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Chapter 32

If I was being completely honest, if I had simply died earlier, I wouldn’t have minded. Even if it would leave anyone poignant, and maybe that sounds selfish, but I don’t particularly feel bothered if I had died, of the things that had been done and the things that wouldn’t be done anymore, of the things that have been said, and the things that were left unsaid. I wouldn’t have minded.

But Asher—Asher being brought back to life. That meant so much to me. And I couldn’t help but sob, like it would help me vomit out the great weigh in my chest, constricting my lungs.

Asher takes me in his arms, enveloping me in a hug, “Shh, shh, it’s okay. You’re okay. You’re fine.”

I’m not. But somehow, I felt better hearing those words.

Slowly, I calmed down, with my forceful sobs becoming soft. Asher cradled me in his arms.

“Bring her back to the mansion, keep an eye on her,” Dark’s voice subjugated the sound of my sobs. Asher looks at him with an eyebrow cocked, “Shouldn’t you be taking care of her?”

“I will, just not quite in the way she needs to be taken care of,” something in his voice dropped, it sounded so sinister, that I shivered even in Asher’s arms; somehow, Asher understood what Dark had meant, his face hardens.

A phone was ringing. It was Dark’s phone. The sound muffled in his pocket, I feel him stand to his feet, but I also feel his eyes set on me like if he would so much as blink, I would disappear into thin air.

Mate. He’s my soulmate.

It sounded odd, it dances in between the fine line of wrong and right. That he was my soulmate, that he is mine as much as I am his.

Asher stands with me still in his arms, my eyes find Dark’s, and immediately, I feel a force practically begging me to be with him instead, be in his arms, and his only. I watched his eyebrows furrow, his lips turning into a small frown, his eyes still set on mine. He looked like he wants to say something, but he doesn’t. Not even making a move to do so.

So Asher took me back to the mansion, never letting his eyes off me for longer than five seconds, and when we arrived, we were welcomed by the sound of screams--angry screams. I look around until I spotted the familiar men in black, obviously Dark’s men. While a number of them were scattered, alert in case of anything would happen, two men appeared with whom I recognized was Nova, they were holding her by her arms as she continuously tries to fight them off, she looked frantic, and she was screaming at them to let her go.

I saw the rest of the Perfect Six, being taken away forcefully as they try for every two men to let them go, screaming in anger.

“Let me go! I didn’t have anything to do with this! It was all them! I wasn’t a part of this, I swear! LET GO!” I hear Audrey yell as Asher and I walk past them. She glares at me deeply, “You! Why are you still alive?! This is your fault! Yo--mmph!” One of the men covers her mouth and nose with a handkerchief, and she immediately goes limp, losing consciousness.

Both men turn to bow towards... me before they continue to walk away with Audrey’s unconscious body.

“What’s happening to them?” I managed to croak out.

“They assisted Gwen with your abduction.”

It was sickening, hearing that. But often times, truth itself is sickening, in any way or form. There was a lump in my throat, I couldn’t swallow, I could feel my stomach twisting and turning, making me feel nauseated, all because I couldn’t wrap my head around the thought that they would go to that extent, all five girls I’ve known for almost half of my life so far.

I watched as one by one, the five of them were escorted out, the last one being Charlotte, with her head hung low in shame, barely moving. I watched because I was stuck and I couldn’t move my feet, I felt frozen, right there.

From beside me, I could feel Asher, his anger was evident and almost suffocating as though it lingered in the air. I don’t see anyone else around as we walked into the mansion, even as we entered, there was only silence. If it wasn’t for the maids lingering around, who immediately rushed to us, I would have been scared.

The silence was too loud in my ears.

We sat on one of the soft couches of the living room, the maids moved quickly, and soon enough, we were aided and had changed into clean clothes.

“Please get to bed and have some rest, Miss, Sir. We will inform Madame Dior your arrival first thing in the morning,” a woman who seemed to be their head told Asher and me before bowing her head and leaving us.

I felt panic rising up my chest and my breathing start to quicken until I felt a hand squeeze mine. I turn to Asher with an anxious look, “Can I sleep in your ro--”

He chuckles at me, shaking his head, “That was the plan. You didn’t really think I’d leave you alone, right?” he teases with one of his eyebrows cocked.

“I just--I was just--” I stammered.

“C’mon princess, time for bed.”


“Tell me, enlighten me, what did you do?” His voice was chilling, frightening.

All five girls, lined up, tied. Bound by their hands and legs to their chairs the way he remembered his soulmate was. Tied to a chair, being harassed by filthy men, his soulmate.

