Secret of the Family Tree: Digging Up Old Roots

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Chapter 31: Images in the Dark Pool of the Looking Glass

“All of your questions will be answered,” Mayra said, throwing up her hands in defense. “I promise.”

“I thought this is why we were brought to the records library, to become enlightened about this planet’s past.” Samantha could clearly hear the frustration in her dad’s voice. “Yet, we’re told we have to come back another time to learn more,” he continued, “What’s that all about Mayra?”

Samantha felt sorry for her great aunt. Ever since they said goodbye to Fawna the questions hadn’t let up, and they were still coming as they exited the passageway into the kitchen.

“Why does Kitchet want to talk with us in Samantha’s bedroom?” Sam asked.

“Because he has something to show you, and you can only see it in her room,” Mayra explained, for the fifth time.

“Well, I’ve got dibs on Samantha’s bed,” said Zen. “Remember, I just got out of the hospital. I’m exhausted.”

Lounging on Samantha’s floor next to Gypsy, Rhiannon and her Technicolor flowered coat joined the group. Addiwan stood looking out the window paying little attention to the others in the room. Samantha dangled her feet over the side of her bed, while Zen lay propped against her pillows.

“So, what do you think this is all about?” Zen asked.

“I know as much as you do,” Samantha said, grabbing one of her pillows from behind him, and sitting back against her headboard next to him. Seeing Zen’s eyes open wider, she could tell he came up with his own idea as to what he thought was about to occur at this gathering.

“Hey, maybe they’re going to tell us we possess powers. Powers so special, we all have to be secreted off to an undisclosed location for our safety.”

“Don’t you think we’d know if we possessed special powers by now?”

“Well, maybe we don’t know we have them because they’re dormant or something, “Zen shrugged.

“Samantha and I paid a visit to Peter Lin today,” Mayra announced. “He’s expressed an interest in coming by when he’s discharged from the hospital. I see no problem with this. But, please don’t share any information with him about the passageway, the Core People, and all that you’ll hear this afternoon in this room. We simply don’t know enough about him, and until we do, I think it would be wise to keep this information to ourselves.”

Then all eyes shifted to Kitchet standing in the middle of them as he said, “I know you’re all overwhelmed, and full of questions. This is why I’ve asked you here, to attempt to answer them. At the same time, I’ll fulfill Muaura and her parent’s wishes to make sure their future generations know the true story of the human race and sadly, their downfall.”

Taking Muaura’s leather bound journal from his pocket, Kitchet went on to say. “You all know this journal records your family’s journey and from your visit with Fawna, you now know there is the history of the human race stored in her records library. To help make sense of it all, I’m going to share a special message from your ancestors stored on a device here in Samantha’s room.”

“Device, what type of device,” Craig inquired.

Before Kitchet even pointed at the black surfaced mirror hanging behind him, Samantha knew this was the device.

“Ah ha, I knew it!” Zen yelled. “It’s some sort of computer, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Addiwan replied.

“A computer?” Craig examined the mirror from all angles. “How is it powered, where is its wiring or circuit board?”

“The materials in this computer are vastly different from computers currently used. There is no wiring. Its crystal circuitry is not tapered down or trapped within the electromagnetic grid system of this planet. This computer is capable of receiving and sending signals well beyond this planet, which we will witness this evening,” Addiwan explained. “Its surface,” he said, coming to stand in front of it, “is sensitive to the touch of anyone born from the Fairland line, but only a Fairland of a certain age can retrieve the data.”

“How old do you have to be?” Samantha asked. “The mirror… I mean computer reacted when Zen and I touched it.”

“As I said, the surface is sensitive to any Fairland’s touch. However, it will not activate the message unless you are a Fairland who has lived on this planet for over forty years. The reason for this was to ensure the elder Fairlands had the opportunity to pass Muaura’s written information along to the younger Fairlands.”

“This is where Mayra comes in,” Kitchet said. “She’ll be able to activate the message sent by Oeans and EL-Athu.”

“Muaura’s parents, aren’t they long dead?” Samantha asked.

“They’re dead to this world, but very much alive back in their own,” Kitchet smiled. “Let’s let them explain. Mayra, can you do us the honors?”

“Certainly.” She placed her palm on the computer screen as everyone in the room leaned forward to see what would happen next.

