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Chapter 4

THE NEXT DAY I didn’t know what to do anymore. There were no telephones, cellphones, laptop, or computer in sight so I didn’t know how to ask for help. I doubted Mary, the woman who kept an eye on me since dinner, would help me.

At least I can eat as much as I want. While I was eating breakfast this morning, I asked Mary where Dark was and when she said, “His majesty went to school, miss,” I almost lost it.

But I’m stuck in his boring mansion with no exit. Really, I even tried to go through every door I see, the fact that Mary didn’t even stop me, there were no exits. I might as well rot and die here for all I know.

As beautiful as the mansion was, it was also over the board creepy in some way and quite suffocating due to the window-less walls.

I mean, who the hell builds a mansion without walls and exits?

With that said, I wandered around the mansion until my legs gave out. It was around 3 PM when he came back and I was lying on the sofa, watching TV with food all over the table. When he came back, he didn’t acknowledge me, it was as if I wasn’t even there at all, like I didn’t even exist.

“Mary, call David over to my study”

He started to walk away.

“Hey!” I call out to him but he doesn’t stop walking, I chase after him and grabbed his hand as fast as I could all the while yelling, “stop!” When I caught his hand, he easily pinned me against the wall and my eyes went wide in shock.

When I imagined a guy pinning me against a wall, I certainly didn’t think it would involve me getting strangled, but that was what happened yesterday and I am beyond sure that there was more than a half percent chance that it would happen. So imagine the horror when he pinned me against the wall again.

I swallow a lump in my throat, I could almost hear my heart beating against my chest erratically and as painfully attractive as
Dark was, it definitely wanted because of I liked him so much to that extent. “I don’t appreciate people wasting my time, love,” he whispers against my ear.

“I- I just- was- I was,” I stuttered stupidly, how could I not? His lips were grazing my neck teasingly!

“I don’t know whether your heart is beating so fast because you’re sickeningly in love with me or pathetically frightened”

The latter, you egoistical asshole.

I squeeze my eyes shut, I could feel my lips tremble and goosebumps appear on my skin. “For fuck’s sake,” I hear him mutter and the heat his body was radiating vanished. I flutter my eyes open, only to meet his icy blue ones.

“Out with it,” he spat, looking irritated.

“When are you going to let me go?”

“Next month,” he answers me casually as if going missing and coming back a month later was an everyday thing. I should have known this man is a total psychopath.

He scoffs, making me frown, “you can’t do that!” I argue, he cocks an eyebrow, “sweetheart,” he starts, leaning again once again. I swear he knows how intimidated I feel whenever he does that.

“I can do that just as much as I can enjoy killing you,” he hisses and stalks away. I take in a deep breath but it was no use, the whole place lingered of his alluring scent that seems to hypnotize me. How can I survive a month here? And why? That’s exactly when he moves to the mansion...

The next several days, I didn’t dare cross him anymore. I certainly didn’t want to die yet. I often wonder if anyone had gone searching for me, posting missing posters all over the damn country, if Mom and Dad had been worried about my sudden disappearance, how Ofelia was doing, how Cole was doing and what was happening in school.

A knock on the door cut of my train of thoughts and before I could even say “come in,” the door slides open revealing a very shirtless Dark.

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

No! What is this? Stockholm Syndrome? Stop fantasizing over Dark!

“Why are you shaking your head like that? Have you gone completely mad?”

I glare at him, “fuck off, you’re one to talk,” I reply without thinking.

He clenches his jaw and I silently pray for my soul. He closes the door and locks it, why did he need to lock it? He walks over painstakingly slow and when he reaches in front of me, he grabs a handful of my hair and tugs it, my back against him and my head tilted to see him, “I’m going to send you back the day after tomorrow,” he says, I was about to celebrate in my head when he tugs on my hair again, harsher this time.

“I hear one word out your mouth about all of this, I will not fucking hesitate to torture you until you die,” he adds with so much threat in his voice, so much promise. “You get back out there, you got home from London, Madame Dior told you to go, you went on a vacation with Mira there and you weren’t able to tell anyone. If you so much as tell an ant about what happened here, believe me, I will know.”

“Now tell me, what happened?” He asks.

“I-I went on a vacation in L-London with Mira, Madame Dior’s daughter, a-and I- I wasn’t able to tell anyone,” I say, hoping he would let go of my hair, my scalp and my neck started to hurt and I was in a very uncomfortable and awkward position.

“And what will I do to you if you tell someone?”

“Y-you will torture and kill me”

He smirks, I thought he was going to let go of my hair but boy was I wrong. He tugs on my hair as if it was my leash and leads me to a room. Being too focused on the almost unbearable pain, I failed to realize that he was dragging me, by my hair, to the bathroom.

