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Chapter 5

OPENING THE LUGGAGE was scary for me. Who knows what could be inside the luggage? It seemed slightly heavy and full, so I don’t know what to expect...

Taking all the will I had, I started to unzip the luggage slowly, once I fully opened it, I took a deep breath and flipped the cover open.

It was full of clothes?

I cautiously took one of the many folded items of clothing and held it up to examine it. It was some kind of blazer with gold patch and badges, like the one a... Prince would wear... Oh my god.

It’s a luggage full of his clothing!

Why would—?

My thoughts were cut off by screaming and ear-splitting squeals coming from outside and some inside the mansion. It’s wasn’t one of those screams you hear in a horror movie where someone sees the ghost, or when someone gets murdered in a thriller movie, it was screams of shock and excitement.

There had been so many lectures about indoor voice, specially at seven in the evening. Suddenly, I hear someone knock on the door frantically, “who is it?” I ask loudly while zipping the luggage and quickly hiding it.

“It’s Ofelia!” I hear Ofelia shout, there was so much rush in her voice that I ran to my door and quickly opened it and without missing a beat, she rushes inside my room with panic, ”His majesty has arrived, come!”

Before I could even say a word, protest, or let the news sink in, she pulls me out of my room, down the stairs, out of the mansion and positioned me before the doors, facing Mira, once again, who stood on the left side of the door. I can see a limousine on the end, every girl lined up from me to the front of the limousine, and I knew everyone was wondering one thing above all.

Why did the Prince arrive two weeks early and at seven o’clock in the evening?

I hear a couple of girls snicker, looking at me with disgust, ”how desperate,” I caught on as they eyed me from head to toe.

But fear covered my curiosity as to why he arrived so suddenly and so early, and my anger with the girls who called me desperate as if they knew me. Soon, I can see girls bowing one by one and his familiar scent enter my nostrils— but that was the problem, his scent came with his presence, and it was starting to become all too familiar to me.

Girls near me started to straighten up. Only, we weren’t prepared, no one was. We were supposed to be wearing those corseted dresses for when he arrives and look our best. In this circumstances, however, most girls were wearing sundresses or a blouse paired with shorts or jeans.

“Dear Lord!” I hear Madame Dior’s voice dripping with horror, cutting my train of thoughts. She was looking at me— or to make it more clear, my attire— with mortification, ”Miss Montgomery! What in heaven’s name are you wearing?!” She shouts again.

He, however, has one eyebrow cocked and a smirk playing on his lips.


“Madame Dior! I apologize, I dragged Kira all the way here so hurriedly that I didn’t—” Ofelia rushes, I feel myself turning red, everyone was looking.

“Had I not I told everyone to always be ready? Just— what are you wearing, Kira?!How could you wear just a white shirt?” Madame Dior was fuming.

His white shirt that stoped a few inches above my knee and my shorts. Can you blame me? I was in my room!

“I have shorts underneath!” The words left my mouth before I could even stop to think about it, Madame Dior’s face was red with a mix of horror and anger as some of the girls snicker at my response. She was about to say something when Dark spoke.

“It’s fine, Madame Dior. I quite like the sight,” I almost choked, my eyes bulging, I hear couple of girls coughing while most girls sighed dreamily as they heard his voice, probably for the first time.

“Ofelia, please get Kira changed. As well as the other handmaids, please get the girls ready!” Madame Dior announces, dismissing everyone outside the mansion. We rush inside the mansion and into our rooms while Madame Dior along with Dark and Mary headed to the living room where the boys were.

I just had to be so lucky to be the only one in such ′revealing’ attire. I look at myself in my full body mirror, huh. It did look like I was wearing nothing else.

Ofelia came back into my room with Mrs. Wendy, holding out the corseted gown.

“Hello, Mrs. Wendy!”

“Good evening to you too, dear,” she greets, smiling. “You made quite an impression to the Prince earlier,” she laughs. I feel my cheeks flush red.

If you only knew.

“We only have an hour to prepare,” Ofelia says, and I nod.


“No, dear. You can’t change seats with Audrey,” she cuts me off before I could even say it, with finalization.

“How did you know?”

“Cole,” she simply answers as Mrs. Wendy started setting up the dress.

“Of course,” I huff.

For the whole hour, it consisted a lot of breathing in, a lot of complaints from me, a make up session, curling of hair, product from product, and argument about which pair of heels I should wear.

When I was set, both Ofelia and Wendy rushed me down and into the dinning area, it was like the day they announced that Dark would arrive, all over again. Only this time, it was more grand, albeit so abrupt, more prepared than before.

Ofelia guided me to my assigned seat, making sure that I don’t switch with Audrey, and from my peripheral vision, I can see her glaring daggers at me, Mira was already seated across me— Madame Dior, Caleb, and Dark have yet to appear.

I heave out a sigh, unreasonably nervous. Any minute now...

"Ladies, gentlemen...” I hear Madame Dior start, entering the dinning area, wearing a corseted gown like every girl was but in a velvet red color and different designs.

“I’m pleased to announce that Prince Dark Erasthai, heir to the throne as a king of our country, Mystic Kingdom, has arrived and will be staying for the rest of the year,” she announces, everyone sits up straight, looking forward as they await Dark’s appearance in front. Soon, his alluring scent filled the room, and everyone sighs as he appears, standing tall and proud on Madame Dior’s right with Caleb following from behind him and standing on his mother’s left side.

We stand from our seats.

Dark is a very beautiful example of beautiful yet deadly. His white blonde hair and icy stare, tall frame, intimidating yet attracting like a black hole sucking you in.

Such a beautiful man... If only he wasn’t psychotic.