The dark surface shimmered just as it did when Samantha and Zen touched it, followed by the shooting star, but this time it did not fade back to black. This time, another scene came into view that was as clear as watching a high definition television. The image was of a woman and a man, both appearing to be taller than Addiwan, standing in a room with graphs and stellar objects directly behind their heads.

The woman was wearing a lavender sari dress that covered her from her shoulders down to her unseen feet. Her skin, a rich bronze, her hair a wavy jet-black flowed loosely to her waist.

The man’s short dark curly hair framed his ebony skin, which was a striking contrast to his amber cat-like eyes that matched his gold tunic shirt he wore over loose-fitting black pants. Samantha felt this man’s eyes were very similar to Addiwan’s eyes.

Then, the woman stepped forward and said, “We are hopeful this message is being received. Despite the fact that our last message was never retrieved, we will continue our transmissions, as scheduled, though we have been advised our daughter’s children, our line, may have ended. Many of Ma-Mu’s original human ancestors have stated their descendants have failed to retrieve their transmissions. It is believed they have succumbed to the energy pattern of forgetfulness, failing to pass the truth onto their children. Knowing the extra precautions that have been placed among our descendants, we will assume nothing has gone amiss and continue our transmissions, as we have done every thirty years in your time.” Finishing her last sentence the woman turned and joined the man who had taken a seat behind her in a high backed metal chair, similar to the ones in the records library.

Samantha glanced at Zen. He, like everyone else in her room, stared captivated by what they were watching. As the woman began to address them again, Samantha turned back to the screen to listen.

“I am Oeans. EL-Athu and I,” she said, indicating the man by her side, “Are your ancestors.” As she spoke, whatever recording device they were using zoomed in closer to their faces. Her black onyx elongated eyes were just like Fawna’s, as was EL-Athu’s golden eyes similar in shape. Oeans’s face was triangular, very delicate in appearance, whereas EL-Athu’s jaw was squared with pronounced cheekbones.

“Eighty thousand of your years ago, I and EL-Athu arrived to Ma-Mu. Ma-Mu was once the name of the planet you now call Earth. We were not the first to come. Prior to our arrival, another form of humans made your planet their home. These humans lived closely alongside the plant and mineral essences. The plant and mineral essences were the original inhabitants of the planet. They welcomed many travelers to their beautiful blue land, and for a time, all beings Ma-Mu hosted lived in harmony.”

Oeans came to stand once more. With a long slender finger, she touched the open air in front of her, and a small emerald planet appeared.

“I originated from here,” she said, indicating the small planet. “This planet is called Opiyu. Opiyu is home to the restorers of the life force. I traveled here,” again as she pointed to the space in front of her, a larger multicolored planet came into view with two darker planets on either side. “This planet is home to EL-Athu and other humans known as the EL. The EL are the alchemist of form, and they call their planet, Elphiam. The two darker planets beside Elphiam are its way stations. EL-Athu and I together traveled to Ma-Mu with our sons Ata and Tuam.”

Extending her hand out to EL-Athu to join her by her side, Oeans said, “Ma-Mu’s placement within its universe made it conducive to become the meeting planet of the minds. This young planet saw the establishment of major learning centers of diverse disciplines. For this reason our family came, as did many others, to contribute and partake in the sharing of knowledge. Our fondest memory of our stay on Ma-Mu was the birth of our children, Muaura and EL-Gene.”

“Great advancements were achieved, which benefited the entire multiverse,” EL-Athu said, taking up the story, “that is until an error was made.” When he spoke, EL-Athu’s voice was clear and sharp. “A research group studying tonal compositions recreated the tonal pattern of Ma-Mu, and the tonal patterns of other planets. They were advised by Ma-Mu’s Elders to discontinue their research. A number of their tonal characters were at frequency levels greater than what the planet could handle. Regrettably, some of the researchers chose not to heed the warnings, and their experiments set into motion disastrous events that almost annihilated the planet.”

Waving his hands, EL-Athu brought up a holographic image of a blue planet in front of him. “Another electromagnetic field was created around Ma-Mu to counter the effects that the energy infraction created. This new field held the planet together, but with consequences.”