I heard the water started running.

He momentarily lets go of my hair and turns the water on, filling the bathtub, then grabbing a handful of my hair once again. My hands were held tightly with his left hand while his right hand held on my hair painfully tight. I try to wriggle out of his hold when I realized what he was planning to do but to no avail, it did nothing but make his hold grow tighter. He tugs on my hair harshly, making me scream in pain.

“Why don’t I give you a taste of one of the things I will do to you if a word gets out?” Is all he says before turning the water off and pushing my head underwater.

I close my mouth as quickly as I could, wriggling out of his grasp until I was losing oxygen, making me open my mouth involuntarily underwater.

As if heaven heard my prayers, he pulls me out of the water and turns my head to face him, “are you going to tell anyone about this?” He asks menacingly. Who would have thought such a beautiful face of a man has the capability to do this?


Before I could finish my answer, he plunges my head back underwater. Water enters my throat involuntarily in shock, I feel like my legs would give out any moment, I started trashing my body around in attempt to escape his grip, feeling helpless.

He pulls my head out of the water once again, making me gasp, “this is fun, don’t you think?” He says with a sadistic smirk. I wanted nothing more than to hit him and knee him where the sun doesn’t shine to wipe that fucking smirk away from his face.

He tugs on my hair roughly, “I don’t like repeating myself, love.”

He plunges my head underwater for what felt like the hundredth time and I scream, I tried to kick him but it did nothing. He slowly pulls my head out out of the water, still smirking, “now wasn’t that fun?” He grins and leans in, his lips hovering my right ear, “and it’s only the beginning.”

He suddenly pushes my head underwater again and I hold my breath as long as I could until he pulls me out of the water and I push him instantly, catching him off gaurd. I leave the bathroom and run to the corner of the room. I slide down the corner of the wall as tears started to relentlessly fall and cascade down my cheeks, I put my hand over my mouth, muffling my own sobs. My body was shaking and my clothes was wet, I see him walk out of the bathroom from my peripheral vision, making me press my back into the wall as if it would swallow and hide me from him.

He looks around the room and spots me, he stands there, staring at me as my body shook and I sobbed. His gaze was so intense that it made me feel colder than the water did, I hug my body as if it would make me feel warmer. I didn’t.

He takes slow steps, closing the distance between us. I suck a breath as he kneels in front of me, examining me.

I stare at his hands, it slowly clenched and turns into a fist, I thought he was going to hit me. So when he moves his hand to reach out to me, I instinctively flinched.

His jaw clenched at that.

I was astonished when he took my body in his arms and stood up.

Is he going to drop me in the bathtub? End my life? Is he going to kill me?

He places me on the bed.

"Sleep,” I hear him whisper in my ear and slowly, my eyes started feeling heavy, I close my eyes, falling into a dreamless sleep.

When I woke up, I was out of my wet clothes, instead, I was in an oversized white tee. Nothing but an oversized white tee. With the comforter covering my whole body, all that I could smell is him. That enticing scent, so sinful yet so beautiful, just as he is.

“You’re awake,” I hear him from the corner of the room, sitting on the same chair he did the last time.

“D-did you—?”

“Undress you? Put my shirt on you? Yes. Any problem with that?” He asks. He made it sound like it was as if having a stranger— much less someone who just drowned you— change your clothes and see you naked was more than normal. He cocks an eyebrow as if challenging me to complain about it.

I complained about it... In my head.

“No, I—” I was cut off by a knock on my— I mean, the door. The door slides open revealing Mary with a tray of food, Dark nods at her and she proceeds to walk over me. I sit up as she places the tray in front of me then leaving as quickly as she could.

I stare at him. This man has serious mood swings. Maybe he’s bipolar? Or does he have a split personality? Like the one on the TV show I watched—

“Will you just fucking eat?” He suddenly snaps, glaring at me. I slightly jerk in shock before taking the spoon and fork in my hands and started eating. The eerie silence in the room didn’t help the fact that I could feel him watching me as I ate and the almost suffocating yet neglected tension engulfing the both of us.

I set the spoon and fork down, finally finished the absolutely delicious food that Mary had prepared. “You’ll see your phone is inside your bag beside the bed tomorrow,” he starts, “I hope you haven’t forgotten about what happened, and let’s hope you won’t forget it once you walk out of this place,” he continues with a clear warning in his voice. I nod, still shaken by what happened and what he did.

God forbid any chances of me ending back here.

“My butler Eric will drive you directly back to the mansion,” he adds. I nod again, I feel like that’s all I have to do, nod and agree to whatever he says. It was clear that whatever he says goes.

