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Chapter 6

I WOKE UP AT THE ungodly hour of four am after that night and I couldn’t seem to fall back into my dreamless sleep.

Because of this, I decided to head down and to the kitchen and help cooking. Sometimes I would wonder how, even when they’re so many, the chefs and maids are able to cook food for more than five thousand people three times a day.

“Hey guys!” I greet the cooks and maids inside the kitchen with a smile and rhey turn to me with a knowing one.

“Hey Kira, isn’t it too early?” Asks Theodore, our main chef and the best book you’ll ever come across. Also a fatherly figure inside the mansion.

I smile dismissively, “I can’t sleep anymore,” I simply state, looking ove the ton of ingredients inside the humongous kitchen.

“So what’s for breakfast?”

“Omelette, French toast, crepes, triple berry smoothie, cups of coffee and tea— we weren’t notified which the Prince prefers—”

“Oh, sweet coffee!” I exclaim before I could stop myself. I remembered the coffee I accidentally drank while I stayed in Dark’s— which I loved since it was sweet— and later, Dark stormed inside the kitchen, demanding where his coffee was.

Turns out, it was his.

He was giving one of the maids hell. By that, I mean what seemed like a ten minute lecture that involved a lot of threatening. I felt so bad that I end up admitting that it was my fault.

He glared at me when I admitted that I accidentally drank it.

Then he stormed out of the kitchen.

I apologized to the girl but she just gave me a tight lipped smile. I couldn’t blame her, though. His words weren’t directed to me but even I could tell the difference between simple lecture and hell.

I internally cringed as I hear his faint voice shouting at the maid in my head back then.

That’s when I snapped out of my thoughts and everyone in the kitchen was giving me a wondering look, “How do you know that, Kira?”

“Uh.... Intuition?”

They only looked at me unconvincingly but decided to get back to what they were doing.

I frown, Theodore didn’t even finish the list of dishes for breakfast.

“So how can I help?”

I decided to leave them to the cooking after an hour and took a bath. After that, Ofelia was already entering my room with another dress.

“Again?” I ask, exasperatedly.

“Sorry, dear, but yes,” she nods as she closes my bedroom door and locks it. She nears me and tells me to stand in front of my vanity.

While she was tying up the laces to my corset, she asks, “So why did the Prince come?”

I swallow a lump in my throat, “He was just checking if the burn was okay and gave me this ointment to help remove the possible scar,” I answer her as nonchalantly as I could.

She turns to look at me through the mirror, “Alright,” she nods. “Let’s head down for breakfast,” she says, stepping aside, and I turn around, walking to my door and opening it.

One of the rules in the mansion was your handmaid is always supposed to be behind you as you walk, unless they have to guide you in front.

Stepping out of my room, the door opposite mine, opens and closes. I look up, excited to finally see who was in the same floor as me.

My eyes widen and a gasp escapes past my lips.

“D—Your majesty,” I curtsy.

My luck keeps running out, doesn’t it?

He nods in acknowledgement and takes a step, only to stop again and turn back to me.

He looks at me in the eye then offers his right arm, bent at the elbow with the forearm parallel to the floor. I stare into his emotionless winter-like icy blue eyes and hesitantly link my arm loosely around his, taking a step closer to him.

I hear Ofelia follow out of my room and closing my door behind her.

My heart was beating erratically against my chest and I could barely breathe. The way I felt while I am around this man is like a love-hate relationship of a couple.

I hate him yet I am undeniably attracted to him, even by his simple presence.

We walk to the stairs, side by side. I didn’t know why but it was nerve wracking.

As we approach the last couple of steps down the stairs, he discards his arm from mine. I thought that it was because we were finally down the stairs and everyone else would see— but I was surprised when I felt his arm snake around my back and places his hand gently on my waist.

My breath hitches.

We were finally down the stairs.

The people in the hall stares as we walk past them and into the dinning area. Madame Dior was already in her seat, along with Mira and Caleb, as well as the majority of the people.

The whispering starts in the dinning area and turns into a loud chatter. Madame Dior looks up and sees both of us.

A smile spreads across her face.

Dark guides me to my seat, pulling it out and making me sit, then pushing it in.


I mentally shake my head and slap myself.

He takes his seat beside me. “Good morning, your majesty,” Madame Dior nods to Dark. Mira and Caleb copies her.

Dark nods at them, the way he did upstairs.

Soon, everyone in was in the dinning area and we started eating. I notice Ofelia being the only one who serves me, not that I minded or I was complaining, but it wasn’t like that— before last night.

I decided to go with it.

After breakfast, everyone headed to their rooms to change into their uniforms, and so did I. As I was about to head down, where the rest of the perfect six would be, Ofelia stops me, ”I remember hearing Madame Dior say something about you being His majesty’s guide in school, Kira.”

I simply scowl, no one may see him but I knew for a fact that he does go to school enough to not need me as his guide.

I gave her a nod, heading downstairs and into the living room where Audrey, Eleanor, and Samantha stood, waiting. “Where are the others?” I ask, Samantha points behind me as I near them, I look behind me, seeing Nova and Charlotte going down the stairs.