As he continued to explain, the holographic image of the blue planet with its unified land mass changed. It now resembled the Earth today with its separated continents spread across the surface.“Ma-Mu’s upper layers were pulled apart. Weather conditions dramatically changed on the planet, forcing life forms that lived above ground to seek shelter within her core. The planet was in turmoil, and life on nearby planets was destroyed.“EL-Athu paused, lowering his eyes from the screen.

“Is he talking about the stories of the great floods?” Samantha asked.

“Yes,” Addiwan said, before EL-Athu began to speak again.

“Another manifestation came about because of this energy infraction, which was not discovered until things settled above ground. Ma-Mu’s tonal pattern was dramatically altered.”

Drawing two circles with his finger moving in opposite directions, EL-Athu further explained. “A time pattern formed adjacent to Ma-Mu’s original tonal pattern. These two opposing patterns moving side by side created a deterioration that caused most humans, and other life forms, to lose their ability to control their regeneration process. Meaning, humans lost control over their physical forms and began to age. Aging was not the worse to happen. Some humans regressed back to an early level of human awareness.”

Somberly EL-Athu stated. “Representatives from planets spanning the multiverse, along with the Elders of Ma-Mu formed a council to decide what was to be done next. It was decided to place another electromagnetic force field higher above Ma-Mu to contain the effects of the energy infraction, as not to disturb any more surrounding tonal compositions. Prior to this energy field being placed, a decision had to be made by each of us to stay on the planet, or leave, escaping the deterioration. Oeans, our sons Ata, and Tuam decided to leave, while our daughter, Muaura decided to stay. Ma-Mu was her home. I also stayed behind to assist Ma-Mu’s Elders in creating a new normality on the planet, and to search for my son EL-Gene. I never found him. I left Ma-Mu never certain if EL-Gene left the planet or stayed behind,” he expressed sadly. Removing the graphs in front of him, EL-Athu went on.

“Every so often the council opens a portal in the electromagnetic force field that surrounds your space, allowing those who consciously remember and are able to do so, to return to their original planets. However, we discovered leaving Ma-Mu by choice became difficult for most humans. Their consciousness had become enmeshed with the new tonal composition. Humans now believe the only way to exit Ma-Mu is to lay down their physical form in death. The cyclical deterioration has become their reality.”

“Thinking we could remedy this disease that was spreading within the consciousness of Ma-Mu,” said Oeans, “The same portal the council opens allowing those to leave, also allows other humans entrance back onto your planet. The restorers of the life force from Opiyu returned to Ma-Mu to set up centers around the planet. These healing structures were designed by the EL, encoded with the original tonal composition of Ma-Mu. In the beginning, the centers appeared to help. That is until our fellow humans tried to control those who would benefit from the healing centers. Chaos ensued, and many lives were lost. It became clear to us it was in the best interest to all to withdraw from the planet. The healing centers were shutdown. We had to stand back and wait for Ma-Mu to cleanse herself.”

“The surface of your planet is under the new tonal composition of E-A-R-TH,” EL-Athu pointed out. “While at the core of your planet, it continues to quietly pulsate, singing the true tonal composition of MA-MU.”

The recording device zoomed out, returning to full view of the room. Oeans and EL-Athu walked back to their previous position from when the transmission began.

“In her time, Earth will be released from quarantine status. She will once again take her place within her universe, as she once held before the energy fraction. We just hope the consciousness of the humans on your planet will be ready for the shift. Our descendants stay safe,” Oeans said, before the transmission ended.

Samantha watched as the black mirrored surface returned and Kitchet faced everyone in her bedroom.

“My father’s ancestors came from Elphiam and my mother is what many now call Elfin who lived among the woodland kin. Elfins were among the first humans on this planet. My mother’s ancestors came to Ma-Mu from a planet called Pan-AEL, which is where all Fae humans originated. I don’t mind being called Elfin, Elf is part of “sELF” if you get my meaning,” Kitchet said, laughing at his own joke. “Elf, dwarf, gnomes my family has been known by all of these words, but truly these are simply labels. We really are just another form of a human being.”

“Like Kitchet’s mother, I and many of my ancestors were born here, arriving from Pan-AEL, ” Bess shared cheerfully. “I am full woodland folk or Elfin.”

“Wait a second, how old are you all? And if you’re an Elf, where are your pointed ears?” asked Zen.

