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Chapter 8

HAVE YOU EVER felt like the world had some sort of hatred towards you because it keeps on fucking you over?

Often times, you’ll just shrug it off like it’s not a big deal even though it is. But when it involves death, can you still do that?

One stare, one stare was all it took for me to recognize the man across the room. I have no idea how I can distinguish him so easily through the numerous dancing lights in such a dark room and I definitely do not understand the fact that he seemed to shine amongst other people.

But when I saw him, standing tall and all in his glory against the wall that previously had splatters of blood, I didn’t know what to do.

Initial instinct would be to run for my life. Though I could have easily done that, somehow, I stood with my feet planted on the dance floor which made me stick out more in the crowd of people dancing in the dance floor. What scared me was that it felt like he was memorizing each and every inch of me, the stare that a predator would give to his prey— analyzing, guessing, predicting...

One more blink was all it took and he was in front of me.

I didn’t know what I was thinking the moment he stood right in front of me, towering me. Maybe it was the amount of alcohol I drank, maybe it was me turning deranged from every weird thing that has happened since the moment Audrey dragged me into his staircase.

I was dancing, pressing my back against his front, I could have sworn I felt him suck a breath the moment I did.

But there were sparks, against my skin as it hovers his. I couldn’t understand it. It was electrifying me, at the same time, it was working like a magnet, making me run my fingers against his skin as I grind against him and sway my hips lower and lower.

“What are you doing here?”

Did he speak? I feel like I just heard that inside my head. I internally shrug.

“I asked you a question,” I turn aroud with my eyes closed, not wanting to be locked into his hypnotizing stare.

“I don’t know either,” I answer him, “I feel like everything is swirling,” I add.

“It’s not supposed to.”

“No shit,” I laugh, and open my eyes. Yeah, I must be deranged. “Is this where you were all day, Dark? Hm? I think Madame Dior fired about ten people inside the mansion because of your missing ass.”

"You’re drunk.”

“No, no, no,” I protest quickly, “I am Kira Alexia Reine Amethyst Aphrodisia—” the room seems to turn brighter, like a blinding light, interrupting me, ”What the hell?”

“..is ada... beregida...”


Stereotypically, I would say I woke up in an unfamiliar bed. I didn’t. I woke up in my bed almost as if everything was just a dream, but the pain stabbing my head was enough sign that everything actually happened.

“Go back to sleep,” I glare at the person across the room, while I press my hand against my head, sensing a bit of dejavu.

“What are you doing in my room?”

“Where would you rather be?”

I scoff, “I asked you a question so that you can answer it, not ask another back,” I snap at him. “How did you enter my room?”

“I don’t remember playing a game of twenty-one questions with you, darling,” he replies, nonchalantly.


“Stop asking questions,” he snaps, turning to me with a glare and standing from his seat. He stalks towards me with long strides and leans down, “Now, tell me, princess,” he starts, “How the hell did you enter that club?”

There was something about his voice that made me want to answer him, honestly. I just had to blink one more time to break out of it.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business, Dark.”

“I bet it’s still none of my business if you died there, too, hm?” He questions, retreating and sitting on the chair beside my bed.

I glare at him, choosing to stay silent.

“About the history book...” He starts, my eyes growing wider as he mentions it, “Don’t look for it,” he adds after a pause.

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion, “Why not?” I almost shriek, then glare at him accusingly, “You took it, didn’t you?! You have it? Where is it?!” I yell while shaking his body.

“Jesus fucking Christ, woman,” he grunts, frustrated.

“Where is it?!”

“I,” he stands, looming over me with his large hands tightly gripping my wrists as I struggle to break free from his hold, “Don’t fucking have it,” he finishes, forcefully pushing me back to the bed. If this bed had no mattress whatsoever, I’m pretty sure I would have had a concussion from how hard he did it. Even now, with such a soft and thick mattress, it hurt.

“But you took it, didn’t you?”

“You’d be safer without it—” I cut him off, “You say that like I’m safe with you.”

He glares at me, “I never said you’re safe with me, I would rather kill you.”

“If that’s the case, then why bother getting me out of the club?”

He only stares at me, you would think it would be one of those stares that holds an emotion, like love, or adoration, but looking into his eyes, trying to see any sign of emotion underneath his stare, there was absolutely nothing.

He was only staring, no more than that.

Then he blinks, abruptly standing, and leaves my room.

I turn to look at the digital clock on my bedside table, 2:37 AM

I lay back on my bed properly, trying to let sleep engulf me, but certain words kept on repeating in my head.

Words I can’t understand.

“..is ada... beregida...”

“Niis... beregida... gi.. ni...”

I press my eyes close, wanting to ignore the words repeating in my head.

“Make it stop!” I scream so suddenly, unable to keep it in from the words repeating in my head like some sort of unending cycle turning louder and louder by every minute.

