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Chapter 7

“OH MY GOD COLE,” I almost scream with a horrified voice.

“What is it?”

“The fucking history book!”

Who the hell could have entered my room and find it under my mattress? But most importantly, where the fuck could it be? Although there’s no much proof if ever news does spread that the country’s history book is missing because of me other than the fact that I asked the librarian where it is, as far as I know, what she knows is that Dark has it.

If, the person she was talking about that day was Dark.

“What do you mean? It’s in the library, right?” Cole asks me, bewilderment covering his expression.

I look at him exasperatedly, “I found it lying on the street three weeks ago, I put it under my mattress Cole!”

“Why didn’t you give it back the library?!”

“I needed to look for something in it!”

I sigh and sit on the edge of my bed. Who in heaven’s name would steal the history book? I turn to stare at Cole, in case he had something to say or had an idea.

Then something clicks, “Don’t you still go up here to look outside from my balcony?”

He raises an eyebrow, “Are you asking if I took it?”

I laugh, “Of course not, I wanted to ask you who are the people who went here while I was gone.”

He looks at me skeptically, “Aside from me... Ofelia of course, and Wendy. I saw Audrey going down the stairs from 5th to 4th floor the day you were gone, I think I heard Madame Dior a week later, too.”

“Okay. Ofelia, Wendy, you, I can totally understand that. But Audrey? Madame Dior?”

He shrugs, “We can’t just accuse people.”

I glare at him, “This is the country’s one and only history book, Cole. It’s no less than an antique figurine from 1800′s!”

“Okay, alright, calm down,” he surrenders, “Who do you think took it?” He asks.

“What do you mean?” I answer him, avoiding the question. Because I was aware of whom I think took it.

Cole shakes his head, “You might be right, you might be wrong, I won’t push you to tell me who, but it’s better you look for it without seeming suspicious.”

I only stare at him in wonder as he retreats and leaves my room altogether.

Because in all honesty, it could be anyone.

I wasn’t feeling very well after that, this lead me to persuade Ofelia into letting me excuse myself for dinner tonight. It bothered me more than anything for the book to simply disappear into thin air and gone with the wind.

Luckily, he never came to my room that night, I heard his door open and close, I held my breath the entire time.

But he never came, so I drifted into a deep sleep, not exactly peaceful due to my worries, but still relaxing.


I run my fingers through her hair, slow and comforting. So... Beautiful.

What is it about this girl?

She keeps pulling me to her...

Maybe she’s a witch?

Too beautiful...

She lets out a sigh as I trail my finger down her cheeks. So innocent...

She shifts on her bed.

I quicky hide behind her curtains.

I peek at her bed where she lays exposed...

This girl...


I woke up feeling oddly comfortable, which came into an abrupt stop when I heard rushed voices outside my door. I scramble to my feet and put on a shirt and shorts, running to my door and quickly opening it.

In front of me, I see Dark’s room wide open and Madame Dior inside, looking worried while girls and maids pile outside his room.

What’s happening?

“Where is he?!” Madame Dior demanded, looking very furious. “There are guards in and out of the mansion, how could the Prince just disappear, huh?” She almost shrieks at one of the guards inside his room.

I was pulled by my arm into my room not a second later and my door closes.

“Madame Dior is furious, dear, I’d rather you stay here,” Ofelia says, I frown then nod at her.

Because of this, I had no choice but to stay inside my room the whole day. Until I decided to leave my room and knock on Cole’s room in the 3rd floor of the mansion’s east wing.

The door opens and I see Cole in his glasses, looking somewhat frantic. I look at him incredulously, “Can I come in?” I ask, stepping forward, but he stops me.

“No! I mean— maybe next time, I’m busy right now, I’ll talk to you tomorrow!” He hurries, almost slamming the door to my face as he shuts it close a bang.

I stood there, stunned. What’s up with him?


“Where did you find this?” He asks.

I look at him, completely unfazed, “It doesn’t matter, let him go,” I demand.

His fists clench, “Get him out of the cage,” he orders the men. They oblige, harshly pushing Asher to my direction after getting him out of the cage.

“Finding this took you faster than I thought,” he remarks, then pauses... A smirk forms on his lips. “I guess we’ll find out who you took this from.”

I give him one last glare before leaving the abhorrent place all together.


I stayed with the perfect six right after, catching up with them. Though I knew we all hated each other in a certain way, we were also called perfect six and are a group for a reason.

We planned to sneak out tonight and enter a club.

It was quite far from the mansion, we decided to leave at twelve. How we plan to leave? Two words, Jackson Richards. How we plan to get back? Two words, Madeline Fray.

Jackson Richards, star football player in the university. Stereotypically, I would say he’s the most popular and nicest guy who every girl drools over— though admittedly, he is popular, in the same food chain as the perfect six, he’s also the world’s biggest douche, that even his beautiful face could not cover. With that said, he is far from nice.

How we have him on our side? Let’s just say that he’s been getting the best sex with our dear Nova and the best head from Samantha. His words, not mine.

