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Chapter 9

Third person’s POV

“YOU SHOULD HAVE A LIST of girls that you see fit or you want to pursue. Otherwise, I will have to send you back to England to take Princess Ericka’s hand.”

He glares at him, and walks out of the room with a bang of the door.

He takes out his phone and dials a number.



We turn to see Dark behind us, harshly glaring at me.

“Asher,” he says, his voice almost sounded lethal. I slighty shiver as Asher politely smiles at me and Dark walks off with Asher trailing behind him.

That night...

“We are once again gathered, for this very special announcement. Ladies...” Madame Dior starts with a bright smile.

“Your majesty, please come in front,” she asks Dark. He stands from his seat and stands beside her, he glances at me briefly, I would say it’s for no reason, seeing the fact that his eyes held no emotion, but it could have meant anything.

“We are starting a search for Prince Dark’s potential other half, though we will be picking out girls who are automatically qualified to be able to be more specific, any of you, young ladies, have a chance. It will still be the Prince’s choice in the very end.”

A maid then comes with a small envelope and hands it to Dark.

“Oh my god!”


“It’s definitely going to be me!”

“Shut up! You? I am more deserving!”

“I hope he notices me...”

I roll my eyes at the numerous response of every girl in the room as Madame Dior continues, “The following names that the Prince will mention are names of the qualified girls,” she gestures Dark to open the envelope given to him.

He slowly opens as everyone watches with anticipation, some looking anxious and some looking excited. He pulls out a long card.

"Perfect Six, namely:

Kira Alexia Reine Amethyst Aphrodisia Montgomery

Audrey Marie Lace Arterberry

Samantha Maine Curtis

Charlotte Rihanna Ellison

Eleanor Winona Louise Maryjane Jewel

Nova Alexa Dean

Along with:

Macey Serana Queen Marie Antoinette Hyland

Ellisa Christine Moore

Harper Danielle Kane

Skylar Anastasia Jean Stephen

Auburn Tale.”

Madame Dior smiles, I glance at the table where the rest of the group is, where they are smiling widely with pride and confidence.

"Though I know by now that this might seem like a competition, I hope you will not let this affect or ruin your friendship towards one another, and that will also be observed for being a Queen means being respectful and kind-hearted.”

I lay in bed, exhausted and replaying every single thing that has happened for the past month. So much has changed, and even now I couldn’t sink in the thought of being a potential Queen to such a psychopathic man.

I shake my head, how could this happen? I know I’m a part of the Perfect Six but is that really enough reason?

I sit up and get out of my bed, frustrated with myself and Dark’s mere existence. I walk into my balcony, with the perfect view of the whole town. It would have looked better if there were more lights around, I frown.

I walk out of the mansion after pondering about it for almost an hour whilst I was in the balcony and started walking around the garden.

It was a peaceful and silent night, there were dim lights scattered around the garden enough for me to see and be able to walk around. Well, it was peaceful until I see a figure on their way to the maze.


I walk close and focus on its features. That almost-white blonde hair... His tall frame... I walk closer...


I quickly follow and trail him as he enters the maze, what is doing? Where is he going?

Most of all, how did he know his way aroud the maze so expertly?

Much to my surprise, the maze ends, he leaves the maze and just out of it is a jet black car parked on the driveway. How can I follow him?

Wait, why am I even following him?

I should go back.

But I don’t know my way back in... I’m sure the security guarding the gates will be awfully suspicious if I go inside through it.

With a soft sigh, I look at Dark on the other side of his car and all the doors were open.

Now or never...

I sneak into his car silently, going under the seat in the back, subsequently, the door slams shut and I hear him enter the car. The engine starts and my breathing starts to shallow, I try my best to make a sound... Why won’t he turn the radio on?

The car stops abruptly and I clutch on the chair while biting my lip, to prevent any noise slip past me.

He gets out of the car and locks it...

I silently slip out of the seat, looking out the window... This place...

I look around, people are scattered around, wearing black... They even have tattoos covering their body.

This town... This is the same town where the club we went to was.

I look at my clothes and sigh in relief as I notice my black tank top and jean shorts, but... My slippers...

I look around the car, in hopes that for whatever reason, I would find a somewhat edgy footwear, and surprisingly, I did.

I notice the pair of boots on the passenger seat beside the driver’s seat and I reach out to take it. It was a knee high boots with criss cross ties. Who the hell owns this? At the moment, I don’t care— no matter how strange of a coincidence it was to have women’s boots like this which perfectly fitted me.

I open the car door and step out, closing it silently as I sneak into the club, trying my best to not look suspicious and out of place.

I turn to open the handle to the building Dark entered, holding a breath.