That he gets everything he wants.

But I’m going to see him in two weeks, what could happen? Should I act like I never knew him before when he arrives in the mansion? I hope the rest didn’t get too suspicious about my sudden “disappearance with Mira.”

“Your clothes are in the bathroom, you’ll leave tomorrow” is all that he says before he stands up and walks out the door, leaving the room altogether.

I sigh, I’m finally getting out of here. But didn’t he say he’s letting me go the same day he’s moving to the mansion? It’s only been two weeks. What changed his mind?

One more night. One more night and I’m finally free from him. I’m never going to cross him again, it will be as if we never met. None of this happened.

And so the rest of the day, I didn’t see him, not even the slightest. I didn’t bother asking Mary about it anymore, scared that she might get the wrong idea. Mary was silent, but nice and polite, slightly like Ofelia... I wonder how Ofelia is doing? Had Madame Dior assign her to a different student?

I felt homesick.

And that mansion isn’t even really my home.


When I woke up the next day, my bag was beside me along with my dress. It wasn’t something that surprised me, if he can make up a story about my absence and make Madame Dior go with it, then he can surely have someone get me my clothes.

I take his white tee from under my pillow which I guiltily hid from him because I guiltily wanted to keep his tee.

I stuff it inside my bag, where my uniform was neatly folded inside as well, and searched for my phone, once I found it inside the bag, I took it out and tried opening it. It turns on, making me let out a sigh in relief.

Suddenly, it started vibrating like crazy, I was bombarded with message after message and missed calls. Cole, Mom, Audrey? Nova, Samantha. It was an unending spam of messages from them that I decided to put it down and change into my dress.

Later, someone knocked on my door.

“Come in!” I shout, too lazy to get out of the bed as I play on my phone.

“Miss,” I turn to Mary with a smile, “Eric has arrived to drive you back to the mansion,” she says, I nod, smiling at her.

I took my bag and got out of the bed, leaving the room. Mary guides me out of the room and into the living room, where stood a man looking at his early 40′s. He bows at me, “I’ll take it from here, Mary,” he says before turning to me, “Please follow me, Miss.”

I nod, following him. The way out of the mansion was something I could never know nor memorize. Door after door, hallway after hallway, room after room. It was like a labyrinth and it made me question, just how big exactly was this mansion? I heard that both royal families who were the founder of the country lived here. I could get lost in this place...

Suddenly, darkness engulfed me and I couldn’t see a thing. Oh god, is this some sort of trap?

“Alexia,” I shiver.

Goodness gracious, that voice...

I could feel him, right behind me. And in that exact moment, the place brightened. My eyes widen, this is the pathway...

I feel him lean in, “one word about all of this—”

“I die,” I cut him off, finishing his threat. I feel him smirk and his hand on the nape of my neck, holding it firmly as we make our way to the staircase... I notice the poster that Audrey told me about when we were here. The walls were painted red with a pattern of gold crowns, there were nothing more other than the poster, and as we walk, everything turns dark from behind us.

As soon as placed my foot on the first step up the staircase, his presence vanished like a bubble popping in thin air.


“Miss please carry on,” Eric, the butler, cut me off. I nod before slightly tilting my head to look back but he stopped me again, “Miss please focus on your steps and don’t look back.”

I purse my lips, why can’t I look back? Why did he suddenly disappear?

I was ushered inside an expensive looking car and inside, I see Mira. She smiles at me reassuringly. I smile back at her as my heart started beating frantically with anxiety, making me take long deep breaths to calm down.

“There will be a luggage that we have to put in our rooms, just go along with everything if you know what’s best for you, okay?” She says when the car stops, right in front of the mansion. I nod at her and open the car, stepping out, in front the mansion was Madame Dior, Ofelia, the perfect six, Caleb, and Cole.

Mira runs to Madame Dior and hugs her, “I missed you so much, Mum!” She exclaims. Wow, talk about acting skills. Eric hands me my ‘luggage’ and I smile at him.

“Thank you,” I say, and he merely nods with a polite smile.

From my peripheral vision, I see Cole running up to me as I take my luggage. He takes it from me, “let me,” he says. I grin at him gratefully and wrapped my arms around his torso.

“I missed you, Cole”

He snickers, “you didn’t even tell me you were leaving,” I pull away, looking at the frown on his lips.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that it was—”

“On short notice, I know,” he pauses, and looks at me for a moment, “I missed you too,” he adds, kissing my forehead.

I smile at him and we enter the mansion like the past two weeks never happened.

But it did

And I don’t think it ends there.

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