Secret of the Family Tree: Digging Up Old Roots

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Chapter 20: The Warning

Standing inside the Essences of Nature workshop, Samantha watched the specks of golden light merge with a potted lavender plant. They moved along its green stems and into the head of the purple blossoms. When they emerged from the plant, the once bright gold lights were now a rich mixture of green and pale violet.

“Watch what happens next.” Rhiannon directed Samantha’s attention to the green and pale violet lights as they poured a liquid substance into the clay basin attached to the floor, filling the room with the fresh scent of lavender. “In small quantities, this potent liquid can be added to oils, lotions, and soaps. Later this week, I’ll show you how teas are made.”

Samantha couldn’t take her eyes off the little lights as they repeated the steps of moving among the lavender plants and depositing their precious liquid into the basin. At the end of each task, the lights always returned to their original gold color. “Fascinating, are they fairies?”

“No, what people call fairies have definite form. What you’re seeing are pure elemental essences that can morph into any form they choose just by merging with another energy pattern, as they are doing with these lavenders.”

“I see,” said Samantha.

“That was your dad on the phone,” Anna said, coming into the workshop. “He and Zen are on their way back to Vermont.”

“If you want, I’ll close up and you two can head home,” Rhiannon volunteered.

“Thanks, but Craig said they won’t arrive until very late this evening. You go home, Rhiannon. Samantha and I can close up.”

Oh good! Samantha thought. Now I can tell Zen all about meeting Chief Bevin yesterday when he gets here.

Samantha spent the rest of the afternoon putting together specialty baskets of scented bath products, tea assortments, and candle sets. She even got a chance to work the cash register when her mom was busy helping customers.

“We did a nice day’s work,” Anna said, flipping the sign on the door from open to closed. “Can you take care of the front area while I sweep up in the back?”

“Sure, I can do that.” As she strolled around switching off lights and straightening up shelves, Samantha could hear the water bubbling over the rocks from inside Essences of Nature’s workshop. The sound gave the shop a tranquil feeling that matched the quietness that settled along Maple Street. Disturbing the peacefulness was the sudden ringing of the phone. “Hello Essences, this is Samantha, how can I help you?”

“Stop digging into the past,” a deep whispery voice said.

An explosion of wind pushed at the door of the flower shop, rattling its hinges. “Can I…can I help you?”

“You’re drawing too much attention to your family; something Professor Fairland and her daughter wouldn’t have wanted.”

Stunned by his words, she tried to think quickly of what to say. “I’m sorry? I don’t think I know what you’re talking about.” She felt that maybe denial was the best way to handle it.

“Yes, you do!” the caller retorted. “Now stop your line of questioning. This is not a game.” After a few seconds, she heard dead air on the line, and knew the caller had disconnected, but she stood rooted in her spot, gripping the phone with both hands, holding it tightly to her ear.

“Who was on the phone?” Anna asked.


“The phone, Samantha. Who called?”

“Oh, I didn’t catch who it was, we got cut off.”

“I hate when that happens. Well, if it’s someone we know, they’ll call us at home. Come on let’s go.” Samantha hoped that whoever it was, would not try to reach them at home.

As her mom searched through her keys for the one that would lock up the shop, Samantha examined every male face that passed them. None of them made eye contact with her, and if they did, would she know just by looking at them they were the ones who called?

“I need to stop by the grocery store on the way home,” Anna said, finally finding the correct key. “I have to pick up goof food. You know what goof food is?”

How did he know to call me here, and what did he mean? Samantha pondered, while shaking her head, no, to her mom’s question. Maybe it’s the guy who called Grandpa Innis! This thought frightened her more than a bit.

“It’s snack food that you and Zen can eat while you’re up all night goofing off,” Anna laughed. “Me and your Aunt Sam had a goof food stash when we stayed with Aunt Mayra. Boy, did we eat.”

Walking to their car, Samantha then remembered she still had Chief Bevin’s business card in her coat pocket. He’ll want to know all about this.

“I was thinking of making spaghetti with garlic bread,” Anna rattled on. “Yeah, that’s a good choice. I can stick it in the fridge if your dad and Zen arrive after dinner. Spaghetti always tastes good the next day. So, are you getting in or did you forget something?”

Wheels pounded the concrete pavement, startling Samantha from behind as a group of skateboarders whizzed by. She realized she had her hand on the car door, but was looking off in the direction of the police station. “No—I mean, yeah, I’m getting in.” Sneaking a quick glance at Chief Bevin’s business card, she saw he had a cell phone number. I’ll find a way to call him as soon as I get home. The car pulled away from the curb, putting distance between her and the phone call. Obviously, the person the police decided boarded a plane twenty-six years ago has returned to the village, or never left.

From beside Essences Flower Shop, a powerfully built man stepped forth and stood beneath a lamppost, light shining down upon his salt and pepper hair. Pressing one button on his cell phone, he said, “Message delivered,” to the answerer. Returning his phone to his breast pocket, he walked back through the alley.

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