"I'm waiting..."

Their mouth was restrained with a white cloth in between and tied to the back of their heads, and their minds, blank; but they were shaking, both in fear, and the ice cold water poured over each of them after putting a few cuts on their skin. He did it without remorse. They were all looking up at him with nothing but fear--loud, raw fear.

“What do you say I let all these men around me have their way with each of you, hm?”

But Dark wouldn’t do that, he was at least better than that.

Though it revolted him, the image in his head, how he found Alexia in this exact building, it fueled him with rage.

Nova started to cry hysterically, Audrey rolled her eyes, despite her own fear eating at her, suddenly, all they could think was, that bitch, Gwen. This wouldn’t have happened if she did her job properly.

“Really? All this and all you girls could think of is how that hell-bound daughter of a bitch didn’t do your plans properly?” Dark lets out a laugh, his eyes shifting from one girl to another with a bitter taste in his mouth. Disgusting, all of them.

Dark could hear every tick of his watch.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Each one getting louder and louder in his ears, the anger inside him was something he’s only ever felt the day his own life crashed before his own eyes. He continues to fiddle with the Shuriken between his thumb and index finger, he continues to think.

Then, he stopped talking and it became too quiet.

Too quiet.

The Shuriken flew out of his hand without even looking.

“Aaaaah! Fuck!”

Audrey’s leg was bleeding with the Shuriken embedded. The other girls shook in fear as they watched Audrey continuously cry out in pain as her leg involuntarily trembled.

A sadistic smile graces Dark’s lips, it was sinister, scary. He was unforgiving.

“How about that, love? How does that feel?” he mocks her as tears fall from her eyes. He watches her body shake in pain until she passed out, which was almost immediately.

Dark chuckles ominously, making the girls tremble, and it wasn’t the good kind, not even the slightest. He cocks his head to the side and watches each one of the four girls before him. Then he speaks:

"Have any of you ever tried getting electrocuted by accident?"

The fear. God, the fear. He can feel it in the air—and he reveled in it. It was more satisfying than all the times he cut people inside the Ace of Spades—and Lord knows all the things that have happened in there.

A man strolls inside, pushing a table full of black cases in various sizes. Before he left, he bowed towards Dark and waited until Dark nodded as a sign that he can take his leave.

The girls cautiously watched every move and every step Dark took, they were petrified. He opens one of the cases, he takes out something, and it glistens. It looked like a choker—a collar. Silver metal, thick, and seemed to lock from the back, it came along with something small, like a remote. Dark walked closer to them, he could hear the beat of their hearts escalating, beating louder, louder, louder.

Dark stood in front of Samantha with the collar on his hand, she cringed her head away as though it would truly amount to anything. He reached his hand out and roughly tugged on the cloth tied behind her head, loosening it, then wrapping the collar around her neck.

“Listen, and listen good, you will not, and never again, touch, or even be ten feet near Alexia. Not you, not your four worthless friends, not your guards, not even some fucking hired assassin. You got that?”

“I’m not listening to you, Kira’s a little slut and she has you wrapped around her little fing—“ she choked on her words with the pain on her neck, zapping her. The collar felt like it was getting tighter and tighter, strangling her.

“Brave, aren’t you? After having seen what I did to...” he walks in front of Audrey’s still unconscious body tied to the chair, “this girl,” he spits out with bitter disgust, then kicks the chair forcefully. It falls to the floor with a great impact, Audrey’s head hitting to floor with an alarming thud. This erupted restrained squeals from the three other girls.

Samantha kept choking and looked unable to breathe, “What? Can’t take a little electricity, hm? Not so brave now, are we?” Dark taunts her, then makes his way back in front of her, dangling the remote of the shock collar in front of her face, “See this? What if I, hm, maybe put it on a maximum?”

Tears started flowing down her cheeks, forcing to shake her head, her eyes pleaded, “No, please.”

Dark frowns at her mockingly, “Can’t take it anymore?”

She tried to nod, a harsh sob painfully escaping her throat. He chuckles, “I actually pity all of you, y’know,” Dark says, “I don’t usually deal with people like the five of you, it almost makes me want to let you guys go,” all of them so terrorized, then hopeful with the thought of being freed to even notice that as he talked, the rest of the three were going to have a shock collar of their own wrapped around their necks

“Psych,” Dark merely smirks. Then, they noticed the collars on and started to scream loudly against the cloth, their screams were cut short, though, as all the collars started to shock them, making them choke, barely any sound coming out from their mouths.

But the night wasn't over, not yet.

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