin air as Asher continued chanting, his words slowly becoming incoherent.

Just then, I watched as Asher’s body fell to the ground with a loud thud, and Gwen completely dissolving as if she has never existed. My heartbeat quickened, and it became hard to breathe.

I jumped out of Dark’s arms, he stood staring at Asher’s body in shock. I rush to Asher, cradling his head to my lap, his face was pale.

I checked his pulse panicking, but felt nothing, “No!” I screamed, feeling tears falling from my eyes, “No, no, no,” I mutter in denial.

“N-no, please no, Asher. Oh go-god, no.” I sobbed, choking on my words.

I look back towards Dark, he has dropped to his knees, eyes still wide in shock, eyes glazed with tears.

“Dark, do something! Anything! Just-j-just please, do something, bring him back, please!” I sobbed out.

But the only response I got was a tear falling from his eyes. One after the other.

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