My door swings open, I’m unable to look focus on it, or anything, other than the words.

A body holds mine, I hear it whisper, “Shh... Silence... Stay at peace...”

I didn’t know how it happened but my body calmed down, but that came with my mind going blank and I am lulled to sleep.

“What’s so important this early in the morning for this much preparation?”

Ofelia works her way around my room and in and out of my closet as she gets me ready for a “very special” breakfast. I roll my eyes, it’s probably just some petty announcement regarding Dark. Ofelia walks out of my closet with one of the jewelry sets in her hand as she makes her way towards me.

When I was all set, she ushered me down, saying she would follow after she cleans up my room, I nod at her and made my way to the dinning area filled with chatters.

When I entered the room, all heads seem to snap in my direction as Dark stands from his seat and stalks towards me. I mask my bewilderment and shock with a confident smile as Dark places his hand before him, for me to take. I place my palm on his and he escorts me to my seat, right beside him.

After Dark helped me in my seat, he exits the dinning area, leaving me more confused than ever— after a couple of minutes, he enters the room again, this time, along with Madame Dior and another guy I have never seen before.

They make their way in front Madame Dior standing confidently with Dark standing beside her and the new guy beside him. Madame Dior looks over everyone, looking for any flaw, when she nods in satisfaction, she starts, “Lovely morning, everyone.”

She looks over to Dark and the new guy, then turns back to us, “It is my pleasure to introduce Sir Asher, a very trusted and important person of the royal family.”

Everyone stands from their seats and bows, he nods with a warming smile and we take our seats once again.

“As Madame Dior aforementioned, I am Asher Hanson, and I will be staying with all of you,” whispers erupt... I turn my attention to Asher, brown eyes... Almost strangely orange in color, a dirty blonde hair, and just a little bit shorter than Dark... But something was off with him. I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Very well, let us take out seats and eat,” Madame Dior says as she turns to look at Dark with a nod, then sits on her rightful seat.

Just then, I feel the empty seat on my left side be taken as Dark takes his seat and I turn to the person beside me.

I suck a breath when I see Asher, good god.

Then, I feel a hand on my thigh, I turn to Dark, only to have him squeeze on it harshly, I bit my lip to prevent any sound escape my mouth.

After breakfast, I decided to stay and help wash the dishes in the kitchen along with all the maids, I was trying to put the pot on the top shelf when a bigger hand takes it from me and puts it inside the shelf, I turn to look at who it is, only to bump my face with a hard chest.

I feel my cheeks flush as I squeek in surprise and step away, my eyes locking with Asher’s amber brown eyes.

“Uh... Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it,” he grins and extends his hand in front of me, “I’m Asher,” he introduces himself.

I nod at him with a polite smile, “I heard, Kira,” I shake his hand then let go, he does the same.

A look of realization invades his features and smiles widely, “Montgomery? Kira Alexia Reine Montgomery?”

I furrow my eyebrows, “Uh, yes?”

“I’m sorry. One of the six, yes?”

I nod at him in confirmation, I guess that’s how he knew my name. “I’ll head out now!” I announce to them and they respond with smiles and nods.

“Everyone seems to like you a lot,” Asher states beside me as he follow me walk around the garden.

I shake my head at him with a small laugh, “Oh no, not at all,” I deny, running my fingers through the bed of roses.

“Hmm...” He hums.

I turn to him, as we walk slowly around the place, “There’s something weird about you,” I blurt out, my eyes widen and I clamp my mouth with my hand.

He chuckles, then laughs altogether, shaking his head, “I could say the same about you, Miss Montgomery,” he remarks, looking into my eyes.

I frown, confused about his reply.

I shake my head and change the subject, “I haven’t seen you before, how did you end up here?” I ask him.

He raises an eyebrow, “Wouldn’t you like to know,” he smirks, making me roll my eyes and walk faster. I hear a chuckle behind me, and a hand wraps around my wrist, tugging me back.

“I came from England, my family has been a close friend and been working for the royal family of Mystic Kingdom for decades and I’m honored to continue the legacy,” he tells me with a proud smile, flicking a coin in the fountain before I could even stop him.

I raise an eyebrow, “Is it that great?”

He grins and turns to me, “You’ll see.”

“I notice there seems to be a special treatment this morning.”

“Oh princess, you’re one to talk.”

“What are you talking about?” I frown.

“You’re sitting right beside him, even the rest of the six are in the next table,” he cocks an eyebrow, I scoff at him.

It didn’t help the fact that I didn’t know why I was seated there, or the fact that even Asher arrived, I still stayed seated right beside him. There’s a glint in his eyes as he notices my lack of response.

“I heard the Prince has his eyes set on a girl, I think it might—”

"And I think that’s quite enough.”

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