Secret of the Family Tree: Digging Up Old Roots

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Chapter 25: The Invisible Man

It was 2:15 a.m. when a powerfully built man with salt and pepper hair strolled right past the nursing station in the intensive care unit at Elm General Hospital. He entered room number 258, were Peter Lin was resting comfortably. Only the sounds from the machines that monitored Mr. Lin could be heard above his steady breathing. The man stood cloaked in the shadow at the foot of the hospital bed, watching, knowing he didn’t need to say a word. His presence would announce him.

Mr. Lin stirred, drowsily opening his eyes. He scanned the darkness, seeing no one, however feeling someone was there. “Yes?”

“How are you feeling, Peter?” The deep whispery voice asked.

It was only once the man spoke that Mr. Lin could see the dark outline standing in the shadows. Clearing his throat, Mr. Lin answered, “I feel…fine.”

“That’s good to hear. I’ll let you rest now, goodbye, Peter.”

“Wait, do I know you?” Mr. Lin tried to rise up, but couldn’t. The medications had left him weak.

“Please don’t try and get up, Peter. That would be a foolish thing to do so soon after surgery.”

Leaving Mr. Lin’s room, the man took the stairs descending one flight down, stepping into Dr. Julius Raymond’s office. Dr. Raymond sat at his desk, studying the test tubes of blood he held in his hands. He was unaware the man had entered.

“Julius, are those the blood samples we asked for?” the man asked.

“Oh, Dennan,” Dr. Raymond said, coming to his feet. Yes, I’ll notify you of the results for Alexzender Kita, Samantha Keen, and Mr. Peter Lin as soon as I have them.”

“Good, make it sooner than later. The group will want to know right away.”

“Yes, I understand,” answered Dr. Raymond.

Walking to the end of the corridor, Dennan took the elevator to the children’s unit. Slipping into Zen’s room, he parted the curtains surrounding the bed. Leaning in between the slits, he viewed Zen sleeping, as Bess dozed in a chair by his bed.

Satisfied, Dennan turned and left, blending into the night.

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