His gaze lands on me and cocks an eyebrow. Even with such nonchalant facial expressions, he still seemed stoic and void of any emotion— like that of someone who isn’t capable of feeling. I turn my gaze, anywhere but him.

“His majesty’s presence in the mansion is very tectonic to us, for we will be his people who he will be ruling over. This occurrence also gives our future King, Prince Dark, the chance to meet our future Queen,” the room was then filled with giggles and hardly composed squeals by girls, Madame Dior turns to look at me and smiles warmly— the kind that a mother gives you. That kind of smile.

I smiled back at her, it was then that I noticed the similarities she and Dark has. The same icy blue colored eyes, blonde hair, and shape of lips— compared to Mira’s green eyes and Caleb’s brown eyes and thick lips, though they’ve always said that Mira and Caleb inherited most of their father’s side’s features.

“With no further ado, please take your seats, dinner will be served.”

Madame Dior guides Dark on the seat beside me, making me suck a breath nervously as he took his seat.

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but shouldn’t Dark, as a prince and future King, be sitting on the head table?

A line of maids entered the dinning area with different dishes on their hands as they served each, placing them on the tables. It almost felt like a fairytale, like I was in a palace...

Dinner with as half eventful and half not. Dinner consisted of our skin brushing against each other, dinner consisted of almost everyone watching our table, most particularly Dark, as they ate.

Dinner consisted of my skin burning when the maid spilled the very hot bowl of soup, making me shriek and jerk my hand away when I was reaching to take my glass of wine.

Dinner consisted of Dark ”taking care” of the burnt area on my arm by wrapping his handkerchief on my arm which was stinging so painfully that tears fell from my eyes as Madame Dior scolded the maid.

He tied his handkerchief after he wrapped it around my arm, everyone watched. After that, his cold blue eyes looked into mine, “are you okay?”

If I hadn’t known him before this, I would have fainted by him simply doing what he did. I almost swooned.

So different yet so similar to the man he was in the underground mansion.

“Yeah...” I trailed off.

After that, Madame Dior announced a couple of things about certain changes and the fact that we will be seeing more of Dark, even in school. Then dismissed everyone before telling me to rest.

Ofelia followed my room after that, “Ofelia, I’ll be fine,” I laugh as she helps me out of the gown, “I didn’t break my arm, it just got burned.”

“Hush dear, let’s just get you to bed so you can rest, it’s been a long day for you, isn’t it?”

I nod at her in agreement. I just came back, and now he’s here as well.

I sigh as the gown slips from my body and step out of it. Ofelia takes it and heads to my closet. I remember his luggage in there and internally panic.

“Ofelia, it’s fine, I’ll take my clothes,” I say, stopping her from getting closer to the closet.

“Nonsense, dear! Let me—”

A knock cuts her off and I rush inside my closet, startling Ofelia.

I quickly take my baby blue night gown and slip it on after pushing the luggage behind all the clothes in a hidden compartment.

“Jesus Christ!” I hear Ofelia faintly exclaim from outside, I furrow my eyebrows in confusion and twist the doorknob open, stepping out of the closet to see Dark outside my bedroom and Ofelia standing there in shock.

They both turned to me.


We only stared at each other, it remained silent, and Ofelia took this as a sign to leave.

“Your highness, my lady,” she bows, Dark steps inside my room, making me hold my breath as Ofelia leaves my room completely and the door to my room shuts close. He eyes me, observingly. I start to play with my fingers with no idea what to do or say.

“Are you going to stop fidgeting or am I going to make you stop by cutting all of your fingers?”

I gulp, separating my hand from each other and letting it fall to my sides awkwardly, “Is—” I cut myself off as I heard my hoarse voice and clear my throat, “Do you need something?”

“My luggage.”


“What do you mean ‘oh’? Where is it?”

I resist the urge to scoff at his rude remarks and twist the door knob to my closet open, “It’s here,” I say, he stalks towards me as I step inside my close before I could even protest and tell him to stay where he was instead.

He looks around the wide closet and turns to me, “Well?”

Such an impatient royal asshole.

I bend over, getting in between the hanged pieces of clothing and opening the hidden compartment.

I hear him take a sharp and slightly shaky breath. “Your underwear.”

Such a short sentence, so much horror. I immediately stand up, my cheeks flaming red as I tug my nightgown down, only to reveal more of my cleavage.

“For fuck’s sake!” He practically growls, taking his shirt off.

Taking his shirt off?

Wait n—

He hands me his dark blue shirt. I stare at it, dumbfounded. “Fucking put it on,” he orders and I quickly oblige, taking it from his hand and putting it on.

The faster I get his luggage, the faster he leaves.

I turn around, about to get the luggage again, when I feel him behind me, the heat his body radiating to mine and his intoxicating scent. I almost moaned.

He leans into my ear, “I don’t know if you’re doing this on purpose or if you are no less than a naïve, clueless girl,” he whispers and tugs harshly on the tshirt. I look down to see the front remaining hitched up, reaching only to my hips.

I hurriedly tug the tshirt down, making it reach my knees and bending over to open the compartment when he told me to stop.

“I’ll get it,” I hear him feel the lock, “what’s the code?”

“0314,” I answer him silently, and hear it click open almost immediately, he takes his luggage out and closes the compartment once again. I stand there awkwardly and hoping he wouldn’t notice that it wasn’t zipped all the way it should be or the small mess I created on his neatly folded and arranged clothes.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” he states, looking directly at the undone zipper of the luggage.

"But satisfaction brought it back,” I mumbled under my breath. He reaches his hand behind him and into his pocket, I merely watch every move he makes, he pulls his hand out with some kind of ointment. He hands it to me.

I look at it.

“It will help cure the scar of the burn,” he says as he puts it on my hand and walks out of the closet and out of my room along with the undone luggage of his clothing.

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