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Chapter 31

The sound of the leaking water felt like it was taunting me; because the warehouse was silent and it’s the only thing I could hear. Every drop was like a second passing, and it drove me insane.

Dark looked lost. He sat next to me while I sobbed, he stared blankly at Asher’s lifeless body. My tears couldn’t stop falling, it streamed down to my cheeks continuously.

We couldn’t rush him to the hospital. What will we say? That he died after draining out the soul of an evil witch?

“He’s—” Dark’s voice cracked, I felt him slightly flinch, as though he was about to whimper, “he’s the last living warlock.”

I knew what that meant. No healer could save him. That’s why he looked lost; helpless, even. I sucked in a breath. Asher, gone.

I stare at his face deeply, his lips slowly turning white.

My tears drop on his cheeks. I watch it glisten on his cheek, I was about to wipe it when it looked too bright to be normal.

I couldn’t comprehend what happened to me next.

I started to feel lightheaded, making me turn to Dark, only to find his eyes hazy, glazed.

And then, I feel myself pass out.

Everything was white, I felt Dark’s presence beside me, until I notice two bodies floating above us, looking down at Dark and I, they smile warmly, a man and a woman, I notice the man, looking a lot like Asher with his dirty blonde hair and amber eyes. The woman had amber eyes too. Their presence was warm and calm, almost relaxing.

“It’s time we give your life back, Kira.”

The scene, then warps into a different one.

I see myself and my big brother, Elvira and James’ son, Steven, who was already 13 at the time, go to the town. I watch myself, small and young, until I found the underground mansion, I watch the small me stumble and fall on the stairs, I follow, watching everything unfold in front of me.

Dark was there.

I met Dark before.

The six year old Dark tilts his head, look at the five year old girl in front of him who had blood gushing from her forehead.

I hear the voice of the woman earlier in my head.

“Being the innocent little boy he was, yet knowing he was unlike the other people that surrounded him. He kisses the little girl’s forehead and the wound slowly faded as if she never stumbled and fell from the strairs.”

“Hi, my name is Dark,” the little boy grins at her.

“Alexia was a shy little girl,” I watch her cheeks turn rosy pink, little Dark frowns.

Almost hearing the question in my head, the woman’s voice continues, “He feels an unfamiliar sensation in his chest and his heart started thumping wildly.”

“I-I’m scared,” the small me stutters. I was astounded when I watched the six year old self of Dark take a step closer to the little me and wraps his arms around her, hugging her tightly.

“It felt natural and right, Dark didn’t understand was he was feeling but he liked it, most of all, he liked that it felt right. Like he was supposed to do it. Like she was his.”

Then, I watch little me wrapping her arms around the little Dark’s torso, burying her face in the boy’s chest. “My name is Alexia,” she mutters.

“Alexia,” he whispers, tightening his grip around the little girl’s body. That moment, he imprinted in his mind, “Alexia is mine.”

"You’re pretty,” little Dark blurts out. Never pulling away, neither did she. I can’t help but suck in a breath.

“You’re cute,” she mutters back. “Why didn’t I see you sooner? Can I have you?” Little Dark asks,

“Naive, innocent, little Dark,” the woman mutters in my head.

“There was a very very weird feeling in his chest, yearning for the little girl in his arms, feeling protective and possessive over her.”

“Steven might be looking for me,” Little me states anxiously.

Little Dark slightly shakes.

“Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Alexia was his and that was all he could think about. She was his and that was being chanted in his head.”

“Who’s that?” Little Dark asks her, jealousy was seething from him. There was an ever present frown on his lips and she could feel it, she could even feel how tense Dark was.

"He’s my big brother,” she replies. The boy relaxes.

"Mine,” he whispers to himself.

“But the little boy hears her say, “Yours.” He shivers, his heart soars. Oblivious that everything he was feeling, she was feeling too. She was feeling how her heart was soaring as he claims that she is his. She feels the zoo in her stomach and the sparks surging through her body as he hold her. She feels her heart beating faster than a person who ran a 10000 kilometer marathon. She feels ownership over the boy who was holding her.”

“But neither of them understood what they were feeling. Why they were feeling what they were feeling. How they were feeling the way they were.”

Little me and little Dark was interrupted.

I was surprised to see Madame Dior, a younger version of her.

"“Oh no,” despite hearing his mom, they couldn’t bring themselves to pull away. It was like it would kill them if they did pull away. It was starting to become overwhelming for both kids. Their breathing started to shallow.“”

Mom. Mom. Mother. Dark’s mother. Madame Dior is Dark’s mother. Madame Dior is the Queen.

I turn to Dark beside me, just watching everything unfold.

The man and woman appeared from earlier appeared in front of us again, now standing, “Luna asked us to remove your memory of each other after that. I’m not sure if meeting each other again was a part of their plan but it wasn’t safe for the both of you to meet at a young age with the mate pull,” The man says.

“Luna? You mean Madame Dior?”

They both nod.

“Wait, mate? What do you mean mate?”

They exchange a look, “mates, soulmates,” the woman answered. Her answer made me almost sputter.

“Soulmates? Me and Dark?” They nod again, suddenly looking anxious with my reaction.

“The identical scar you have with Dark. Mates like you and Dark have, which both your parents also had, it’s a mark both of you first developed that moment you first met each other as kids. Now that both of you have grown up, and together, it will continue to develop.”

My head was spinning, it was too much for me.

What’s next? I find out that I’m not actually human?

I hear a snort beside me, I snap my head to look at Dark.

“How else do you think you’d be my mate? Of course you’re not human.”

I lost it there.

I gasp, my eyes shooting open.

I almost cried again when I see a familiar pair of amber eyes looking down at me with worry.



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