Black Water Swamp

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Dangerous and Deadly Black Water

Mystery / Thriller
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Beginning of the End

This story is about a place not many people think about, have ever seen or thought about twice. But it is beautiful and deadly. I have been to the Swamp once in my life and believe me I have a lot of respect for a place like that, it is seductive and dangerous. I would never venture in there alone. In the swamp there are many creatures. They move at night. You should always be careful when you go in places like the swamp. It is a strange place you might not think so but it is a place never to go unless you have a guide. Then, even I would be out by dark. Some people don’t learn until it’s too late. Do you know anyone like that? I have been in the swamps and woods all my life ,and believe me it can get spooky real fast. Now let me tell you a story. This is what I do best.

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