“We age at a different rate than most humans. Some of us can even regenerate, as all humans were once able to do,” Rhiannon said, still leaning up against Gypsy, with her hands tucked behind her. “I’m only three hundred and fifteen years old, younger than most here in this room. Oh, of course not younger than you all,” she corrected herself, pointing towards Samantha’s family. “And hey, Zen, look what I can do.” Rhiannon extended the top of her left ear into the customary elfin point as Samantha had seen many times in movies and books.

“All right, I wanna to do that!” Zen said, running over to get a better look at Rhiannon’s ear.

“So Elfin folk aren’t born with pointy ears?” Samantha asked.

“No, we only started making our ears bigger when we hid in the woods from the tall ones that went mad. With these ears, we heard their big feet coming yards away.”

“It is felt the humans from Pan-AEL flow along a different energy frequency, similar to that of the tree folk, where they go through a seasonal deterioration process,” Addiwan said. “Some of them, like the tree folk that reside on this property, never go through the process. It appears that the energy infraction created many energy streams. I have escaped deterioration. I suspect there are others like me somewhere across this planet, but they would keep on the move not to be noticed.

“When did your ancestors arrive here Addiwan?” Anna asked.

“Shortly after Oeans and EL-Athu arrived. My ancestors, like EL-Athu, are from Elphiam. I chose to stay here on this planet when they left,” he stated.

“Why?” Samantha asked. Why do you stay?”

Addiwan’s whole expression changed after she asked him the question. The always-articulate Addiwan stood frozen, staring off into space. Did he hear me? As she waited for his answer, her room became uncomfortably quiet. Then for an answer, the tall man turned back towards the window, choosing not to reply.

Staring at his back, Samantha felt as though a heavy door had closed all around him, locking her and everyone else in the room out. Something must have happened or hurt him very deeply, she told herself. Even though she’s only known him for a short time, she got the impression his action was out of character.

“Who are the Core People?” Aunt Sam asked, breaking the silence.

“The Core People are a population of humans who came to Ma-Mu from the places you’ve already heard about, Pan-AEL, Opiyu, Elphiam, and other planets across the universes. After the energy infraction, they decided to make the inner core their home,” Kitchet answered, casting a concerned glance in Addiwan’s direction.

Then Samantha remembered seeing something in the transmission that she’d seen before. “EL-Athu drew two circles moving in opposite directions. I saw something like that behind the old clock at the center of the village.”

“That clock was built by my grandfather,” Kitchet said proudly. “He tried in vain to reverse the energy infractions damage to Ma-Mu. That contraption, that clock, was his final invention before he died a very, very old man. His name was, Samu-EL. I, Sam, and even you, Samantha, and other Fairlands before you carry a variation of his name. Back on Elphiam, he was known as EL-Sam-U, the Elder.”

“Why do Fairlands carry his name Kitchet?” Samantha asked.

“Because Samu-EL is a blood relative of yours,” Bess said, quickly.

“Bessie!” Kitchet gasped.

“I have to tell them,” Bess said. “Arborden, Muaura’s husband, was our son. So you’re our grandchildren, of course many times removed, but our grandchildren just the same,” she rushed on to say before Kitchet could stop her.

“I never knew!” Aunt Mayra said, with surprise.

“The last person who knew this was Nanna’s mother,” Kitchet said.

“Our grandparents,” Samantha said, softly to herself. Then much louder, she proclaimed, “I have ancient Elfin grandparents. Wow!”

“I shall call you both Old Pa and Old Ma,” Zen said, jokingly.

“Or you can call them Oma and Opa,” Aunt Mayra said. “It sounds very similar and it means grandmother and grandfather in German.”

Her room became a flurry of people talking over one another, asking more questions, and for the first time in a long time, laughter. Samantha stepped back, wanting to get a better view of them all gathered around the warmth of her fireplace. She had always seen herself and her family members as a kaleidoscope, reflecting the faces of people from around the world. This evening, she has looked into the eyes of her ancestors who stood on a distant planet, and added Fae Folk to the branches of her family tree. She couldn’t help but giggle when a question popped into her head, asking, “How would Nancy Dew handle this?” Then, from the corner of her eye, she caught sight of Addiwan, quietly slipping out of her room. A few seconds later, she heard the front door below open, then close behind him. I really want to know what he’s hiding.

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