When I enter it, it was like that club all over again, a building with a corner where the actual club was. I try not to look around but as I walk, I can feel more and more stares, watching me as I make my way to the actual club.

I look around, my eyes roaming all over the dancefloor, in search for the familiar blonde hair, when I didn’t see it, I decided to walk inside a little bit more. It made me feel at ease that everyone were too focused into whatever shit they were doing— drunk— making it easier for me to blend in and not catch any unwanted attention.

While I was walking around the club, I notice a part separated by a railing, I look inside, noticing a man with the exact blonde hair. Dark...

I look through the railing, watching Dark, holding a gun... Pointing it towards another man...

Oh my Lord...

Then there was a gun shot, my eyes widen and I scream involuntary with shock, Dark snaps his head towards me, his eyes widening as our eyes lock. He looked pissed, no, beyond that. He was looking at me like I was the person he abhors more than anything in the world, like at that exact moment, he would kill me.

Because of this, I started running, I didn’t stop, not even when everyone was staring at me like I have gone completely mad.

I ran until my legs gave out, not even when I knew I was beyond lost and in the middle of nowhere, I couldn’t see a single building, or house, nothing, just wide fields with nothing and a driveway.

I was so tired and full of anxiety and dread that when I saw his jet black car, I couldn’t move anymore. Not even when he was walking painstakingly slow towards me.

I couldn’t even breathe properly by then.

He stops right before me, taking in my condition until he kneels and runs a finger down my cheek whilst looking at me from up and down, and up into my eyes.

His finger reaches right below my jaw... And dangerously close to my neck... Slowly wrapping his hands around it and smirks, not the teasing one, but that smirk that will terrify you to no end. The smirk that when you see it and it’s directed towards you, you know you’re most probably dead in that person’s head already.

“You like knowing a lot, don’t you?” He whispers in a low, dangerous voice.

He tsks, still gazing at me with his hands still slowly tightening around my throat by every passing second. Tears started to form and slip past my eyes, rolling down and dropping to the withered grass where I lay.

“Do you have any idea.. How much of an inconvenience you are? Alexia?”

More tears start to fall...

“Do you have any fucking idea,” he starts again, this time, he pulls my body up with him, still strangling me.

Any moment now...

My vision is starting to darken, everything is blurry, my mind is unclear...

“How much I want to crush your bones and fucking chop you to pieces?”

With that, I lose all consciousness.

Everything hurt when I woke up, but I was in my bed. I try to sit up, only to feel my body give out and stay lying against my soft bed.

I hear my door open abruptly, and the intruder comes into view... Dark.

“What are you doing here?”

He looks at me with an uninterested look, complete apathy, then speaks, “There’s an announcement later, you’re not allowed to go, you can hear it through this.”

Then he starts walking out again.


He turns to me with a sharp glare, “Shut the fuck up before I rethink my decision of sparing your fucking life again.”


I sigh and reach to the radio-like device he set on my nightstand. Turning it on, numerous voices come to play. This is from the dining area...

A couple more hours later passed and all that I’m hearing is gossips, trying not to wonder why Ofelia still hasn’t even checked on me which is very unlikely.

I sigh, reaching to take the device again, deciding to turn it off when there’s a sudden silence. I furrow my eyes together in confusion, what happened?

I turn the volume louder and slightly jump when I register Madame Dior’s voice loudly echo through my room and I immediately turn the volume down slightly.

“May I introduce Princess Macey Serana Queen Marie Antoinette Hyland, Princess of England,” Princess? Of England?


“She is one of the eleven girls qualified as our future king— Dark—’s future Queen,” I can imagine Madame Dior smiling broadly. Where will she sit? I frown.

From the background I can hear girls scoff and guys admiring her “beauty.”

Where will she stay here?

“You look conflicted and surprised.”

I jerk in shock, turning my attention to whom the voice came from and sigh in relief as I see Asher simply sitting on the couch of my room. I furrow my eyebrows, “How long have you been there?”

“Since Madame Dior introduced the ‘princess’.” I hear a mock in his tone as he says the word “princess,” making me even more confused.

“Why are you here?”

He turns his attention from the magazine he was looking through to me and cocks an eyebrow.

“I don’t like sitting next to a two-faced princess,” he simply states and turns back to the magazine.



I frown, “Don’t call me that.”

He smirks at this and says, “I knew it.”

“What do you mean?”

He scoffs, rolling his eyes, “Alright, you can pretend not to know,” he shrugs.


The door opens and I turn my head towards it, there stood Dark, looking around and spotting Asher.”

“What are you doing here?”

"Dark! Why did you leave me?!” A high pitched voice calls from outside the door.

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