The perks of having him on your side? He knows all the ways in and out of the mansion.

Then we have Madeline Fray, the undercover bad girl who’s known as the school’s good girl. The girl who probably has the highest alcohol tolerance, and will be our way back to the mansion without suspicion.

Dinner tonight was eerily silent. Madame Dior barely spoke and seemed like a ticking time bomb that she even commanded to have the seat beside me, Dark’s seat, taken away.

I sigh and look at the clock above my door, 10:51 PM

I get up from my bed, I haven’t heard or seen any sign of Dark the whole day at all...

Looking through my closet, I open the drawer of numerous gifts the perfect six has given me. The tight little dresses, the six inch heels, the things I would never normally put on.

I ponder over just getting one of my dresses, but knowing them, they would make me change out of it the moment they see it, late or not. I let out a huff while snatching the tight black dress Audrey gave me from my birthday.

Just this one night...

I never knew sneaking out would be as easy as how we did it. Too easy that it made me wonder if we really even needed Jackson Richards to sneak with us out.

Soon enough we were standing outside the club’s back door, the ride here was quite long and I have no idea how the hell Audrey found this place and part of the town. What kept me wondering though, was that there were no people outside this place at all.

And no loud music.

Shouldn’t it be that way?

Jackson takes out a card and slips it in the door lock, it blinks momentarily until it gives back the card and slides open after Jackson takes it.

“Get in, quickly.”

We rush inside, I hear the faint booming music... Soundproof walls...

“Follow me,” he says. We all look at each other, even Madeline. We talk further inside, a few people were scattered around the place, from a corner, there were colorful lights dancing and reflecting to the place, giving light to the dim covers of this club.

The lights came from a staircase going down. What kind of club is this? It almost felt like the moment Audrey dragged me to Dark’s staircase.

As we descended down the stairs, the music turned louder and louder, like speakers directed to our ears, there were so many people inside, dancing, lip locking, drinking, smoking.

My vision blurs for a moment, “You guys get drinks, we’ll be on the table right there,” Audrey tells Jackson and Nova as she points to the empty lounge.

I feel someone nudge me, I look over, seeing Madeline, “Loosen up,” she says before taking my wrist and dragging me along with them to the lounge.

The moment I sat, all I could hear was relentless moaning from behind our lounge that I wasn’t able to keep in my urge to gag. The girls see this, giggling as Samantha imitates me gagging and Charlotte looking at the other side of our seat.

She looks back at us, then lays on the long leather couch, clutching it, while making a face. She was mocking the girl.

We laugh as she continues then gets on her knees, bobbing her head up and down with her mouth in an O shape.

When Jackson came back with Nova with a tray of shots, I let loose.

We drank shot after shot, then made it to the dance floor. Charlotte and I were dancing amongst the sweaty people in the dancefloor as the music booms, trapping us in our trance and all of our sober thoughts leaving us behind, Nova and Jackson were somewhere, the rest of the girls were dancing with the guys they just met.

Every shining light inside the club was colorful, dancing along with us and piercing on our skins, manipulating every color.

But everything turned dark. Everything stops. I couldn’t see anything, just pitch black darkness. The earsplitting music turned down but something was still playing. The kind of music that you hear when you’re expecting a ghost to show up in a horror movie, taunting, waiting... Looking for the right time to show up and startle you.

Then there were dim lights, very very dim. Everything was frozen. The hundred of people turned to about twenty, with the red light shining on them. I couldn’t see any of the girls.

What the hell is happening? Am I dreaming? Am I turning delusional?

Another light shines, bright, bright, red, almost blinding.

“Someone is wrong here...” I hear. Someone? Shouldn’t it be something?

“There’s something else here... What happened to the security?”

I couldn’t see anyone talking, all I could see was a certain number of people around me, standing frozen and their body in red light, and that blinding, lustrous red light.

But I could hear the voices, the talking.

There was something about that voice but it seemed far from familiar.

“Why is she here?”


“Shut down this place.”

“I don’t care, do it.”

The whole place goes black then the whole room was in red fluorescent light, the colorful dancing light were replaced by dancing peculiar black light. The music was back, but it was slow, every single beat seemed like a warning, as though something was coming.

I could see everyone again.

Charlotte was beside me, dancing to the music. I convince myself it was just a change of scenery, like a show to change every beat, every theme.

Then there were gun shots, then blood splatters on the far corner of the wall beside the staircase, then came screams, while others kept on dancing.

I turn to Charlotte, her eyes closed, she looked like she was drugged. I shake her, “Charlotte! Char!”

She giggles and opens her eyes, “Yes, Kira?”

“Don’t you see it? The blood?!” I shout in her ear, loud enough for only her to hear.

She giggles, “What blood?”

She giggles again.

“You had too much drink, Kira.”

She started to walk away, swaying her hips until a man takes her arm and started grinding against each other.

I turn back, the blood was gone.

Replaced by someone.

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