It was then I notice the fancy set of jewlries they had on.

I cock my eyebrow at them.

When Nova and Charlotte reached us in the living room, we turn to leave, only to be stopped by Madame Dior’s voice from behind us.

“Ah, the perfect six, yes?”

We turn around, meeting Madame Dior’s gaze, Dark, standing beside her with a passive expression. I failed to realize that I’ve kept my eyes on him until he stares back into my deep black colored eyes.

I look away.

“Kira,” Madame Dior turns to me and I shift my gaze from the floor to her face, attentively.

She, Madame Dior, then turns to the rest of the group, “I hope you girls don’t mind if His majesty borrows your friend?”

“Not at all!” They push Audrey forward.

Madame Dior lets out a laugh, “I meant Kira, girls,” she leans, taking my wrist and tugging me beside Dark. From where I stood, right beside him, Audrey’s discreet yet burning glare directed to me.

It was in her eyes, in her hard stare, I could feel the jealousy radiating as Madame Dior excused me and Dark rests his hand on my waist.

The car ride to school with him was as silent as I wanted it to be, thinking it would be best for me to stay silent.

Only, when we finally arrived and got out of the car, I wasn’t able to keep my mouth shut for long.

“Why am I guiding you? You already know your way around.”

He only pinches my side, making me wince in pain as he stared straight ahead, ignoring me.

I only sighed, I was more or less his maid or personal assistant for the whole day, only speaking when needed to, like, “is this subject for Monday?”

Being stuck with him was annoying enough, but as we walk practically everywhere with each other, girls were glaring at me as if I had just dyed their hair rainbow as a silly prank.

I hear a knock on my bedroom door shortly after I changed into a comfortable pair of shorts and a white tee.


I make my way to my door, “What are you doing here?”

What the hell was Dark doing there?

“Your- your majesty,” I hear Cole stutter from the other side of the door.

“I believe I asked a question,” Dark replies.


Before anything else is said, I twist my doorknob and open the door, seeing an intimidating Dark standing before his door and Cole in front of me.

I pursed my lips at Dark, saying nothing, “Cole, come inside,” I tell Cole, stepping aside as he lets himself in.

I kept my eyes on Dark as I closed my bedroom door and locked it. I let out a breath.

I look over to Cole, who sat on my bed, looking at me with an eyebrow cocked. I scowl at him, “C’mon, let’s go for a walk in the garden, this room is starting to get suffocating,” I tell him, twisting the door knob open.

He stand and follows me out of my room and make our way in the garden. We talk side by side, talking about how our day went. He laughs at my expense, telling me about how he saw me walking in the hallways beside Dark, rolling my eyes.

He knew it would be best if he didn’t stop to talk to me in school because of Dark, somehow knowing that Dark would just act like a complete ass.

We stop in our tracks and look ahead of us when we hear girls giggle. Audrey, along with the four other girls from our group sat on the benches, talking.

I exhange glances with Cole and gesture to keep quiet, placing a finger against my mouth. We turn around, ready to run, when I hear Audrey call me out. I wince dreadedly.

Turning around, I plaster a fake, forced smile. “Hey girls,” I greet them.

“Why don’t you come join us?”

“Well... Actually—”

“We’re not taking no for an answer, Kira,” she presses with a glare. I look at Cole, he only shrugs, making me sigh in defeat.

They make their way to the benches, sitting. “So we were talking about who would the next Queen be. Because obviously, it would be one of us,” Audrey starts.

“I personally think he’s meant for me,” Eleanor adds, almost immediately.

“I lost my balance earlier after breakfast and he caught me! He asked what my name was, so of course I told him—”

Audrey audibly scoffs at her, shortly cutting her off, which Eleanor decided to ignore.

“Did you guys know that Eleanor actually means light or light of the sun? And he’s Dark! Like yingyang! We are so meant for each other!” She gushes. She, Nova, and Charlotte giggles while Samantha and Audrey simply rolls their eyes.

Me? I was about to puke.

But after all, they didn’t know who he is, but neither do I.

It’s just that I know that he’s not the most merciful and forgiving person.

“What about you, Kira? What do you think? I think I’m more fit as a Queen,” Audrey states, clearly wanting me to agree with her.

These girls.

I hear a small yawn from beside me and I turn to look at him. He catches my gaze with an innocent look on his face, I almost laughed.

“Why would you even expect her to answer?” Samantha suddenly says as everyone waited for my response.

“She obviously wants the Prince all for herself so she can be the Queen,” She adds, rolling her eyes.

What a hypocrite.

I give Cole a horrified expression, “Uh, Cole and I actually have somewhere to go, so we’ll head out now,” I say, wanting nothing more than to leave them.

“Yeah, I need Daise’s help with something, I’ll see you girls,” he flashes a grin and stands from the bench along with me.

I let out a relieved sigh when we were back in my room, “Leaving my room earlier will be added to the overflowing list of things that I regret,” I remark, letting myself fall to my bed.

Cole chuckles.

As I lay on my bed, I’m reminded of the country’s history book under my mattress. I sit up immediately and got out of my bed, lifting the mattress.

But it wasn’t there anymore.

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